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Makeup is sophisticated, glamorous and wakens you up allowing you to feel great even though you may be having one of those days! It can disguise blemishes and out of the blue spots in an instant.


It is something that many of us cannot live without, yet there are some makeup that can cause more harm than any good at all. Those are the kinds of makeup that we should steer clear from and can actually live without!


For many of us, applying just a bit of makeup can really go a long way and protect the skin just by using natural and wholesome makeup products that actually smells and feels great.


Why compromise for our looks? There should be no compromise when it comes to our true nature, therefore seeking safe and gentle cosmetics will do your skin and looks many benefits in the present and in the future.


Commercial makeup has been a hot topic for many years and the effects that it can have on the skin, let’s then explore all about conventional makeup.


What is the problem with commercial makeup?


You must have heard of chemical reactions that occur when using certain beauty products on skin. How many times have we heard of someone gaining a rash from some blusher that they wore or when lips suddenly turn dry when wearing a certain lipstick?


It truly comes down to the fact of the ingredients nestling within the products, whether it stems from skincare, hand products or makeup as certain ingredients are chemicals and irritating to the skin.


Evidence suggests that reports have been released by environmental working groups that “products contain chemical ingredients that lack safety data.


In other words, there are many products out there that can cause damage to your health and skin. If you do look closer at some of the beauty products, you may see a ‘hazardous’ symbol which clearly states that there are dangerous ingredients within the product.


By relying on chemical-filled makeup and using them frequently, can expose you to some side effects –


  • Contains many heavy metals such as lead, mercury or arsenic which is known to cause health problems and directly effecting the immune system and certain organs within the body, absorbing into the blood.


  • You may be putting on many preservatives and artificial fragrances onto your skin which has been known to cause allergies, broken skin and even inflammation on your skin.


  • Skin may be prone to more blemishes, outbreaks of spots or react quickly to environmental stressors such as sunlight or icy weather as chemical filled makeup can allow skin’s barrier to wear down over time.


  • Certain makeup products contains parabens such as ethylparaben or propylparaben that can be harmful to health. It can even contain ingredients such as formaldehyde’s that is a known carcinogen and linked to asthma.


  • Over time, skin can become sensitized or appear weak and easily prone to reactions or rashes easily. You may develop certain skin conditions such as eczema or contact dermatitis as a result.


Conventional makeup certainly feels heavier, thick and rather uncomfortable on the skin, while giving it a cakey appearance that appears unnatural and as if the individual is wearing too much makeup!


It is always best to stick to natural and mineral makeup that provides a fresh appeal.

Which Ingredients should I avoid?

It is very important to educate yourself and familiarize with the ingredients or products that really do more harm than good. Although it can prove difficult to avoid every time due to expenses or the amount that can be used by the surrounding people, it can seem like an easy choice to pop in to your local drugstore and buy a cheap conventional choice.


However, getting into the habit and making it a priority to opt into natural and gentle choices should come second nature to you over time, especially when you educate yourself of the pro’s that are associated with conventional makeup.


Avoiding ingredients such as oxybenzone which appear in many chemical sunscreens as it can provide for negative skin reactions. Found in many makeup products and generally, the big ‘O’s’ should be avoided in general such as octocrylene, that can cause harm to health.



Carbomers are synthetic thickening agents that are simply viscous liquids which are commercially produced, thicker and block pores easily when put onto skin. It is best to choose natural thickeners that can be easily spotted by the natural name within the labelling.


Artificial alcohol within products are quite strong on the skin that is known to dry skin quicker and the aging properties can show over time, You may gain fine lines and wrinkles as a result and prone to rough, itchy skin.


Artificial fragrances or talc can cause allergies and red, rash skin that has been linked to cancer. It is actually banned within the EU and whenever its inhaled or swallowed may cause eye infections or respiratory problems.


It can be simple enough to spot the typical chemical ingredients in makeup by the long, unusual chemical names that appear unnatural and conventionally made within the labeling. It is your choice to ignore it or to find better options.


Why are low quality ingredients used?

The whole point of these formulas is that they enhance the performance of the products, make it last longer and giving them a longer shelf life that does not benefit our health at all.


Low quality ingredients are easier to mass produce as many beauty brands partner with manufacturers that provides “quality control measures that reflect FDA regulations,” and we do know that the FDA do not label a full spectrum of ingredients within the labelling, beauty brands formulas are protected from competition and not giving away too much beauty secrets.


Many of our beauty care are quickly manufactured within factories for ease keeping company’s costs low and ensuring to meet with demands of the suppliers. Facilities are commonly found across the USA.


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TakeAway Message


It is a good idea to get back to basics and choose healthier options which can help or even save your skin. Mineral cosmetics and handmade products are gentle with naturally occurring minerals from the earth or safe butters and oils and essential oils used within the formulas.



Healthier alternatives are free from artificial ingredients and cause less or no irritation and what’s more, you will be avoiding an array of ingredients such as dyes, additives, GMO’s, fragrances, heavy metals, carcinogens which certainly counts towards a better quality of life.


Thank you very much for reading and if you do have any questions or comments, please leave below and I’ll be sure to help you out!




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2 thoughts on “Commercial Makeup

  1. Marta says:

    Thank you very much for this article, I find it a very interesting topic. I had no idea that some cosmetics carry a ‘hazardous’ symbol. It is incredible the amount of toxic substances for the organism that are used to manufacture many of these products! It seems that if they don’t cause very direct and obvious harm, they don’t take them off the market. However, what about the accumulation of chemicals in our bodies over days, months and even years? In the past, when buying makeup, I only looked at the aesthetic result and the price. Now I am a little more conscious about my health and I try to use few and quality products.

    • Wholeearthgoodness says:

      Yes, it is worthwhile to use natural cosmetics as it stays on your skin for hours and hours and then seeps into your blood and body, for more information and more about the skin, check out this post:-… 

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