Simple ways to improve your life

Living a fruitful and fulfilling life requires effort and definitely a lot of consistence and dedication. A courteous and happy life will never be handed to you on a plate and therefore focusing on the positives, your goals and being kind are some steps that can change or improve your quality of life.



Many people may or may not be aware but every aspect of your life matters in living life to the fullest and making it the best that you can be, from your diet to your environment to your social life or even the words that you choose to speak, it all matters!




The following passages are simply making you aware of certain aspects of life that can contribute considerably in living life confidently and growing as a result, remember that even tiny efforts can count towards a healthier future.


Most Common Ways That we Are Told


For you to attain some inspiration in life or even want to feel motivated, it always starts with what you set about to achieve for the day. You don’t always have to necessary create results or dwell on the end products of what you set out to do. What matters is the joy that you feel in your heart, during the process!


Sometimes, our thoughts can get the better of us and then you feel discouraged. These ‘thoughts’ are our friends that bring to your attention your reaction or your mood for that time, they come and go often, so never dwell on these ‘thoughts’ and remember that it is always your choice to feel anyway that you desire.


We often hear that being in relationships is healthy and part of a normal way of life but the opposite is also true.



In fact, by being single, it can allow you to focus more on yourself, your goals and needs and just being aware of who you really are.

Keeping ourselves busy is deemed as part of the norm in life, but Studies have shown that being “too busy” is a major factor to avoid doing something different or getting out of that “comfort zone”.


You like following that same old routine and can make excuses for sticking to it and unwilling to make changes, this can in turn be dangerous and can effect your emotions and ability to grow.


By being kept too busy, you may be avoiding the real issues at hand.


Going out regularly and those ‘late nights’ might make you feel like you are there with the crowd and valuable. It is great to unwind with friends and go out exploring but to so do on a regular basis can distract your mind from the things that matter in your life and you may neglect your health and schedules. Drinking alcohol is normally part of the social call and this can also take a toll on your health.


What if you were to completely give up to one of the examples described above? You may feel overwhelmed or puzzled by the change but in the long-run, you can focus and visualize the power of your true nature and learn to love yourself and feel empowered by alternatives that’ll benefit you truly.


Small steps to improve Your Life

We are always looking for the next best thing to improve your life, whether that be comfort food or more clothes or even pleasing others that are simply temporary pleasures. Relying on fixes as these regularly, may prevent you from discovering the bottom line that you are a spirited being in nature and have much potential to learn, grow and make changes any time! After all, nothing lasts forever and what’s important to press on with is goodness and personal development.


Health Matters
– The foods that you eat are crucial to your well-being and living a well maintained life. This is not highlighted too much and should be taught all around the world, not just any sort of food will do! Eating a diet of wholesome foods, vegetables and fruits, healthy fats and natural grains have been found in creating a better life overall.


Trust in Others – You cannot do everything on your own and its great to have friends and people that you trust by your side to get through any challenge better! It makes life fun and adventurous and growing with others is a great motivator and encourage you to learn more of your goals.


Your home and environment – Living in a clean and healthy atmosphere contributes to your well-being. It definitely takes effort and time to maintain but ensuring that it stays tidy, declutter your living space and spacious for everyone can contribute to harmoniously living together and doing the things better for each individual.


Little friends! – You know what I mean:) Pets are joyous and curious little souls that always want to play and help out.


They allow you to be more caring and giving by looking after them but also following a great routine of exercising with them and great outdoor play, they certainly are adventurous in nature!


Clothes – The clothes that you wear can make you feel good about yourself. We wear pleasing clothes that can reflect our nature. If you wear messy or crumpled clothes then that will rub of on your personality. It is simply pleasant and healthy to wear clothes that make you feel ready and happy for the day ahead!



Negative people – Certain people can impact your life and influence our decision-making. It is vital to have caring and positive people that can provide for a more fulfilling and pleasant life. Those that can encourage or motivate your dreams with you as you discover your passions, to make mistakes with them but to learn and grow from it all. Companions are our blessings to a better life, so choose those that can make the journey a bit more bearable!




Your Self


The words that you speak – Your language or words that you use can rub off on others, particularly family. If you use negative words daily or have no kindness in the words you use or even unable to make the situation better with your words, then it is likely that choosing words of negativity can create an atmosphere of unhappiness and of low worth. By adapting to these kind of words can make matters worse or even end companionship with others.


Hobbies – Learning and being creative not only opens new doors to your capabilities and unique skills that you find within you but it also makes you a healthier person.


It contributes to your mental and social health. It can be any passion such as collecting stamps, writing and so much more…. Never ever stop learning no matter what age you are, because it will lead to numerous benefits to you and everyone around you, spread the magic!

Your Job/Work
– Let’s face it, we need to work so that we pay for our food and bills. If you feel your job unbearable or not worth your time and energy, you can try cutting your hours if possible.


This can give you some time to think and assess. Finding a job that you are comfortable with is worthwhile and you should always feel happy knowing that you are waking up to a job that you like.

A Routine
– This is probably one of the most important factors in life as without it, our lives may be messy and all mixed up, which is not good for the kids!


A schedule can help give some layout to your life’s tasks at hand and fulfilling the important one’s. You can memorize it roughly in your head the night before, organize it all in a planner or have a wall chart hung on the wall to serve as helpful reminders. How incredible it feels to fulfil at the end of the day?



Take Away Message


There are many little ways to improve your quality of life but by learning and growing is far the fulfilling ways to go and allows you to develop in ways unimaginable, so try it out! You don’t always have to stick to the same old routine, day in and day out. Never be influenced by others either as we are all unique individuals with our own purposes in life.


This article was brought to you with much love and care and to share some experiences of coping through life as we are all here to help one another, some more than others and just take each day as it comes, knowing that you are doing the very best that you can – with kindness and empathy.


Thank you for reading and if you do have any comments/ or questions, please leave below and I’ll be sure to help you out!

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2 thoughts on “Simple ways to improve your life

  1. Lily says:

    What a lovely article about creating wellness and balance in our lives on a daily basis. This was a great reminder of what I have been aiming at for the last 12 months. Now that I’m retired and have total control of my time I have been experimenting with a range of activities that I enjoy. I’ve always been a guitarist/singer (professional) but I am now playing for fun with friends a few times a week, add to that choir and line dancing and I’m in heaven. It’s a joy to wake up every morning and decide how to enjoy the day. I love being productive too with my online business but I make sure that it doesn’t take over. Spending quality time with my husband and walking our fur baby all happen so it’s a balanced life.

    You have some great advice that I will be using, thanks.

  2. Sharon says:

    Just looking at your “Smile” rock brought a big smile to my face, and I felt better. I agree that enjoying the process is more rewarding than the result. I love taking small steps on the journey of life. Thank you for sharing so many beautiful ways to improve our days. I think having a routine is essential and one that I must improve.

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