Easter decorations for the Home

Easter is a time for family to spend the holidays with each other and having immense fun, especially with the kids, while they are awaiting the Easter bunny to appear and bring some Easter eggs your way.

Easter is a big celebration remarking the resurrection of our prophet, Jesus, that does not depict on a fixed date. Rather, the date for Easter depends upon the moon phase and the time of the solar year via a lunisolar calendar.

When preparing for the Easter break and deciding on the treats to buy for the family, you might want to consider setting the scene for this religious and joyous occasion to set the mood for the upcoming holidays.


Like Christmas, it’s of upmost importance to celebrate Easter according to traditions, that gives it such sacred meaning and upholding it’s true meaning.


Decorating your home during this time, while the days are lighter as well as the sun starts to shine out, from behind the clouds, it’s sort of welcoming spring/summer as well!


Bright colors may be seen in your home, Easter cards, baskets and all things bright that may serves us reminders of the holy celebrations, what kind of decorations will you have up in your home?


Top 5 Easter Decorations


Easter bunny – The little popular animal during this event can be found in any shape or form, it can be displayed as table top treats, handmade masks or ornaments that displays the fun side to celebrating Easter.


You can put some rabbit accessories alongside in the garden or even replace your famous garden gnomes for some cheery and welcoming rabbits that can be placed throughout the garden and will certainly raise some curious eyes.


How about some fine wall art or applique in your front porch that displays the warmth of Easter and all it’s fine glory… it’s the small details that matter the most!


Easter basket An engaging and adventurous symbol to appease everyone with and brings out the spirit of Easter well. Handmade or custom ones are great to hold any gifts attired for, whether that be Easter eggs big or small, any food treats, toys and any kind of treat that you can fill the basket with, to display the warmth of Easter.


It is typically used by children to hunt for Easter eggs while they carry around a basket for surprises nearby and wide! Often, when children awaken to Easter, may actually find a basket filled with treats by the Easter bunny in their living rooms, then the magic unravels!


Easter cards – The important piece of any celebration and no celebration is complete without a token of happy celebrations through some Easter cards. Crafts are what fills any celebration with joy and sets the mood, every single time.


Commercial or handmade and even customisable Easter cards lifts the spirit when celebrating with others and a welcoming gesture to have while it’s hung up in many places at home, in work and in certain shops and stores that brings joy to everybody’s face.


Hanging decorations – For some, this can mean big egg cardboards displayed out in the garden or a foot high baby chicken that may be displayed at the doorway to welcome guests with a welcoming surprise! Either way, there are hundreds of Easter decorations in any store nearby to ensure that you are ready for it all.



Hanging a colorful wreath outside your front door always stands out and some hanging decorations within the living room such as Easter baubles or decorative flowers hanging on the wall can create a total summery and beautiful edge to the celebrations with amazing splendour!



Easter Egg – The finishing touches are always the most important and brings completion to the celebrated day, easter eggs are enjoyed with others and even better when found during the easter hunt!


Go for organic and raw chocolate eggs that can be found in some wholesome food stores or ordered online so you can feel less guilty of devouring. It is Easter after all, so enjoy yourself and fill your heart with sweet and happy flavors on the day.


Decorations and setting the scene right will bring out the Easter spirit in you and it’s all about preparing beforehand and organizing the settings just right!




Where Can I go for Easter Decorations?


There are so many places around, even during shop closures, to find great Easter goodies and equipment that’ll get you fully prepared for the fun occasion, the magic doesn’t just stop! While there are obvious locations such as supermarkets or your local post office that is filled with easter assortments, you can also try:-



Hobbycraft – If it is such a distance away from you, then hop onto the computer and check out the online range there. You can find incredible materials from craft sets and necessary equipment that’ll aid you in building projects, big or small, from Easter gifts hampers to Easter cake decorating, they truly have a great selection of the Easter range to choose from.


The Works – Is quite similar to ‘Hobbycraft’ but definitely a lot cheaper. They have a range of Easter stationary that’ll get the children fired up to studying well from Easter style pens, pencils, coloring books, stickers and more! You can certainly find woven Easter baskets or painting your own egg kits that truly spark imagination to everyone!


Amazon – A great online store to look through with variety and affordable goods that’ll get you ready and prepared for Easter. Prices vary considerably and there is something that everyone will like here and shop with ease at the click of a button:)


Certainly look out for those emails or newsletters prompting for special deals and Easter products that can make it easy to hunt down those treats from your favourite whole sellers and trusted brands.



An Easter Recipe for You:)

To make your life a little easier, this recipe may give some food for thought and even feast upon during Easter. It is so simple and quick and only few ingredients in needed so check out the video below –



These Easter cookies are perfect for everyone and great with tea. You can quickly whip up a batch early morning and makes around 25 cookies! It can be stored in a cool, dry place for up to 5 days and can be frozen to last even longer with cooking time only around only 12minutes!


Take Away Message


Make the most of the Easter holidays with friends and family and style up your home with Easter delights that truly will fill up your heart with enthusiasm and joy.


Easter is the most important festival within the Christian calendar and symbolizes that the loss or death can in fact bring something hopeful and new.


Thank you for reading and if you do have any questions or comments, please leave below and I’ll be sure to help you out!

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