Why does hair fall out?


They say that hair is a crowning glory but others feel that it’s just an accessory just to enhance your looks and nothing more. Many people have experienced loss, hair growing back, hair shedding, baldness and many episodes relating to hair disasters or pleasantries that come and go.


Hair is made of Keratin which is a type of protein in which hair follicles that is embedded onto the skin of your scalp grows from. Each hair follicle should have hair growing out from it and in that particular area, it is made up of protein cells which are nourished by the blood of nearby cells.


Hair is effected by many factors such as your mood, stress, diet, environment, the products that you use on your hair and much more so let’s focus on all about hair and why it can fall out and how it can grow back.

Hair Care


We all like to style and color our hair for sophistication or maybe we just fancy a little change.


Regardless, the kind of products that we use on our hair and how we treat our hair, can contribute to changing the structure to our hair and the skin on our scalp.


Studies reveal that those who dye their hair with artificial dyes are more likely to be prone to hair loss than those who do not dye their hair or those that use gentler and natural dyes. In fact, certain hair dyes are very strong that will actually cause “lasting chemical changes in the hair shaft.”


When we color our hair it may be very appealing and look presentable but be careful of the ingredients and products that you use on your hair and scalp. Coloring too often will surely lead to brittle strands and split ends. Using natural dyes is safer and more effective on your hair than artificial dyes.


When we constantly touch our hair such as playing with our hair, rubbing our scalp too much or even pulling out hair as a bad habit, then our fingers lifts away the natural oils on the hair that can cause frizz or breakage hair. By constantly using straighteners, hot rollers or even using clips on your hair that pull when worn are sure ways to weaken, irritate and eventually may lead to falling out hair.


We may not even realize that in situations as these can put a strain on hair and scalp. If carried out correctly and gently (with safe products of course) then we have a better chance of maintaining and looking after out hair for the better.


Why Hair Falls Out?


There are many reasons for this unnecessary problem and we all react differently towards this complication.


While it is OK to be upset about it and hopefully it will pass as there is always hope that it can grow back again with patience and eating well but just why does it have to fall out anyway:-


Stress or trauma – They do say that stress is a major killer and feeling under pressure, overwhelmed or miserable often, can affect your head and ultimately your hair.


Stress has a negative impact to your body and it destroys brain cells and increases blood pressure. This can also allow for uncomfortable numb feelings in the head or headaches if it persists.


Health conditions – Although it may not directly affect your hair in the way stress can but it can allow for deficiencies within the body from nutrients or minerals that can eventually effect your hair.


Obesity or heart problems can cause a strain on your body and crisis as these, may eventually effect the hair. The NHS highlights that obesity, ” can lead to a heightened risk of health issues.”


Smoke – The NHS conducted a study between men and smokers which demonstrated a link between baldness and smoking, however other factors were included into the study such as health issues, blood pressure etc.


It was concluded that smokers can cause thinning of the hair as “Smoking may damage the vessels at the very bottom of the hair follicle or may damage the DNA in the hair follicle.”


Chemical products – As noted above in a previous passage, using an array of chemicals, artificial fragrances or additives, harmful preservatives or colourings can not only allow hair to weaken and fall out but may affect the skin’s structure through allergic reactions, rashes or itching that can lead to feeling stressed!



Binge eating – Eating in excessive amounts of food effects your body physically and emotionally which allows for nutritional deficiencies within the body, can result in excess in toxicity or burdening the body of extra salts, sugars or inflammation.


Certain situations described above or any other situations may be a temporary phase that can be overcome with the correct help and discipline, there is always hope that hair can grow back and improve as time passes on.


How to cope with hair falling out?


This is not an easy feat and for many people, it may feel like the end of the world. Please remember that it’s what inside that counts more than the physical appearance. It’s your happy thoughts and kindness towards yourself and others that is superior to mere looks:)





Some helpful ways below to get through thinning of the hair, which can ease the journey and get through the day better with some simple steps to touch on that may feel as if you still have all your hair:-


Extensions – You can get these from your local hair salons or nearby hair shops that specialize in hair styling. Simple to use and clip in and perfect for providing more coverage on your head and for a fuller look to your hair. Involves no chemicals or irritants.


Wig – It is best to try on and check how it fits on your head, before you buy. Many shades and styles available and it allows you to feel comfortable to wear as your head is covered very easily.


Hat – If you are short on time and just want to pop out for a quick run to the store, quickly wearing a hat is a sure and easy way to get through any little adventures that you want to get through quickly. You can wear pretty much any stylish or cool hats that is easy and you don’t even have to tidy your hair much, while its hidden inside your hat!


Scarf – Lightweight and can fit securely on your head if trying to cover up any bare parts on your head. An assortment of colors to choose from and you can wear on your head in multiple ways. Check out the video below for EASY steps:)


Hair accessories – There re many to choose from that provide support to your hair such as clips that secures your hair in place, hairbands that’ll stay on your head comfortably or bulldog clasps that’ll hold your hair up in place.


Cut your hair short – It is much easier to manage and control when your hair is short. It can always grow back in the future but when your hair is short, it will not get in the way much and provides for some relief especially after showering, combing or styling.


How to grow hair back

This can take months or even years to happen and is best to live life to the fullest and not wait about for this to occur. There are some ways to improve the scalp’s condition as long as the hair follicle is not scarred. Ensure to eat a well-balanced diet that contains plenty of healthy fats, fruit, vegetables and whole grains, while minimizing overly processed foods.


Use only natural and wholesome products on your hair that contain natural oils and gentle ingredients. For example washing your hair with raw Shea butter soap with mint essential oils provide great nourishment for your scalp while it is anti dandruff.


Avoid stress whenever you can and get into the habit of practicing a happy thought pattern and choice of words. This can reflect on your mind and body and can allow for you to feel more calm and relaxed, effecting your head directly.


Although it may take time and may cause some distress while you wait for hair to grow back but simply rely on hair accessories to get through the phase and speak to someone that you trust or a qualified doctor that can further assist you, a doctor may be able to prescribe hair accessories that can support you.



Takeaway message


“Everything you do to your hair, do it gently,” recommends Nunzio Saviano, owner and stylist at the Nunzio Saviano Salon in New York City.


Great advice here and it just goes to show that by shampooing an average amount, combing your hair gently and treating your hair with ease can help you feel relaxed and help your hair in the long run.

Thank you for reading and if you do have any questions, please leave below and I’ll be sure to help you out!

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