How to build a healthy immune system

The immune system contains many parts that helps the body deal with a range of infections, diseases and ailments. It continually checks for any foreign material and substances and if the immune system finds any, then it works hard to remove it from the body by the aid of antibodies, white blood cells, the lymphatic system and other parts.

With all of these parts working harmoniously together, you can gain better immunity against ‘invaders’ and keep your self well. However, many factors can contribute to either building a healthier immune system and even weakening it.


Its incredibly important that we also have awareness of our thoughts and feelings to. A positive and happier mind-set will result in good levels of blood pressure, heart rate, amongst other body functions that can aid in strengthening the immune system.


Evidence does suggest that you can gain a lower immune response with negative feelings and emotions and can be more prone to stress and depression. It may even take longer to heal from certain infections so lets’ discuss how to help our immune system.


What Is the Immune system?


The immune system is scattered throughout our body and not in just one specific place or organ. It consists of many pathways, cells, tissues, organs and complex systems that releases antibodies or helpful cells such as leukocytes, that will fight off any threats detected within the body.


The lymphatic system is a massive network of vessels which are all connected to lymph nodes to allow for transportation between the numerous nodes throughout the entire body  –


in which it filters out lymph that contains fluid, which fights against deadly invaders. So your body is always on the lookout for the ‘bad’ bacteria.


The lymphatic system is the first line of defence as it comprises of many parts that aids against invaders such as thymus, spleen and bone marrow that works hard to protect your body if it is in good working condition.


Other parts that provides good immune protection and is a part of the immune system are the bone marrow, tonsils, peyers patch which is attached to the intestine and many cells and tissues.


The immune system is very clever in that it identifies and removes any parasites unfavourable to your body and always distinguishing that your own body’s tissues and cells remains intact.


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How to Strengthen the immune system


There are various ways to build up the immunity as there are many body parts involved and it takes some time. It is sensible to focus on building good immunity in terms of through good foods, emotions, environment and lifestyle and avoiding factors that weakens the immune system, so here are just a few;-


Dr Crystal Jacovino is an internal medicine specialist and has advised, “Eating a variety of different types of foods will help assure that you get the proper amount of vitamins and antioxidants and micro-nutrients that we all need to help our immune system function. It helps make our white blood cells work,”


Foods rich in antioxidants, probiotics and healthy fats are immune boosters and will provide some protection against oxidative stress and feeding your ‘good’ bacteria.


In fact research suggests that by consuming 205mg/day of Vitamin C from food compared a lower amount of 70mg/day was associated with a lower 63% risk of breast cancer among women with a family history of cancer by the Nurses Health Study.


Yoga is a reassuring way to strengthen both the mind and the body and there are specific poses that build good immunity.

Yoga provides a boost of oxygen to the blood and calms the nervous system through breathing exercises, and shifts you out of fight-or-flight mode and into the rest-or-digest mode. Ensure to seek professional help when practicing yoga as it very important to practice it correctly.



Herbalist/Nutritionist – Sometimes you just need to be told exactly what you should be eating or drinking to the very last detail. A herbalist and nutritionist can advise of the wholesome supplements or herbs that can be taken for boosting immunity and providing greater protection to your body.


Seek some healthy advice and herbal teas such as chamomile is great for the relaxing the nerves.



Give yourself a break and give yourself time to re-charge when necessary. Your mind-set should always be priority in everything that you do as it can contribute to your stress levels, health and well-being. Ensure its positive, with clarity and fully focused at what life can throw at you.


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Factors To Avoid

Just as there are always some positive factors that makes a difference to your life, there are negative factors that can contribute for the worse and for a prolonged period, if care is not given. These factors can weaken the immune system and makes you more prone to gain more infections and ill health quickly, while taking a lot longer than usual to fight off.


  • Smoking and alcohol are toxic substances that effect your mind, body and well-being as it alters or destroys the DNA of the body’s cell.


  • This can disrupt the body’s metabolic processes and weakens the immune system considerably. The Global statistics on alcohol, tobacco, and illicit drug use: report found that death rates are three times higher for smoking than alcohol.


  • Lack of exercise or extreme laziness can allow you to be prone to stiffness and muscle problems. This can effect your mentality and lower the defences your immune system.


Studies reveal that there is a link to poor circulation and the health of your immune system as if the body is still with the effect of poor circulation, this can effect the immune system systematically.


  • Over processed foods are crucial to eat less of or diminish as much as you can. These foods often contain unhealthy, refined oils with additives, chemicals and artificial ingredients that can be seen as foreign substances within the body.


  • The immune system and body will have to work hard to destroy these substances in the hope that they remove all invaders successfully.


Any action or the use of unfavourable products are bound to have some sort of negative effect on your health even if you don’t see or feel it straight away. It is ideal to try to include as much positive factors in your life to maintain your well-being and the immune system such as a good lifestyle, less stress, fresh air and cleanliness and all the good things that we are all familiar with.



Takeaway Message


Having a healthy immune system is great defence for your health and mind which can impact a much better life. Where there are negative factors all around us as described above, we must be aware of those and use to the least amount as possible or completely avoid when you can.

Emerge yourself in good, clean habits that can spread to others and your family. There may be less worry and effortless happy living if we keep at these crucial valuable traits that benefit us all greatly, every time.


Thank you for reading and if you do have any questions or comments, please leave below and I’ll be sure to help you out:)


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  1. Paolo says:

    Specially during this pandemic, we have all realized how important is our inmune system. I like the fact that we can take action immediately based on what we eat. The saying goes, and apple a day keeps the doctor away. And the core message is that eating healthy has a direct effect on our inmune system.

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