What are the most elegant flowers?

Flowers are a gift to nature and to all mankind. They colour our world and certainly our hearts. We tend to use flowers on many occasions as they create for some of those special moments and arouse for those memorable times. Flowers can create any room, home, place full of creativity and wonder, it’s no wonder then that we love to spend our time in our gardens!




What exactly are the most popular flowers then or what flowers do we use for certain occasions? Even more importantly, what is your favorite flower out there? It might be more than one or range from a variety which is pretty cool!



Let’s then, discuss all about flowers that we celebrate with or just enjoy being around outdoors? Can you think of the most elegant flowers ever to have existed? This is simply a light-hearted and enjoyable read so let’s explore some flowers:)






Flowers For Occasion

Can you remember the last time that you attended an occasion or an event that brought to your attention, bouquets of flowers, flower arrangements or a lovely vase of flowers that definitely sets a perfect scene and for a great mood. It certainly drives you to go and smell them or stand and gaze upon them relished:-



Dating – It’s always a nice gesture and very pleasant to be given some flowers when meeting up with your other half. While it is a little out-of-date to expect flowers on a first date, it is wise to give her flowers on some occasions while meeting up together. It shows that you are making effort and are considerate but what flowers are acceptable?


There is a vast majority out there and it can be overwhelming to pick as flowers are associated with symbols. For dates, tulips can be a great sign to gift, not only are they easy to manage for their slim and organisable fit into the bouquet, but definitely affordable.



White tulips means forgiveness, yellow tulips is a message of cheerfulness while purple tulips praises royalty.





Weddings – A wedding is not complete without a good bunch of flowers in view with the bride, especially when walking down the aisle! Regardless, flowers are seen everywhere, at weddings to guests dining tables, to the flower arrangements beheld upon the environment to being spotted as even decorations providing for a harmonious gathering between lovers.



While one of the most popular, by far, comes the rose, in particular garden roses for the vision that it implores.



Mainly red roses concur in the happy celebrations, while some may beseech fushia colours, purple roses, light pink or orange.



They are romantic and usually large arrangements in place. Others tend to seek other delightful flowers at a wedding such as peonies or dahlias.






Birthdays – Flowers really make anybody smile when received as it is an occasion celebrated for just one special person!


Of course, we all have our favorites and preferences, but the majority include bouquets of daisies which is the birth flower for the month of April, white, yellow, purple or blue are great choices and symbolize innocence and transformation.


Marigolds is the birth flower for October and offers vibrant and bright colours such as orange, white, yellow and gold and lasts longer while in a plotted plant form, they symbolize success and warmth.


You may like to receive certain kinds of flowers during this occasion such as your birthday or it may be a tradition to do on such a happy day, no matter, many people offer flowers sometimes, depending on the month of the year while certain months are associated for their symbol.




Funerals – Even in times of sadness and loss, do we stand together and give a proper farewell with the help of flowers by our side.


Customs may vary with different religions, although a wreath of flowers implores for a traditional farewell and can come in the form of carnations which has religious connotations and symbolizes mourning. They come in many colours or even multi-coloured varieties.


While carnations are a popular choice within funerals, chrysanthemums or mums for short are native to East Asia parts and come in reds, white, purples symbolize death or goodbye in many countries.


Gladioli is a traditional flower in funerals, appears like lilies all stacked together and often known as “sword lilies” which comes in many bright colours.


An August birth flower that symbolizes honesty and righteousness.


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Garden Flowers

Our gardens are truly inspirational and hold immense value that signifies the beauty of nature and a statement of our energy. There are different gardens out there, some more decorative than others and all kinds of varieties.


There are floral gardens where many flowers, even hundreds of flowers are displayed and seen as a decorative garden. You may even have a flower garden bed round your house ! A sight to relish in!



However, let’s focus on the flowers that like to hang out in our gardens, that season in the summer or stay with us all year long. It can be quite an indecisive choice to make for they all give joyful and vibrant meanings but what are the top or delightful choices for planting flowers in our gardens?


Spring-blooming daffodils are a happy choice and bloom normally with other flowers such as irises and comes in yellows or whites and create a peaceful surrounding. Calendula flowers are healthy and purifying to surround the garden with and known to ward off insects and acts as a natural repellent while blooms in bright oranges and yellows.


Best planted around April or May time, lavenders are colorful and truly divine to vision when bunched together within rows and a fragrant plant so utterly sweet.


A Mediterranean plant and great to have in the garden as it wards of bees and some animals so a useful one to plant in the garden!


Freesias are fun and bubbly flowers that usually comes in groups and spreads quite quickly creating a full bloom effect and truly are funnel-shaped flowers that flutter away in the breeze!

Also, Dahlias, pansies, sunflowers, zinnia, orchids or cosmos are found in some gardens and well presented that it radiates throughout. They say that the most elegant flowers are a variety and simply not one.

Elegant flowers are those that grace the environment with their colours and fragrance and while peonies, tulips and roses in the mix, it is another decisive choice to choose the most elegant one!

TakeAway Message


Flowers are relevant for absolutely any occasion and to fill the environment of happy and colorful notes while attaining to nature at it’s core. They symbolize emotions or provide meaningful messages in their form or colour. They cheer anyone up and make any moment cherishable.


Have a peek outside when traversing the outdoors and check out the huge variety of many shapes and forms of elegant flowers out there!


Thank You very much for reading and if you have any questions or comments, please leave below and I’ll be sure to help you out!


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3 thoughts on “What are the most elegant flowers?

  1. loracne matt says:

    Hi, my name is Lawrence
    I love roses and indoor plants very much, I love to see them everywhere
    At home, at work, at my computer table
    The colors of these flowers and plants bring happiness and psychological comfort
    It is nice for everyone to have a beautiful home garden full of colors
    I love narcissus and red roses

  2. Sergej says:

    Hey there,

    I really enjoyed reading through this article on uncovering the most elegant flowers. Flowers gladden our heats and livelihood as well when properly gardened and taken care of.. Flowers help people communicate different emotions depending on their form and color. A good medicine for cheering up would definitely be a sweet scent from freshly picked flowers any day for me.

    Thank you for sharing this informative and lovely post full of flowers.



  3. Geoff says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on flowers.

    It is amazing how versatile they are.  They are like magnolia coloured paint, they go with anything lol.

    I love flowers inside and outside the house.  I love planting flowers in the garden so that there is something blooming from spring to autumn frosts come.  They need a lot of care and attention, but the display is well worth the effort.  I used to love when my mum came to visit as she would have walked through the garden admiring what was in bloom.  She loved flowers too, but she was doing it for me because she knew how important the garden was to me and wanted to show how much she cared for me.

    I always enjoy seeing the flowers at weddings, as the displays in the church are always huge.

    No matter where you are going, or the occasion, you can always get away with taking a bunch of flowers.

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