Always be Learning:)

Reading, going through experiences, meeting others and listening to others are just some ways that we can better educate ourselves into learning and growing.


The learning never stops, no matter how old you are or where you come from but it starts with You. We are all naturally curious creatures and simply watching some programmes or documentaries does not expand your knowledge too much. Sometimes when we watch t.v, there are still many questions that haven’t been answered. Many facts are found elsewhere.


Quite simply, there can be some bad influences on the television that can be uncomfortable to vision such as violence or distressing scenes, besides, watching any digital screen for too long, can cause a strain on your eyes and can cause you headaches!



Let’s discuss together how we can better empower ourselves and other ways to explore of learning and gaining a better understanding of anything that we want to know more about:)

Why is this Important?



If you look at all those people that are successful, whether that be near you or those people with their own business’s that gains regular income being at work or not, are those people that keep on learning and always gaining more skills.


It is quite sensible to work towards being an expert in a particular field, so if you work within the culinary area then to know so much about it and more is your specialty to be proud of!


There are many advantages that you can gain from learning from different sources such as a variety of books or leaders to keep you aware and understand it all better. Simply looking at one side of something can close your narrative to perhaps being ‘close-minded’ and not getting the bigger picture.


You can commit yourself to goals and motivate yourself to becoming a knowledgeable person. When you want to learn and are happy to gain information, it can make you feel intrigued and interested overall that can open new pathways to learning.


You may even get happier and encouraged to take risks and step out of your comfort zone.


Many people like their comfort zones and this can be more harmful than good as your behaviour is fixated on it that you may not know how to handle it if the comfort zone gets disrupted, it may even lead to depression.


There is no need to learn every single day and too much, that would just exhaust yourself out! Listen to your inner guidance that allows you to feel the right time to expand and move on to some more learning and training, whether big or small.


How to Learn


There are endless ways to teach yourself and understand things better, whether that be about healthy-eating. Maybe that diet that you are on just isn’t making you feel that great. Whether it be about raising your children which is a major task for any parent, in that if they are doing all they can to instil good values to their children and treating them well.


Whatever the subject that you want to learn more about, it always starts with experiences, right? Trial and error is the best way to learn and making mistakes is inevitable – as long as you learn something from it!


  • Read – This is crucial to gain knowledge and learn more and better. You can read online journals, magazines, mobile phone apps, someone’s story, what matters is reading through a variety of information to understand different points of view.


  • Listen to others – Very important one to do as understanding what others think or how they have done it can be an eye-opener. Asking questions should be done more but some people may feel embarrassed to do so – you can learn from absolutely anyone and never enough as we all know different things!
  • Skills – Whether that be online courses, taking on a course at college or volunteering to learn some – everything counts as one thing leads to another and then another, If someone feels that they have learned enough then their learning capacity isn’t as fruitful as it can be and may have knowledge gaps.


  • Experiences – If you get out of your comfort zone, whenever you see fit, then you are on a journey of self – learning. The experiences can be big or small, may include ill health or disappointments. The whole point of going through certain experiences is to hopefully gain understanding and grow as a better person.


  • Quiet – This one might surprise you but even in the stillness, whether meditating or just having your feet up and looking out the window, suddenly in those moments of pure bliss, ideas can come pouring through and you can even get to know yourself better, in the quietness and calmness:)


These are just some options to consider when you want to go through the learning process and to see what works best for you which will always take time, energy and effort.



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Be positive, but never deny the truth:)

It can be difficult to avoid negativity around us, such as mainstream media, negative people, unfavourable circumstances and can be a negative effect on you sometimes. Although, you can look at it as a phase that will pass and that nothing lasts forever. Remember that ‘you are not your environment…’


Think of a time when you went through something similar before and how you overcame that. It is hard work and effort. Being on a positive path, good to yourself and others is actually a step closer out of hardships and that we are always stronger together, learning and growing.

You are always learning through bad and good times and whatever phase you are going through right now, keep yourself learning and getting a better perspective on the situation at hand so you can make decisions better for yourself.



Take Away Message


It is fun and easy to learn when you know exactly how and when. Ensure to dedicate some time to doing so and make it a priority whenever you can. Watching online tutorials even just once a week can open your imagination to exploring more and finding out great stuff.


Whatever you learn will benefit you greatly, it can even allow you to make decisions better and do things perhaps with a lot more ease. Life can be full of excitement when you know that there are still many doors to open and discover. It can be gloom and happiness.


Thank you for reading and if you do have any questions or comments, please leave below and I’ll be happy to help you out:)

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One thought on “Always be Learning:)

  1. Parameter says:

    I very well agree with you learning never ends. It continues as long as one is alive. Where most people make mistake is thinking they have mastered some specific topics or concept. But if you must grow, you must be ready to learn. Your first two outlines reading and listening to others is my major key when it comes to learning. I will rather listen than talk 

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