Easy Dessert Orange Recipes!

Oranges belong to the group of citrus fruits, but they differ from both lemons and grapefruit in that they contain more sugar and less acid. Probably no citrus fruit is used so extensively as oranges. Because of their refreshing sub acid flavour, they are much eaten in their fresh state, both alone and in combination with other foods in numerous salads and desserts.


Here are some fun facts of the benefits of sweet and healthy fruits –

Oranges are incredible zesty fruits with great nutrition, particularly a high amount of Vitamin C. This vitamin can boost the immune system due to the numerous anti effects that it carries round the body and can remove bacteria and toxins from the body, strengthens your immunity and energizes you with the high Vitamin C contained.


The following passages are a range of spontaneous recipes that include the nations favourite citrus food of all time.. Yes, you’ve guessed it – oranges! From orange puddings, pies, marmalade and more, you will certainly be inclined to give one of these recipes a go or more, we hope that you find useful and a great addition to your culinary requirements:)


Orange Marmalade


It is very important to make recipes that involves wholesome and fresh ingredients for health benefits as well as bringing out an intense flavour that fresh fruits can release. There are many ways to make your own orange marmalade, however this recipe in particular is quite straightforward –


To 1 large Seville orange allow 3/4 lb. cane sugar and 3/4 pint water. Wash and brush oranges, remove pips,

cut peel into fine shreds (better still, put through a mincer).

Put all to soak in the water for 24 hours. Boil until rinds are soft. Stand another 24 hours. Add the sugar, and boil until marmalade jellies. If preferred, half sweet and half Seville oranges may be used.


Let’s shake up the marmalade a little and include another fruit to the mix for more sweetness and zest, so here goes-

Orange and Pineapple Marmalade:

No better combination can be secured than oranges and pineapple. To make marmalade, both fruits are cut

into small pieces and then cooked in a thick syrup. 8 oranges, 2 c. hot water, 2 pineapples, 4 lb. sugar. Wash

the oranges, cut skins and all into small pieces, remove the seeds, and boil slowly in the water until the skins

are soft.


Prepare the pineapples by peeling them, removing the eyes, and then shredding or cutting into very small pieces. Add the pineapple to the orange, stir in sugar, and continue to boil until the juice is at the jelly stage. Pour into hot sterilized glasses, cool, seal, and label.


This truly sounds mouth-watering and once tried, you can use gluten free flour or coconut flour if you prefer, keep in mind that it’s a recipe that you can make time and time again:)

Orange Cake and More




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Orange cakes are perfect for family gatherings or as a snack if you are feeling fruity! A slice of heaven can warm your senses and can be a healthier alternative than store bought cakes or frozen desserts. Give it a try!


Check out the recipe below which consists of apples and oranges – a favorite combination to many –

Prepare the cake as for Apple Cake, and bake in two layers.

For the filling, take two good-sized, juicy oranges. Flavor two tablespoonful’s of sugar by rubbing it over the skin of the oranges, then peel, remove the white rind, and cut into small pieces, discarding the seeds and the central pith. Put the orange pulp in a china bowl, and set in a dish of boiling water.


When it is hot, stir in a heaping teaspoonful of corn-starch which has been braided smooth in two spoonfuls of water. Stir constantly until the starch has cooked, and the whole becomes thickened.

Beat the yolk of one egg to a cream with two tablespoonful’s of sugar.


Stir this very gradually, so as not to lump, into the orange mixture, and cook two or three minutes longer. Remove from the fire, and when cool, spread between the cakes. If the oranges are not very tart, a little lemon juice is an improvement.

Meringue the top of the cake with the white of the egg beaten up with the two tablespoonful’s of sugar flavored with orange.


Benefits of Oranges


The minerals and vitamins provided in oranges protects your body in several ways and oranges are best eaten in raw from, particularly the bitter Seville ranges that protects cells from damage.


The vitamin C content can provide for clear and healthy skin complexion with it’s nourishing and boost of healthy properties that it can lower the risk of gaining certain health conditions.


Did you know that there are so many varieties of oranges in which some are sour while many are sweet. Each and every orange has the recommended daily amount of Vitamin C which is close to 100% of the daily amount in every fresh orange at the ready.


It is great to take with iron or iron rich foods for the iron combines and absorbs super better and easier to digest overall of the combination of the two, Vitamin C also has a great amount of fibre.


Sweet Recipes!


Let’s wrap this fruity article with orange custard and fruit salads that are quick, easy and takes no time at all to prepare and serve!


The juice of 6 oranges and of 1/2 a lemon, 6 eggs, 6 oz. of sugar, and 1 dessertspoonful of corn flour. Add

enough water to the fruit juices to make 1-1/2 pints of liquid.


Set this over the fire with the sugar; meanwhile smooth the corn flour with a little cold water, and thicken the liquid with it when boiling. Set aside the saucepan, so as to cool the contents a little. Beat up the eggs, gradually stir into them the thickened liquid, and then proceed with the custard. This is a German sweet, and very delicious.



Take 1 orange, 1 grapefruit, 1/2 pound Malaga grapes, 2 pears and 1 head lettuce. Wash, peel; remove seeds

from all fruit; cut grapes into halves, pears in lengthwise pieces, grapefruit and orange into sections; chill

until ready to serve. Serve on lettuce leaves with French dressing

Bottom Line


We hope that the range of recipes has allowed you to visualize how versatile the little piece of fruit, that are oranges, can truly be! Oranges are more than just a tasty piece of fruit and are even used in household cleaning products, soaps, shampoos and much more as a vital ingredient.


They are versatile, healthy, full of vitamins and minerals and promotes overall great health, mind and certainly makes you smile, especially after eating that orange ice lolly!


Thank you for reading and if you do have any questions or comments, please leave below and I’ll be sure to help you out!


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