Why You should fight for your health:)

Consuming nourishing and wholesome meals not only feels right but makes a whole lot of difference to your body. You are building good health, gaining better clarity and greater overall well-being, while protecting yourself against various diseases.


By constantly relying on or eating daily foods that are processed or straight out of a box can catch up with you in the long run. Not only is it unhealthy but it can affect your mentality and well-being, some more than others.


Fruits and vegetables are crucial for good development while providing for optimal health and meets the requirements that your body needs daily. Many other factors contribute to better living and health, let’s base the discussion on healthy eating and why it’s necessary to do as suggested by nutritionists around the world!



If you have any specific questions about any medical matter, you should consult your doctor or other professional healthcare provider



Watch What You Eat


We have all been guilty of eating junk at times and many of us don’t truly realize the implications that this can have on our body.


Although, we are what we excrete or so it’s been said that any foods that we consume, should be dealt with within our digestion system.


However, processed foods, sweeteners, artificial ingredients can contribute to weakening the body and its internal organs, slowly but surely. It is no wonder that health symptoms or conditions can creep up only to find ourselves scratching our heads about it and wondering why:-


  • GM foods such as cottonseed oils and most soybeans are unnatural foods and can damage the environment within the body. It also creates a negative affect to traditional farming practices while harming the surroundings one way or other.


 Although further studies needs to be conducted, it is best to avoid GM or man-made foods that stay on the shelves for longer and do not grow in nature.



  • Refined oils have been altered with chemicals such as Corn oil, sunflower oil, rapeseed oil or peanut oil which contains high amounts of Omega 6 that can lead to higher blood pressure, especially those whom are diabetic. Refined oils wreak havoc on the body as many of these oils are highly processed to an extent that it becomes rancid and dangerous to cook in.

  • Hydrogenated Oils are the most harmful and dangerous of all to consume which includes margarine, A type of trans fat and according to the food and drug administration has advised that these oils are generally unsafe, while it has been banned in many countries.
  • Artificial flavourings and sweeteners can be difficult to avoid and difficult to resist, nonetheless limiting these can help your health be the best that it can or replacing with natural sugars is even better, It can contribute to tooth aches, mood swings or depression as well as connecting to obesity.




The benefits of healthy eating



It does seem scary and simply not worth the trouble if you continue to consume unhealthy perishables for the negative impacts that can occur. With that being said, there are plenty of wholesome and positive foods that not only makes you feel better but works well with your body, while encouraging staying and living well.


It certainly takes some time and certainly more effort involved but for the long term, it really is worth the continued success:-


  • Eat or add more fruits and vegetables to your meals can allow you to consume your daily minerals and vitamins that the body needs to grow and sustain it well. You are gaining great nutrition and can aid in removing or slowing down health implications. These foods certainly favours your body and most can be eaten every single day, so that tell you something!


  • You will feel fuller for longer and may find yourself not too bothered about binge eating or even avoiding from over eating.

Your body can benefit greatly and better for your organs as healthy eating can stabilize healthy heart, good circulation and contributes to feeling good!


  • It can help in aiding better digestion with living foods that can contain plentiful healthy bacteria which aids in overall health.


  •  Sprouted grains or legumes, greens such as Chlorella can aid in detoxification and contribute to better energy and feeling vibrant overall.


By ensuring that you eat plentiful of fruits, vegetables, healthy grains such as rice or gluten free, pickles and spices, fermented foods, legumes and beans can contribute to a healthier life and for better mentality.


You can deal with life in general with better clarity, mind and heart health. Everything counts and best to minimize any negative impacts your way.


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If you have any specific questions about any medical matter, you should consult your doctor or other professional healthcare provider


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Can your environment affect your health?


We can say yes
without any doubt. Whether in school, work or even in your own home can considerably affect your mind, health and well-being, perhaps even more than food but that’s pushing it now! The surrounding environment should always be free from harmful effects and dangerous ill-health.

– Certainly an unsafe appliance to have in your kitchen as research suggests that acrylamide (can act as a carcinogen) usually found within microwaves compared to other appliances which is connected to the waves that microwaves produces.


Microwaves destroys essential nutrients while it heats up your food and if it is inside a plastic container then you can expect some foreign substances to leech into your food such as BPA.

– While we do need our laptops and T. V’s for learning and entertainment, it is best to limit using these appliances and ensuring that not too many appliances are surrounding to minimize radiation overtaking your environment. Ensure to leave switches off, unplug appliances that are not in use and do not sleep with too many appliances surrounding you.

– If you have any water problems in your home or irritating leaks, it is best to address it as soon as possible.


We are all aware that by doing nothing to fix it, you can gain mould patches, growth of fungus or damage to the inner interior design of your home not to mention effecting your lungs negatively and weakening your health.

Negative people
– If you feel unhappy with certain people’s company or if anyone puts you down or speaks negatively to you regularly then it is best to avoid them and find other people that gives you the opposite effect.


You must be cruel to be kind – to yourself and it’s absolutely OK to say no to something that you do not want to participate or feel miserable doing.



Takeaway Message


Your health is precious as it can lead you to happiness or sadness – let’s ensure that we be sensible and work at our health to the best that we can.


It certainly takes effort and learning to understand what works best to each and every individual but by following the basics such as minimizing junk foods or adding vegetables to our meals can contribute to your health.


Avoiding negative factors will lead you to reap the benefits more than you know ad can lead to better living and certainly a big smile!


Thank you for reading and if you have any questions or comments, please leave below and I’ll be sure to help you out!

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  1. Kwidzin says:

    There’s something about your body that is naturally built in. But without having to go for hospital tests and health centre check ups, your body has a way of telling you how your health is by making you feel good when you are doing or eating something that is healthy. Similarly, you feel really not good if you haven’t been eating healthy.

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