How to keep a straight back

Many people may or may not realize that your back can cause you many problems if you are not careful when moving your body. Think about all the times that you lift up that heavy gear, when you bend down multiple times or when you exercise regularly.


There are too many occasions when our backs are used and its important to consider our backs, when we do go through any form of movement, big or small. If you carelessly misuse your back or do not consider it on those times when your back is being used for any sort of task, then the effects can be somewhat unfavourable.


Consulting a physiotherapist or an injury clinic is a great place to turn for those troublesome back aches and pains or when it does become unbearable, but some of us use these options as a last resort. We will discuss together the ways to look after your back for life and keep it comfortable:)


Your back

Your back allows you to carry out absolutely any task that you can think of and allows independence of every aspect of your life. It makes sense to treat your back with care as you would your hair or skin. For when you treat any part of your body with care, you will receive optimum health in return, that’s for sure!

Your back consists of a spinal cord and is a complex structure of bones, muscles and other tissues that make up the overall of the body’s trunk, from the neck to the pelvis.


There are more than 30 bones of which makes up the spinal cord which supports the weight of the upper body. The spinal cord is also connected just to the base of the brain, making it a superior structure to look after well.


There are a number of organs which are located and protected within the back area.



Organs such as the kidneys which removes impurities and toxic substances through the body, the pancreas which aids through the digestion process, the colon which is located inside the stomach and the uterus area and you may even have ‘back pain’ if these organs are not working properly.




Your back is an amazing structure and connected to your physical and mental well-being in every way. Your back provides incredible protection and lubrication to your height, movements, organs and much more.





Why you should take care of your back


The reasons are quite obvious and you are fully flexible with a good strong back. You can manage absolutely any task independently and avoid those ‘visits’ to see a specialist. It is of importance that looking after your back will take you far and should always watch out when carrying a heavy load :-


Ensure that you can see clearly the things that you are lifting or carrying so that you do not have to bend your back too close to the load that you are dealing with, i.e wear glasses or work within a well – lit room.

Avoid bending at the waist whenever you can, bend down with your knees to pick things up or to vary your height when lifting or carrying.

When you do lift heavy objects, ensure to bend your knees and squat, avoid using your back and instead use the muscles in your knees or arms, when you carry things, try to keep them close to your body to ensure to support your back and body.


If you have any specific questions about any medical matter, you should consult your doctor or other professional healthcare provider



When you are carrying a load of shopping bags and are walking along a long journey home for instance, slightly bending your arms from the elbows can ensure to reduce shoulder pain rather than keeping the arms straight down which will definitely cause some discomfort!


Get help from other people when carrying big objects and it may even take quicker as a result while saving yourself from discomfort – you don’t need to do everything on your own!


By carrying through these simple steps can ensure that you minimize damage, reduce or avoid pain and even reduce stiffness – why do you think that in  every workplace that there are health and safety guidelines?



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How to help your back


If you want to relax your back or just generally provide it with some TLC, then there are various ways that you can undergo and relieve some stress at the same time, while giving your back the rest that it truly deserves –


  • Always aim to sit up straight whenever you sit down on a chair or sofa, this can result in a good posture and can even make a difference to your height and look healthier as a result, get into the habit of carrying this out and make it second nature to your sitting needs.


  • If you do work in an office all day then consider using a standing desk when necessary or a comfortable cushion when sitting down to provide comfort when sitting in the office chair. Your back can feel incredible with a backrest and feeling comfortable like this every time you come into the office is life-changing.


  • Women – those high heels aren’t worth much, if you feel some tension creeping around the back area and so minimize the use of these. Generally, an inch heel will provide comfort with your everyday tasks and carry out any work more easily.


  • Take a nice long, warm bath as the water properties are sensational and soothing as you soak in it for as long as you feel. The effects can relieve some aches and pains and you can add in some bath salts or all natural bath milk to cares your whole body and enjoy the steam filled room for a truly sensational experience!


  • Some exercises may be too overwhelming, depending on any condition that you have, therefore many people tend to turn to yoga as they provide light and simple moves that can help your back with ease – always consult with a professional to carry out yoga moves that match up with your body’s requirements.


Avoid slouching your back whenever you sit down and even when you go out for a good long walk, its important to follow a good rhythmic breathing pattern to steady your shoulders and move your body comfortably.


Useful and health promoting natural remedies as the ones mentioned above can be practiced regularly and not only help your back but also your well- being, overall health and can reduce in stress which just goes to show how highly effective that it can be when practiced correctly.


You must not rely on the information on our website as an alternative to medical advice from your doctor or other professional healthcare provider



If you have any specific questions about any medical matter, you should consult your doctor or other professional healthcare provider



If you think you may be suffering from any medical condition, you should seek immediate medical attention





Do not treat your back too rough or undergo tasks out of quickness, that may cause discomfort and unnecessary tension to your back.



When you do feel slight pain in any area of the back, then do not ignore these signs and follow the accurate guidelines when using your back through any task, to carry out physical works in relation to the back.


Even while exercising or trying new moves at the gym, you do want to consult with a specialist or gain professional advice to perform correctly, as it is quite common to undergo some gym moves incorrectly that can cause you more harm than good.



Some back pain or back damage can take a long time to heal or can be extremely painful, so keeping a good habit of simple steps to allow for a steady and strong back, can provide positive overall health in the present as well as in the long run.



Thank you for reading and if you do have any questions or comments, please leave below and I’ll be sure to help you out!

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    I have suffered from back problems many times in my life. Well i aint the oldest person  as i can say. But i didnt know how your back could have severe long term problems either.

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