Eco-friendly packaging:)


Clean and healthy presentation is carried through with Eco-friendly packaging which is created by safe and sustainable materials for anyone that comes into contact with it and certainly friendly to the environment.


Eco-friendly packaging is made from safe, biodegradable packaging such as paper or cardboard that are typically used again or can be recycled and made to new and fresh cardboard or paper again safely!


Its beneficial to look out for friendly, harmless packaging that can stay in your homes safely and give for a cleaner environment. It actually uses less packaging means which are typically used, when shipping out other products that uses a ton of packaging material that are non Eco-friendly.


It’s prevalent today that more and more people prefer the access to friendlier packaging and many companies encourage the use of safe packaging for their products that minimizes harm to the environment and surroundings, let’s discuss all about this and the reason for this safer option:)


Why Eco-friendly packaging is Important?


Most unwrapped packages or packets are normally just tossed away that ends upon landfill sites and most of it do get recycled but because there is so much trash, which is increasing year after year, there is still a lot of rubbish that ends up in the wrong places and can cause havoc to living being’s health.


Landfills are highly harmful to health and carry many toxins and germs that can cause infections and disease if not careful.


The Environmental Protection Agency found landfills to be the third-largest source of human-related methane emissions in the United States,’


Unknowingly, some packages can end up in nature’s places as well, such as the oceans and forests that can get stuck and spread even more waste!


Eco-friendly packaging as the name suggests, is friendly to nature and minimizes health problems worldwide:-


  • Reduces the amount of plastic getting dumped to the environment and reducing harmful emissions to the environment.


  • Free from harmful ingredients and allergens due to the use of bio-degradable packaging that is safer.


  • Reduces the amount of carbon footprint getting released to the surroundings, so while the creation of packages can result in emissions of carbon and harmful gases, it can also lead to reducing this amount but only if methods are used as those for Eco-friendly packaging as the process involves less consumption of resources.


  • Can dispose of Eco-friendly packaging a lot simpler depending on if it’s recyclable or compostable. So, people can put recycled rubbish inside their recycled bins.


  • Eco-friendly packaging is so versatile in ways that these can be used across many sectors from food packages, bio-degradable bottles for cleaning products and even cardboard boxes and paper bags.


There are tremendous benefits that this alone can impact upon the environment and for the rest of the world as it really is one good thing after another through this friendly process! There is a growing demand of Eco-friendly packaging from customers, do you look out for this kind of packaging?



What packaging materials are biodegradable?


Biodegradable materials typically consists of natural waste such as fruit and vegetable rinds, plant waste, soil and garden waste, silk, green waste, paper waste are just some materials used in the creation of biodegradable packaging.


Biodegradable means any sort of product or material that breaks down into natural components that living being’s release into the surroundings such as carbon dioxide, for safer and packaging means.


It may sound quite intense but the simple formula here is to just check for packaging that improves sustainability to our environment, so if you look at the back of food products like boxed cereals and find certified stamp, i.e. FSC-certified, that shows that it is sustainably sourced.


Of course, there are many packaging and products that are not recyclable or Eco-friendly which can’t be helped and these are created through non-biodegradable materials that cannot break down naturally and can give out harmful waste and gases.



Some examples can include tinned cans, plastic bottles, metals and many technological components and parts.



Being aware of the process is just something that will ease your mind and simply gaining an understanding to the types of packaging available and that you can choose is something that can help our environment. Here is a short educational video below of what it means to reduce plastic:-




Harmful effects of non-Eco friendly packaging


It can be quite terrifying to visualize the amount of waste that can build up day after day from certain packaging, that ends up on our environment and to living organisms worldwide.


Although more is being done as consumers are always looking for sustainable packaging when they are making for a safer and greener environment and their products are the first of many things to consider.


Companies are recognising the growing awareness by their customer base for healthier packaging and for a healthier environment which means they will be a favourable choice in terms of a trusted brand.



While there are still so many non-Eco friendly packaging that still ends up on places worldwide and offers nothing but harm:-


  • Releases harmful fumes that impacts food and water resources that directly impact any living organism that consumes it.



  • Too many resources are used for the creation of this packaging that can strip off natural resources too, effecting wildlife.


  • The manufacturing of such packaging can release harmful gases and heavy metals that can damage the atmosphere.


Sustainability with packaging goods and products is a big topic within every industry and agriculture while we focus to minimize devastating effects.



Bottom Line


Eco-friendly packaging is the way to go and even looks and smells nice! Try looking out for those certified products, as it can be decomposed and recycled a lot better than non-Eco friendly packaging, making our planet a better place.


There is still a lack of attention toward these important factors as there is too much focus in other issues and the environmental side can be neglected.


Let’s choose wisely and spread good knowledge no matter what while trying to build and live in a healthier world.


Thank you for reading and if you do have nay questions or comments, please leave below and I’ll be sure to help you out!

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5 thoughts on “Eco-friendly packaging:)

  1. Yvonne says:

    Eco friendly packaging is so essential these days. I loved reading your article on it.

  2. Norman Richards says:

    It is so good to see the direction in which the world is turning in trying to use products that will help in keeping the environment clean that will, in turn, help both us, animals, and plants to be healthy. Let’s keep doing what is needed in order to protect our planet from contamination. Thanks so much for sharing and all the best to you.

    • Wholeearthgoodness says:

      Hey Norman,

      It is always good doing what you can for the environment, big or small, as ultimately those actions will have a long term effect, so let’s go for wise actions! You can even click here for eco-friendly products in all areas for men and women such as groceries, beauty, fashion, toiletries and more!

  3. Earl Arthur says:

    Hey this is a very informative article and so many of us are guilty of polluting the earth not knowing how dangerous this is in the long run, thank for sharing this since we all can contribute to good the environment as a whole. Eco-friendly is the way to go and as you have stated, Non-eco can be very harmful, things are happening right in front our eyes because of our action towards an eco-friendly environment. Thanks for sharing.

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