The importance of Nutrition

We like to eat and feel satisfied with the foods that we consume daily, for some of us it may not matter whether the foods are unhealthy or not.

It certainly makes a difference in the foods that you eat, as time goes on, the foods that we choose to eat can affect our bodies quickly or even after a long time.


Eating a varied diet is ideal but keeping in mind that more wholesome foods should be consumed rather than overly processed foods. ‘We are what we eat,’ reflects the importance of the foods that we should consume, must provide nutrition, good energy and benefits to our bodies.


It also depends on the state of our health, certain health conditions or symptoms may not be comfortable or tolerate healthy foods, we have a responsibility to seek better alternatives for our well-being and seeking out professional advice to find out more.


You must not rely on the information on our website as an alternative to medical advice from your doctor or other professional healthcare provider


If you have any specific questions about any medical matter, you should consult your doctor or other professional healthcare provider


If you think you may be suffering from any medical condition, you should seek immediate medical attention


Let’s discuss the importance of nutrition and the powerful effects that it can truly have on our bodies, mind and general health.


Wholesome Foods


Would you rather eat foods that can damage cells and organs or foods that are rich in minerals and vitamins? The answer is obvious here, but with busy lives entailed, some of us are left wondering how to eat healthy all the time?


You must not give up, it takes practice and much time too! If you manage to prepare one healthy dish during your busy schedule, you can incorporate another and then another.


Our fridges and freezers are probably a great place to preserve home made foods and you can store a lot in there as leftovers, if necessary. How then can we find out more recipes when it comes to healthier eating?


  • You can find an encyclopaedia of varied dishes and meals within YouTube. Simply search in your desired meal and the results will gob smack you and it can truly motivate you to start prepping right away. Whether its homemade lasagne, soup, frittata, breads, you can find absolutely any recipe with your best friend, YouTube, amongst other great information!


Here is an educational video from Dr Berg, a chiropractor, emphasizing the importance of a nutritional diet:)



  • Social media can provide many natural dishes around the platforms, as well as websites by food lovers. If you have a Pinterest account or with Tiktok, you are bound to bump into a recipe or two and when you do search through, these can end up on your feed or notifications to keep you well updated.


  • Food chefs such as Jamie Oliver or food experts such as Fearne Cotton all have their own books with hundreds of recipes that encourage healthy eating and healthier choices!


  • Ask the right people for advice or information when you are trying to cook healthy as there can be much to know. Whether you want to substitute a flour for another flour, use certain sugars for recipes or what’s the difference between Himalayan salt or sea salt? Turn to those that eat healthy and like to keep well.


Wholesome foods provides an array of nutrients, the proper fuel that your body requires and good salt and sugar levels.

Unhealthy foods


Processed foods, sweeteners, artificial ingredients can contribute to weakening the body and its internal organs, slowly but surely. It is no wonder that health symptoms or conditions can creep up only to find ourselves scratching our heads about it and questioning it:-



  • GM foods such as cottonseed oils and most soybeans are unnatural foods and can damage the environment within the body. It also creates a negative affect to traditional farming practices while harming the surroundings one way or another.



  • Although further studies needs to be conducted, it is best to avoid GM or man-made foods that stay on the shelves for longer and do not grow in nature.


  • Refined oils have been altered with chemicals such as Corn oil, sunflower oil, rapeseed oil or peanut oil which contains high amounts of Omega 6 that can lead to higher blood pressure, especially those whom are diabetic. Refined oils wreak havoc on the body as many of these oils are highly processed to an extent that it becomes rancid and dangerous to cook in.


  • Hydrogenated Oils are the most harmful and dangerous of all to consume which includes margarine, A type of trans fat and according to the food and drug administration has advised that these oils are generally unsafe, while it has been banned in many countries.


You must not rely on the information on our website as an alternative to medical advice from your doctor or other professional healthcare provider


If you have any specific questions about any medical matter, you should consult your doctor or other professional healthcare provider


If you think you may be suffering from any medical condition, you should seek immediate medical attention


Preparation starts in the Kitchen


To make your life easier, you’ve just got to stock up on the essential ingredients that are needed nearly every single day, right? Without these, you’ll probably end up eating out or eating some frozen ready meal that may contains processed ingredients.



Spices – A good selection will make all the difference and appeal more in your cooking. Ensure to include your everyday spices within the spice rack as well as bay leaves, cardamon, saffron, fennel, garam masala, Mixed herbs, oregano, paprika, turmeric and the more the better!


Sweeteners – Helpful if you do not want to keep adding in those low-quality refined sugars to your cooking. Ensure to include maple syrup, stevia, Yacon root powder or syrup, coconut oil, cocoa nibs/raw chocolate, coconut sugar, rose water, raw honey, date syrup and much more!


Replacements – If you do want to avoid dairy or meats, you can purchase vegan alternatives that can be found within many supermarkets such as vegan cheeses, meat substitutes across various brands such as ‘Meat the Alternative’, coconut or rice milk, tofu is a favorite, coconut cream and protein powders.


Salts – The most obvious ingredient that one can find within any kitchen but if you want to eat healthy, you may want to decrease your intake of regular table salt.


Go for alternatives such as kelp powder, sea salt, Himalayan salt, lemon or lime juice, nutritional yeast, onion powder, apple cider vinegar and great healthier substitutes and ensure to check ingredients for no added flavorings.


With a steady selection of ingredients, you won’t be stuck or lost and certainly check out your own local wholefoods and grocers that contains far less processing foods and ingredients available.


You might be surprised by what you can find when you really look!


The Importance of Nutrition


There is no doubt in anybody’s mind that real and healthy foods are a means to happier living too thus a positive mind-set. Binge eating can cause more harm than comfort and having regular breaks from eating in between can allow your digestion to work better and deal with foods quicker.


For the past 5,000 years, Ayurveda has recommended a 12-hour window of fasting every day to promote the steady release of toxins from the body and the proper regeneration of the body’s energy and digestive power every day,’



Your body can gain a multitude of benefits with the proper nutrition that it needs and can maintain you for years to come –


  • Lower the advantage of gaining conditions such as certain cancers, heart issues, diabetes or organ conditions.


  • Maintain your weight and lower the chance of gaining obesity or weight problems that can be caused with consuming too much of refined carbohydrates, sugars and artificial ingredients.


  • Stronger teeth and lowers the chances of decaying of teeth. With fake sweeteners and an abundance of artificial sweeteners and flavourings, this is an invitation to rotten teeth.


  • Improves overall mentality and reduces stress. Your mood can be uplifted and an improvement in overall performance and a better chance of a positive outlook on life.


There are many reasons to stop or lower the rate of eating processed foods daily and it should not become a bad habit of your daily intake. We are much better than this and simply need to educate ourselves in the pleasures of healthy eating.

Bottom Line

Although, processed foods can be sought as an occasional treat or worth celebrations over, they should not be a part of your daily eating habits. Eating healthy and clean foods can make a great impact to your overall mood, mental state and health.


It has become much easier to do these days, with a range of different options available in every food store and the growth of supermarkets including varieties of alternatives placed around within that can be easily spotted.


Do you try to eat well and how do you find it? Thank you very much for reading and if you do have any question or comments, please leave below and I’ll be sure to help you out!


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