All About Sprouts!

Do you eat sprouts? How do you eat them? This is not about the traditional vegetable that we tend to munch on during special occasions and many people dislike the taste of those healthy Brussel sprouts anyway! (Speak for yourself – I hear you say)!


Sprouts are highly nutritious and alkalizing which makes it a great contributor to include into your diet regularly. It is essential to involve some wonder foods to your diet and rely on, simply to top up your body’s needs and to ensure that your body has the important minerals and raw goodness that it deserves!


Sprouts are growing in popularity which can include sprouting seeds such as alfalfa, broccoli, kale and a huge variety entailed and absolutely many to try from and eat. These seeds are germinated and grown in controlled environment which allows it to grow, which can typically take around up to 3 and including far longer days.


There are numerous ways to grow your own sprouts and Let’s discuss what sprouts are and simple steps in how to grow them which can be quite straightforward, depending on how you do it.


What Are Sprouts?


Sprouts are made from sprouting seeds that are germinated to grown plants and can see at early stages of germination, the shoots that emerges first before little leaves emerge over time.


The sprouting seeds are always soaked for some hours then rinsed with clean, filtered water for optimum germination.


They should always be kept in a well-lit and cool location while the seeds should be rinsed and drained every 12 hours.


That’s really only twice a day and it really doesn’t take much of your time or space to grow them.


After some days, you can see little sprouts beginning to emerge from some of the seeds and if you continue to water and rinse the seeds, the shoots will grow longer until they resemble fresh, beautiful sprouts!


One of the easy methods is growing these in sprouting jars and be sure to check that it allows your particular seeds to sprout in the jar that you have chosen.


Despite the disadvantages that sprouts can pose such as it can be a little messy, as some water may spill onto work surfaces but just ensure that you drain the jar well to avoid any spillages. Also, there have been claims that sprouts can be dangerous to eat but that’s due to any rotten mould or bacteria that can emerge – if the sprouts are neglected, not watered properly or in unfavourable conditions.


You can tell if the sprouts are unfavourable by the strong smell and appearance. Just with any fruit or vegetable that appear off and unsafe to eat, it’s similar to that off sprouts and the more that you do grow them, the more familiar you’ll be to what to watch out for and ensure it’s safe.



Are Sprouts better than Vegetables?


Its hugely popular today worldwide, but more so in Eastern places such as Japan or China and been a main cuisine for thousands of years. There are many farmers markets, whole foods chains and even some local supermarkets have found sprouts to fit nicely on their shelf.


It allows for variety to consumers and a bigger choice which can actually be easier to eat and add to your diet than vegetables. Sprouts that are already grown for you provide less effort to be made as you can easily give them a good rinse and add to any dish that you like.


Sprouts are naturally rich in nutrients and minerals and these cannot be lost as it went through the germination process. Whereas, vegetables are grown as well but likely within soil-depleted lands and some are exposed to chemicals while grown that can allow for lower minerals and nutrients level found within them.




Sprouts contain higher levels of nutrition and good levels of fibre which really contributes to better digestion levels.


Sprouts go through the sprouting process which means that they naturally contain higher levels of vitamins such as Vitamin C, Calcium, Iron, B Vitamins, high amounts of antioxidants depending on the variety that you are consuming.


Although sprouts may not fill you up as much as perhaps some vegetable salads can but they sure are great appetizers along your food!



Top Tips: Ensure you drain the water out well when you water your sprouts that are concealed in the glass jar.


Using filtered or spring water is preferred as plants will grow better and grow into healthy and happy plants, full of life:)


Try a variety of sprouting seeds, do not be put off if you tried to sprout seeds and never got the desired results, try different sprouting seeds or a suitable jar.


Ensure that you have clean washed hands when you are handling sprouts so they remain in favourable conditions and keeps growing.


—>>>>>>>Click here to find out how to clean water and ensure that you grow those sprouts clean!




Sprouts act as a Prebiotic!


The fact that they are sprouted and living foods which generally reveals the raw goodness that it can provide, naturally!


Sprouts are a prebiotic and naturally feeds your healthy bacteria and is gentle on the stomach. Certain varieties acts as containing micro microbial properties and can support detoxification within the body.

Sprouts are a powerhouse of healthy compounds that can boost your immune system as well as easy to absorb in the body. However, more research still needs to be conducted.


You must not rely on the information on our website as an alternative to medical advice from your doctor or other professional healthcare provider


If you have any specific questions about any medical matter, you should consult your doctor or other professional healthcare provider


If you think you may be suffering from any medical condition, you should seek immediate medical attention

Bottom Line


Sprouts are certainly worth the effort (not much sometimes needed) and is worth adding in to your meals. You can eat them raw or cook lightly as your convenience.


Try purchasing certified organic sprouting seeds that can provide optimum results and cleaner sprouts overall.

Simply rinse the sprouting seeds stored in your sprouted jar around twice a day and store in a well-lit, cool environment and watch it slowly grow, right in front of your eyes:)


Try eating these with your egg salad, sandwiches, add to soups for healthy goodness or even sprinkle some on dips and sauces.


Ensure to store grown sprouts in the fridge with a drainer that stops water from sitting inside. It will keep fresh and last longer and can be kept and eaten from the fridge within 4 to 6 days for maximum quality.


Thank you for reading and if you do have any questions or comments, please leave below and I’ll be sure to help you out!


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  1. Ann says:

    I really like sprouts. And this comes to prove that we can have a healthy diet and still eat deliciously. I am amazed with the amount of nutrients that can be found in sprouts. It’s even worth sharing with friends and family that aren’t yet very convinced about including a healthy eating in their lifestyle.

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