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Your eyes are ‘the windows to the soul’ which elaborates the grace and power that our eyes can have on our appearance. It can reflect your feelings, your emotions and perhaps even your own personality.


Our eyes play an important role in our lives and helps us to see and realize the beauty of the world, of others and ourselves. There is too much to see and learn through using our eyes, some only see what they want to see but let’s not get into that!


Whether you use glasses, shades, makeup or natural remedies (such as a good night’s sleep) to pamper and beautify your eyes, this can in turn affect your overall health and well – being, as isn’t everything connected, right?


 Let’s discuss together the wondrous and of course natural ways to beautify and look after our eyes:)



How to look after your eyes




Treating your eyes with gentle and ease are probably the first steps in looking after them and making them healthy for longer. Avoiding rubbing the eyes, constantly touching them when traveling, as you do tend to have unwashed hands at that point or even closing your eyes when its very windy or passing through some sawdust, when works are operating.


Being aware of the little things as this, can save you from having tired or red eyes that can help you feel and look better.


Especially at those times, when you are having a spring-clean, with all your cleaning sprays and disinfectants at hand, which will take some time to clean a heap of dirt – avoid contact with your eyes and protect your eyes with protective gear, so that no nasty debris can fall upon them, as you clean away your home or unpleasant areas.


When you work or glare at a screen most of the day, it is crucial to have breaks from looking at a screen regularly. When you think about it, looking at a screen at a fixed position for long periods, not only strains your eyes but can have an impact on your head, neck and shoulders and can off set discomfort and pain.


Rearranging your desk can make a big difference and adjusting the screen to below eye level is beneficial, ensure that the screen is at least 25-20 inches away from your eyes to avoid being too close the screen.


 Give your eyes a break and it is recommended by eye experts of the 20:20:20 rule,


While working on a computer screen for 20 minutes, take a 20-second break to look at any object that is 20 feet away‘, suggested by leading ophthalmologist, Dr Lowai Dawoodi.


He also mentions that people tend to blink less when working closely on a screen which can lead to dry eyes so ensure to even look down on your keyboard as you type and try to blink more!

These are simple and basic techniques that can certainly go a long way to enhance your eyes and keep well maintained!


How To Beautify the eyes


Many of us, including myself, enjoy enhancing the appearance of the eyes to emphasize any sort of look that you may be highlighting through the use of natural cosmetics.



For men, they tend to enhance their appearance with a cool set of shades or sunglasses that certainly can turn heads. Those dark blue or burgundy lenses or jewelled lenses is a favorite accessory for most. Some men like to wear an eyeliner to make eyes stand out, whilst creating a somewhat ‘rough’ edge to their appearance which works most of the time.


For women, we like to wear a couple of coats of mascara to allow for a brightened up look and some color on our lids! Whatever you fancy, pastel shades, some sparkle or light natural shades – let’s look below and find out how to beautify the eyes naturally:)



simple and natural eyes



  • You can wear a white eyeliner on the lower eyelids, along with some brown or black mascara. Using a natural brow pencil, you can fill and tidy the brows for a pleasant appearance overall. This can suit all eye colors and can make a difference. You can mix it up a little and use any colored mascara you like or even some gold eyeliner for a fresh look.


Smoky eyes



  • For a bronze affect, dab some gold or brown eye shadow or eye cream all over the lid and blending outwards to the corner of the eye while applying some to the bottom lids and working your way around.


  • You can make it lighter by blending in well or make bolder by adding some more colour on top. Add some colour below the brow bone to highlight. Apply a coat of mascara and allow to dry before applying on another coat of mascara for volumised eyelashes!


Happy eyes



  • A fresh and spring look includes applying a pastel pink shade all over the eyelid as the base shade with your eye shadow brush. Next, take a darker shade of pink eye color and apply on the lid and take the colour underneath the eye.


  • For more intense, apply either a lighter shade of pink or lilac to the centre of the eyelid with your finger. Use a liquid eyeliner for a highlighted appeal along with two coats of mascara.



There are so many looks that can enhance and dazzle your eyes for a fuller look or natural look. You can even create bright festival eyes with marine greens and blues, metal eyes with shades of black and silver or even peach eyes with shades of coral and orange!

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Experiment and note down what works well for you, ensure to use mineral and natural makeup and please comment below and I would love to know what you have tried and we can certainly exchange advice:)



Healthier eyes:)


The list does truly go on and on of the variety of ways to care for your eyes, as remember, any person whom you meet or greet, always peer into the eyes and studies your face.


Ensure to use mineral or all natural makeup that consists of fruit or plant ingredients that’ll help your skin and make it look fresher and healthier for longer that you can even sleep with your makeup all night!


Many people tend not to of course, so get out those effective alcohol free or fragrance free wipes or even better some coconut oil for the face.


Other factors can contribute to looking awake and feeling alive such as a good night’s sleep or even quitting smoking.



Eating foods that contains Vitamin A and C is useful to your eyes and eating rich and wholesome foods with a rich supply of such antioxidants can truly awaken your eyes and senses!


Bottom Line


Treating your eyes with kindness and being gentle with them is a major step in looking after and beautifying your eyes at the same time.


Natural and wholesome sources contributes massively through rich foods, natural cosmetics and eye products while letting your eyes have the proper rests in needs can impact your life. Avoid looking at a monitor screen for too long and pay attention to the beautiful surroundings that we all have all around us.


Thank you for reading and if you do have any comments or questions, please leave below and I’ll be sure to help you out!



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