Detoxifying with Clay

Clay is a natural way to detoxify internally and externally with the correct type of clay. Clay has been used for centuries to remove and clean away surface debris or dead skin cells which can be latched on the skins surface over time.


Clay is a natural substance and one of earth’s components which has also been used as a concoction in which you can mix warm or cold water with some spoons of powdered clay in a cup, mix well and drink while it should be drank on an empty stomach.


Clay may taste unpleasant or tasteless as some have described but for thousands of years, we have consumed clay for better health – Don’t believe me? Let’s read through and find out more together:)



What Is Clay?


For thousands of years, living things have thrived with clay and relied on in times of need. Take into account those animals that likes to eat sodium-rich clays if they are low on such a mineral – elephants escape to underground caves to find some clay, consume it, only to top up with their nutrition levels!


There is evidence that parrots like to gather in groups and eat off some clay, especially in those times when food is in shortage or if they do consume any sort of toxic plants, then by relying on some clay, can actually help relieve the symptoms.



I’m sure that you must have heard about the consumption of dirt by human beings, particularly areas around the East. They like to consume edible clay and can help aid in certain conditions that people may have as your body doesn’t absorb it, clay simply passes through which contains a negative charge as it travels though the body, picking up nasty debris that contains the opposite charge.



How Clay can be used


Clay should be consumed with caution and can be taken in liquid, tablet or powder form. Some people find it hard to drink the powdered clay water, so it may help to use other forms. Clay is widely used within toiletries such as toothpastes, bath soaks, in certain cosmetics and even in shampoos. It carries tremendous benefits –


  • May help with nutrition levels within the body, for the mineral-rich component naturally occurring.


  • Removes and eliminates toxins from the body, whether applied externally or internally.


  • Is mostly safe but only when it has been tested correctly by the manufacturer and can be great for the digestive system.



You can use clay as a mud mask which is natural and calms and relaxes the skin while deep cleansing the skins surface.


If you have had sunburn or a chemical irritation, clay can be applied and you can feel the difference straightaway, may need to apply more often for desired results.


Please ensure that the clay that you do purchase is from a good and reliable source and provides you with a full ingredients list.


Only consume clay if its edible and always check the correct usage by your supplier at all times.



You must not rely on the information on our website as an alternative to medical advice from your doctor or other professional healthcare provider


If you have any specific questions about any medical matter, you should consult your doctor or other professional healthcare provider


If you think you may be suffering from any medical condition, you should seek immediate medical attention


Experiences with Clay



‘Clay has a long history of medicinal uses,‘ which Holly Philips suggested, a medical contributor to the CBS News but also adds that clay should be taken with caution. In fact, some celebrities has claimed clay to be beneficial to health and helpful to the human body.


You will only truly know the results and how it actually feels once you experience it for yourself. Take it from someone that has had itchy, inflamed and problematic skin years ago and through the use of natural and skin friendly ingredients has recovered from all of that and then some!


Bentonite clay is generally quite popular and one that you’ll find more of in stores in general. However, I used calcium bentonite clay on the surface of my skin as well as drinking internally for some time. It is always sensible to start with small amounts to evaluate how you are, with that being said that truly goes for any new food or products being used.



When you wear makeup, your face may be smeared with foundation, blusher and other cosmetics that you may have applied on your face. By pouring 2 tbsp. of calcium bentonite clay with some water until it forms a paste, you can dab some onto your face for around 20minutes and wipe off all traces of cosmetics with a damp cloth or cotton pads.


This way, the clay removes and cleans deep all the surface debris and dirt from the skin and penetrates the skin’s surface well for a cleansing sensation. Once you have wiped off all that clay, you may notice fresh, smooth appearance and leaving your skin damp and allowing it to dry itself can give for a fresh look.


However, sometimes your skin may incur red streaks of rashes or red marks which may indicate that you don’t need to use clay on the face as if you continue to do so, it may keep leaving red marks behind which isn’t really useful. It could also mean that you have applied the Clay on your skin for too long, so you can try applying again for a shorter time.




Either way, clay deep cleans the skin’s surface and may help with problematic skin such as red, itchy skin or with certain skin conditions such as Impetigo as well as aiding in dry skin, sensitive skin and oily skin. If you have tried many products and still have irritated skin, try pure and preferably edible clay that can certainly help and make skin feel comfortable.



How clay works



Clay acts as a detoxifying agent which attracts negative charge toxins that binds to it and effectively removing it to your bowels area. Clay has a positive charge and well, opposite charges attracts while working as a powerful, yet gentle detoxifier.

The body seems to recognize clay as it is quick to respond to it as its primary goal is to accelerate the elimination of purities and heavy metals from the body, in a gentle and mild manner, therefore playing a part in aiding your body to a natural state of well-being.

Clay is nutrient rich and highly alkalizing
which can contribute to a balance of acidity levels within the blood and can aid in better health naturally.


Clay can stimulate circulation and may improve gut absorption rate as it removes toxins from the body.


Clay is an ingredient in many products in the market, more so than ever before such as in toothpastes and tooth powders. It can be found in many makeup products, bath and body, soaps and even in supplements!


Helpful tip: For an incredible spa experience, you can use a bath blend with a combination of salts and clay that can give your skin major benefits as it increase the oxygen flow and helps with the blood’s circulation.


 Allow your body to soak in this rich blend in the bath and allow it to comfort your skin while soaking way aches!


Click here for clay toiletries!


Takeaway Message

You can use clay on your skin once a week or depending on your skin’s needs, it is safe to use every single day (like I did) and can reduce or ease any skin discomforts. While I relied on this for some time, it truly improved my skin’s appearance while I let go off other unnecessary products that I used to apply on my skin!


‘Since bentonite clay helps absorb excess sebum, people with oily and acne-prone skin types can use the ingredient almost every day,‘ – Dr Nussbaum, a New York City-based dermatologist. He also explains that people with allergic reactions, bentonite clay can diminish the effects of this. He also states that there aren’t any major cons to using bentonite.



Have you used Clay internally or externally and what do you make of it? Thank you for reading and if you do have any questions or comments, please leave below and I’ll be sure to help you out!


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  1. Nicholas says:

    Clay as a detoxifier. I have no experience with it at all, but considering the minerals in it and the composure of it, I would not be surprised that it is a detox consumable. How have I not heard of Clay being useful in this manner? Considering this stuff has been around for a long time, I am surprised that it is not used more often or openly in mainstream society. 

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