Gmo’s VS Organic foods

Scientists constantly debate about which diet is the best and the questionable benefits of a certain product or substance. However, the superiority of whole foods seems to have a consensus in the scientific community.


In general, people think of whole food as a type of diet; however, nutrition experts suggest thinking about this as a lifestyle rather than simple food choices.


GMO’s refers to genetically engineering foods whose genetic material has been rendered and altered effectively through biological engineering. This does sound unnatural and it did not exist in the past.


Throughout here, we will discuss the differences between these types of foods and the purposes of them.

All about GMO’s


There are safety concerns of the production of gm foods towards human consumption and upon the environment. In a nutshell, GMO’s are created only with the help of whole foods that are tampered with through modifying its genetic material and unnatural.


Scientists confirm that the population has increased considerably and continues to grow, so does the need of the demand of food. It is clear that these foods are tastier, the plants are disease and drought resistant and grows much faster.


In 2017, the sale of GMO apples became available in the United States.


GMO’s does sound abnormal and quite odd, due to the artificial changes that are occurred purposely of the genetic traits that are performed on organisms. It involves inputting some genes from one species into another that is an unrelated species through biological engineering.



Many people oppose this means of the creation of food and has sparked up debate for too long and concerned about the safety implications and the effects of eating GM. In fact, altering the genomes of living things can be seen as ‘playing with food’ and if this is a danger in terms of morals and life itself.


You always have a choice when it comes to your health and body, so try to choose organic for avoiding this completely or shopping at farmer’s markets and feel reassured that most foods there are safe and fresh.


Farmers who sell their mushrooms into markets that do not accept GMOs, like organic markets, could suffer financial losses if their crops were somehow contaminated with a GMO variety.’ by

Summary about organic foods


Organic are foods that are grown and produced without the use of chemicals or pesticides. However, organic farmers are permitted some pesticides and a lower degree of synthetic pesticides in organic fruit and veg. They simply use different and natural kinds. The reason being is to protect the foods from invaders naturally such as insects or infections.



Choosing organic is wise to lower an intake of chemicals and pesticides while avoiding GMO foods, so that your body may not have to work as harder than if GMO foods were consumed. Fresh and whole foods contains naturally higher vitamin levels and nutrient levels, good nourishment and less exposure to heavy metals.



Organic fruit and veg look fresher with more color and fuller due to the use of environmentally friendly agricultural productive techniques used for organic growth.


Fruit and veg is great, whether organic or non-organic.


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Pros and Cons

There is no doubt that GMO’s has a negative effect on the environment and to living things as just hearing that organisms are artificially modified, alone is a call for some common sense to take place. Dr Perlmutter, a neurologist comments that, ‘Genetically modified (GM) crops are associated with an increased use of chemicals, like glyphosate, that are toxic to the environment and to humans’


There has been a link of GMO foods to allergic reactions which is down to the foreign genes that enter the body and can cause immune reactions in trying to defend and ensuring that your body is OK.


These foods are enhanced in terms of flavor and appearance through artificial means that can cause severe allergies in some people.


The pros seem to decrease compared to the cons(above) and scientists conclude that GMO foods can prevent poverty in an increasing population, while ensuring that there is an abundance of crops and an increase in yield production at a faster pace.


Costs are kept low for farmers and consumers as a result of these methods as well as these kinds of foods having a longer shelf life, preserved for longer and enhanced food quality and for drug productions as well.


Fresh and non-GMO foods are probably the best option to take while you input less foreign materials that will unlikely cause your body to react to, work harder to deal with due to immune responses that can keep occurring.




Switching to whole foods means you will exclude all unhealthy chemicals found in your diet, including processed foods, refined sugars, and GM ingredients. You will be left with nothing but healthy, fresh food.


Consuming whole foods provides you with several health benefits, including weight loss, decreased risk of heart disease, lower risk of cancer and age-related cognitive decline, and improved symptoms of diabetes.

Whereas, whole foods offer your body all the necessary vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.





Takeaway Message


While many health organizations around the world confirmed the safety of GM, having the option to choose whether to consume these products is still valuable and a vital choice for our well-being.


Whole foods are cleaner and better equipped with nutrition and living healthy bacteria that our bodies thrive on!


GM foods helps in faster rates of food production, keeps costs low, a longer shelf life, minimum use of pesticides due to its nature.


Although there is no way to tell if foods contains any GMO’s whatsoever, however new regulations are coming into place in 2022 that will show that and be labelled in a way for you to be aware.

Thank you for reading and if you do have any questions or comments, please leave below and I’ll be sure to help you out.


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