Top Healthiest Fruits

Eating fruit regularly is optimum for your health as well as taking a range of vitamins and minerals that your body needs.


There are different requirement amounts for men and women, however your body does need an adequate amount of nutrition from wholesome foods and will be discussed through the next few passages.




Therefore, it is best to avoid or consume less of overly processed foods or sugary sweets that provides very little nutrition, due to the refined and stripped off nutrients involved in these low quality foods.



Many people whom rely on or eat too much of these ‘dead’ foods are likely to gain diseases easily, more prone in getting infections or even gaining unhealthy conditions such as obesity or constant ‘fatigue’.


The only way to a healthy life is through consuming rich foods full of benefits, so Let’s show you the top healthiest fruits that’ll give you that boost of health happening effects:)


Small fruits

What comes to mind then, when you think about small fruits? Does it happen to be small, round berries that we all like to snack on? You guessed right! Berries are a powerhouse of nutrition and minerals that provides much health that the body requires whilst giving sweet satisfaction.


Blueberries – These beauties contain phytoflavanoids, high amounts of antioxidants that overcomes free radicals that causes damage to the body’s DNA. They also contain many vitamins such as Vitamin C and Vitamin K amongst other vital nutrients and can be eaten as part of a balanced diet daily.


Cherries – These resemble bright jewels and are packed with phytochemicals and fibre. Absolutely juicy, brimming with sweetness and great for baking with, cherries can reduce inflammation and protect against cellular damage. Just be careful to avoid biting into its seeds as these are lethal and toxic inside.


Pomegranate seeds – These soft and small seeds contains a higher amount of antioxidants than that of green tea! The benefits can allow the aging process to slow down whilst lowering blood pressure within the body. You can drink pomegranate juice or eat alone or add on top of with other fruit or cereals for a fruity sensation!



Basically, a small handful of these small fruits can bring about a boost of nutrition and benefits to your diet which can be obtained whenever you consume some and promotes the maintenance of general overall health.




Dried fruits


These are incredibly satisfying and can snack on easily when out and about and always handy to pop in a bag of dried fruits in your luggage! Apparently, dried fruits contains more fibre and some antioxidants than the fresh type which reveals the authenticity of small fruits!


Dates are considered super healthy and recognized as a symbol of fertility. The date palm is recognized by ancient civilizations as the tree of life whilst in some religions it is a means of eating when opening a fast which confirms the sacred symbol of the dried fruit.


It encourages for good digestion, bone health with vital minerals such as copper, selenium, potassium and an abundance of plant compounds for heart health and contributes to good functioning of the body.


Dried Apricots are sweet and soft to snack on and great as a little side lunch snack for those little lunchboxes! Promotes vitamins for supporting the eyes and the digestive health. Hydrating and provides nourishment to the body with rich nutrients.


Keep in mind that dried fruits contains less water content than that of fresh fruit, typically the sugar and nutrients levels are more concentrated, therefore providing a higher concentration of calories and fibre compared to the fresh fruit.

Coloured fruits


The color of fruits certainly provides rich and wholesome nutrition and the indication of those colors shows some health attributes that those fruits carry. It is standard protocol that citrus fruits are great for skin health as it provides elasticity and full of immune boosting properties. Grapefruits, oranges, limes, lemons are powerful with plant compounds and loaded with Vitamin C.


Red fruits such as strawberries and apples are rich in antioxidants and in theory protects the heart and against certain cancers. The red pigment shows the presence of the pigment, Lycopene, which provides the specific health benefits within these red and delicious fruits!


Purple fruits such as blackcurrant, plums and raisins are packed with intense nutrition and typically provides with natural aging, aiding in greater memory strength and promotes heart health.


The deep purple color contains high amounts of rich and full minerals which promotes good circulation and stops blood clots from forming within the blood and helping you to feel relaxed.


Colorful fruits certainly can provide natural colors and sweeteners to your cooking needs or even eating fresh wholesome foods.


Helpful sweet tips: Sometimes we do not have the time to prepare and wash a ton of fruit to add to our food preparations and a quick add on of a natural sweetener can boost that cookie or pie with wholesome sweetness easy and fast.

The use of alternative Sweeteners not only provides great nutrition but also natural and wholesome sweetness –


Take maple syrup that are sourced from tress and loaded with antioxidants. You can use this sweetener in baking or in cereals.


Yacon is a type of plant and a great substitute of sugar, it can reduce body weight within obese individuals and pleasant in tea or beverages.


Stevia is a healthy sweetener which has positive benefits and can lower blood sugar levels, although more studies needs to be done.


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Takeaway Message


Fruits are powerful and helpful to our body’s needs, while providing an array of vital vitamins and nutrients that our body cannot live without.


It is sensible to eat carefully for the natural sugar content that they contain and if suffering from any health conditions to reach out to a healthcare professional for any recommendations and advice, simply reduce any sorts of artificial sweeteners and snacks!


Fruits are nature’s little treasures to us and is perfect to eat on its own, in cooking or baking and as snacks through dried fruits or healthy smoothies or juices. They are versatile, can be use as healthy sweeteners and used throughout food cuisines and treats – get rid of your artificial snacks please!


The colors of fruits holds the key as well to nutrition levels and consuming a variety can contribute to great and optimum health.


Thank you for reading and if you do have any questions or comments, please leave below and I’ll be sure to help you out!

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  1. Nicholas Commander says:

    I definitely need to eat more fruits and this is very inspiring. I really enjoyed how it was explained that fruits can be versatile and be used in a bunch of different ways. I really enjoyed how the topic of fruits was explained and I feel more inspired to eat and cook with fruits. I definitely have not been eating the healthiest I could have during the pandemic. 

  2. Richard says:

    Very interesting and informative post. I never realized that there are
    so many health benefits in fruits and that the colors of the fruits had
    so much meaning.

    I’m going to pass this along to my son in San Francisco as I am sure he
    will love this article as much as I have.

    Thank you very much

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