Healthy Food VS Junk Food

What you eat daily certainly makes an impact to your health, body and mind. It can give you wholesome energy which can keep you feeling fuller for longer. Or it can simply give you a sugar rush, which provides a blood sugar spike which drops shortly, making you want to eat more which is unfavourable to your body when consuming ‘junk foods.’


There is a big difference in the foods that you eat in terms of the effects that it can give you, depending on the kinds of foods consumed. You may feel drowsy and tired after eating a meal, you may feel bloated or you may feel relaxed and full. Can you remember a time when you felt good after eating a meal?


Putting it simply and whether we like it or not, less grease and processed sugar is ideal to a better lifestyle and overall healthy body. Leading on, let’s discuss the differences between the types of foods that we have a choice to eat and included are references that you can check out so let’s move forward together:)



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Junk Food

This is one of the most important factors to consider apart from exercise and mental health. Your body cannot function to its full capacity if it were provided with processed foods, fast food or sugary products on a daily basis, just imagine what the outcome would be, in fact, click here to view a story about the implications about this.


I use the term “Fast Food Genocide” because most don’t understand the depth and breadth of the harm as a large segment of our society eats a diet worse than the dangerous SAD.’ – American Journal of Lifestyle medicine by Joel Fuhrman.


To be clear, wholesome and raw foods, lightly boiled, fruits and vegetables, whole grains with natural sugars and good fats will aid your body with great nutrition, an abundance of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that your body uses to defend itself against ill health.


Specifically when eating fried foods daily, although it can make a difference in the type of oil that you are frying with, but at the end of the day fried foods is still fried foods, in which experts claim that this will cause an increase in blood pressure, cholesterol levels and more prone to risk factors in heart problems.



The fat absorbs to the body, an abundance of this fat is found throughout the inside of the cells, so much that it can block out other components from absorbing into the cell such as sugar which can be found instead, building up into the blood instead.



Click here for further clarification. It alters the foods natural state and it’s just not good for the body.


There are numerous side effects that can occur and can be difficult to reverse:-


Mental illness. If ‘junk foods’ can contribute to symptoms such as an increase to heart related issues as stated above, then the impact left on your mentality is unfavourable.


You will feel under stress and distracted to cope with this unnecessary problem that may have been avoided.


You may use a lot of your energy to make it right again. In some instances, it may lead to Parkinson’s or dementia.


Body Weight – Gaining some pounds or going through obesity definitely contributes to over eating.

More than 60% of adults in England are overweight or obese. Our lifestyles see many of us eating more calories than we need and not doing enough physical activity.’ NHS


‘Junk’ foods have very little nutrition, can shorten lifespan, more of a risk in chronic conditions and ill effects.


Lifestyle – The kinds of foods that we eat makes a significant impact on every part of our health. When we drink too much coffee, it can effect our mentality quite quickly as the stimulate caffeine interferes with the chemical processes within the brain.

‘Excessive amounts of animal products may lead to premature aging, increased risk of chronic disease and higher all-cause mortality.
‘ – American Journal of Lifestyle medicine by Joel Fuhrman.



Too much of anything is not going to gain you many benefits, your lifestyle habits is important to consider in terms of what we put inside our bodies, including our minds.


Healthy Food


It may be quite difficult to access, it may be more expensive and some time and effort may be required(not always) in some foods that we wish to eat. However, a healthy diet is crucial to gain proper nutrition and to minimize ill health effects.




Wholesome foods contains a variety of clean foods such as whole grains such as rice or quinoa, beans, legumes, pulses, fruits, vegetables, potatoes, filtered water and much more that provides great dietary needs and avoids artificial ingredients such as additives or high amount of sugar and salt.


In fact, preparing and cooking such foods may be easier as some foods are simply boiled in water, rather than going out your way of frying foods in oil for hours or baking in grease. Sometimes, cooking simpler is best. What exactly are the benefits anyway:-


Brain. Eating right for your brain can improve memory and concentration. Leafy greens such as Kale or lettuce are rich in vitamins that protects the blood vessels and your brain too. Certain fruits are packed with antioxidants that slows down the aging of the brain and keeps cells youthful such as blueberries.


—-->>>>>>>>Click here for lessons and tutorials all about the brain and gut!<<<<<<<<——-



Skin. By eating fresh and wholesome foods daily such as avocados, coconuts and berries can prevent wrinkles from forming and improve the elasticity of the skin due to its high vitamin E content and Vitamin C. Nourishing foods such as these contain fatty acids that can prevent fine lines, keeps skin subtle and smooth and can reduce inflammation.


Feel happier and content. This really goes without being said and we all have ate healthy for some good time, some still going, and feel better and can perhaps work through tasks with more energy, can sleep better or even less toilet troubles! Either way a clear mind and healthy goals!


While consuming healthy foods is a first step in producing quick, healthy results such as sleeping better or losing weight more effectively, your gut health is vital to your overall health and for the long run.



Eating for good health


Eating plenty of fermented or raw vegetables helps to increase more of the ‘good’ bacteria within your body and gut. Eating plenty of fruits can provide a boost in a variety of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants to provide protection and health. Wholegrains provides fibre, B Vitamins, protein and some minerals that makes the body less hungry and satisfied.


Here is an example of a wholesome meal that is nutritious and affordable to eat:-


Stuffed Mushrooms!

Ingredients : 1 pound of mushrooms, big ones are desirable. Chop up stems such as asparagus or leafstalk vegetables of your choice and just enough to put on top of each mushroom. 1 big chopped up onion and 1 bell pepper. Some chopped up olives in small pieces, parsley and some salt/mixed herbs.


Bake the mushrooms for around 10 minutes and leave to one side. Sautéed stems, onions, peppers until nicely cooked and pour onto mushrooms. Add chopped olives and parsley on top of the mushrooms and stuff the cooked caps in the oven and bake for a further 8-10 minutes.


You can season if you wish or sprinkle any type of cheese you fancy before or once they come out of the oven, this is great as a substitute for meats in stews and a great party snack or enjoyed as part of a main meal with rice.


Much flavor included and low in calories with some vitamins such as Vitamin D and B.




Just remember that the gut and the brain are closely related. Think about it, when you feel bloated or have constipation, it can affect your feelings and emotions greatly and directly impacts your head as well.


It makes a difference in what we consume and that by enjoying a variety of wholesome foods can impact your health quickly.


Try your best to eat less processed foods and more wholesome caring foods that will treat your body with unconditional love for life!


Thank you for reading and if you do have any questions or comments, please leave below and I’ll be sure to help you out:)

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