Bare skin

When you leave skin covered with creams, lotions or makeup, it can sometimes feel good – when it consists of natural ingredients. Over indulging your skin with any product, can allow skin to be prone to certain allergies and weakening the skin’s barrier.

Your skin needs time as well to breathe easy on its own and to let the skin’s sebum come out naturally without interference with any product. Leaving skin bare from time to time is ideal in allowing the skin to moisturize and supporting the skin’s layers to allow for preservation and healthy skin.


Even some natural products can have added chemicals which may not really bother the skin much but whatever you do put on the skin, it will always react one way or the other.


To maintain healthy skin for life calls for a combination of natural beauty care/cosmetics as well as leaving skin sometimes bare, whenever you feel the need to do:)



Skin Layers


To understand about skin, it is good to know a bit about it, to get the bigger picture. Apparently there are around ten layers of the skin! Let’s discuss the basics:)


The three main layers that make up the skin are as follows –


  • Epidermis. This is the skin you directly come into contact with, when you look at your body, your visible skin can shed away old skin cells, sometimes without you even noticing, so it can grow new skin in place of it!


  • Dermis. Directly under the eperdermis layer and acts as a cushion to further protect skin. It is where hair follicles, collagen, elastin, lymphatic vessels, sweat glands are stored. The dermis contains helpful cells called “phagocytes” that removes harmful substances from our bodies such as “bad” bacteria or impurities.


  • Subcutaneous fat. The bottom layer, directly below the dermis layer and can also be known as “subcutis”. It helps keeps your body warm while regulating body temperature. It protects large blood vessels and acts as a cushion to surrounding, vital organs.




From experience, any skin symptoms that occurs from irritants can result in rashes or redness, will always take time to heal. It may take several days, weeks or even years to normalize the skin again from the aggravation. It may be uncomfortable to say the least, in which natural ingredients and products are your best interventions for long term use.

How to keep your skin looking young:)


Looking after yourself, eating well, leading a healthy lifestyle are just some of the ways that can contribute to healthy looking skin. Even maintaining your skin to stay the best that it can, takes effort and knowledge to keep it looking great.



As you sleep through the night, your skin benefits a lot more when there is simply nothing on the skin! It is because stress levels fall at this particular time of the day, which allows skin to repair and regenerates as you rest easy. The skin rebuilds its collagen and release antioxidants that consists of anti aging properties.




Something similar happens throughout daytime also as you do not allow for clogged up pores to settle in, letting your skin breathe better and concentrate in repairing the skin itself. Therefore, fewer reactions can occur as your skin will be used to having bare skin as well as coping with products too.



Having bare skin for just a day or two can feel great like ‘wind blowing through your hair!’ You can allow for a stronger barrier on the skin over time as it focuses on rebuilding and boosting its natural moisturisation properties.



Feelings of self-worth and acceptance can take over, as you do not have to worry or bother about checking out your face or the products that is on your face. You concentrate in more fulfilling activities rather than your appearance and making sure the beauty products are in place.



Going bare faced now and then is one of the best things that you can do for the skin! It may leave you feeling energized and free as the use of heavy makeup and products are not involved, just your natural you:) So, get used to it!



Barefaced Skin Solutions


No matter how bad skin can get, through skin conditions or that unpleasant reaction it may have had, your skin is always changing all the time, it always tries to heal and overcome, so let’s help it gets through it better.



Intervention is always necessary when overcoming any problematic skin issues so what’s the best one to try? We all have our own ways and below is a helpful guide that can aid in skin issues while you are barefaced, without the need for chemicals –



  • Steam. Having a shower or staying in a steam room for some time, i.e. through certain sauna’s, allows for moist heat and high humidity to transpire on the skins surface, which leaves the skin refreshed and giving it some care and opening the skin’s pores for a natural feel.


  • Bentonite clay powder. Similar to that of a mud mask and bentonite clay is one of the best things that you can put on the skin, check out some natural makeup and products that has clay as part of the ingredients list. You can leave clay on the skin when removing makeup or even barefaced for a deep clean.


  • Count your blessings! We all have many of these and literally thanking for all that you have (rather than concentrating on what you don’t have) allows for a more youthful look. Feelings of joy and gratitude overtakes you and can literally shine on the face. Even a true smile can energize your face – with a natural glow if practiced often!


  • Vegetables! Certain one’s can relax the skin and keep it calm. Cucumbers are usually found in facials right? While cucumbers consist of 95% water and can be applied onto the skin such as the cheeks, forehead or anywhere for that matter, for 10-15 minutes.
  • It allows to reap the anti inflammatory and soothing properties that it has as well as splashing some filtered water after, on the skin for instant freshness:)


You can even cut up some slices of cucumber and leave soaked in water for some time, before you wash your face with the water, remove the cucumber slices and wash your face with for an instant awakening sensation!



Bottom Line

Your skin is gentle and needs well looked after so avoid harsh chemicals going onto the skin and you may have to spend some extra pounds on better beauty products and opting for natural ranges that benefits the skin a lot more.


Limit your skin’s intake of the sun as too much of it can cause irritation and sometime blisters can form which will take time to heal. Avoid touching your skin or picking your skin and look for other distractions to allow for healthy looking skin always:)


Thank you for reading and if you do have any questions or comments, please leave below and I’ll be sure to help you out!

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  1. Kokontala says:

    Hi, I am very happy to come across this post.

    It’s very interesting, detailed and very well presented. I have really learned a lot from this post about the skin and how to keep it fresh and young-looking. 

    I am fascinated by how cucumbers can be this great to the skin, little did I know that. What may cause the pimples on the face? I am going to share this with my family and friends, it’s so important. 


    • Wholeearthgoodness says:

      Hello, it seems oily skin can cause pimples and watch out for a new article coming up about different skin types. Ensure to avoid touching your face too much and to drink clean such as water and herbal teas – Check out here for great healthy skincare that can help your skin naturally, with no harsh chemicals:)

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