Different types of Stress

Stress and the Different Types of Stress


Humans are superior to all other creations in the world because of their critical thinking ability. Humans have used their superior thinking powers to help humanity in various ways. However, being able to think a lot is both a blessing and a curse. Our thoughts can often do more harm than good.


Unchecked thoughts can provoke unhealthy emotions, leading to damaging physical impacts. Your emotions, thoughts and physical condition can often put you in a state of stress. Therefore, we have rounded up all the information you’ll need on stress and different stress types.



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What is Stress?


Stress is the natural mechanism that our body utilizes for dealing with pressure. There are several circumstances and situations in life that can prove to be stressful. We usually experience stress when we find ourselves in a new situation or when we don’t have much control over a certain situation. We feel stressed when we feel threatened in any way.


However, everyone has different ways of dealing with stress. How we deal with stress depends on various factors such as our socio-economic condition, genes, personality, and upbringing. However, something all humans experience in stress is the production of fight or flight hormones that also trigger our immune response. These reactions allow us to cope with harmful circumstances.


However, not all stress is bad as there are times when stress can help you as well. It can drive you to do something you thought you couldn’t do before, such as participating in a competition or taking part in public speaking.


Furthermore, if you do feel stressed in such conditions, it’s only short-lived. This means that as soon as your competition ends, your stress hormones go back to their normal levels.


That being said, being under stress for extended periods of time can lead to harmful impacts as well. It triggers a constant fight or flight condition that can lead to overwhelming and damaging effects on your body and mental well being.


Therefore, there are two types of stresses. The first one is acute stress, where you feel stressed for a short period of time. For instance, it could be having a heated discussion with someone or taking a test that you didn’t study for. This short-lived stress activates the flight and fight response, but you go back to normal as soon as you’re out of that condition. Furthermore, if the impact is a bit more long-lasting, you can easily recover from it.


Chronic stress
is the stress that occurs frequently. This stress makes one feel exhausted, and it can lead to serious damage to your mental health. This happens due to the fact that your body becomes triggered under stressful conditions, but once the condition goes away, your body goes back to normal. However, being under stressful conditions constantly can leave your body in a constantly triggered condition.


Chronic stress poses various health threats, especially physical health damages since it can lead to heart complications, gut health complications, and various other diseases. However, this type of stress can be managed as well through effective care and treatment.


What is Emotional Stress?


As the name suggests, emotional stress is related to your emotions. The discomfort caused by emotional stress can be quite damaging as well. Emotional stress usually arises due to relationship conflicts that can physically trigger you. Your emotions portray your emotional stress in the form of anger or sadness.


What is Mental Stress?


Mental stress is somewhat similar to emotional stress. It is triggered due to your surrounding circumstances or conditions, and it can often lead to long-lasting conditions such as depression and anxiety. It also damaged your mental health as you have a tough time focusing on things and dealing with them as well.


What is Physical Stress?


Physical stress means stress on your body. This stress usually results from an injury, or it can be caused as a result of emotional and mental stress. The symptoms of physical stress are sharp pain in a particular body part, and you feel exhausted, tired, and sometimes nauseous as well.


Dealing with physical stress is easy as all you need to do is take care of your injury with the help of a doctor and by performing different types of physical therapy exercises. However, if the physical stress arises from mental conditions, you have to take care of your mental and emotional health first, ultimately improving your physical stress.


Symptoms of Emotional, Mental Stress and Physical Stress

The symptoms of emotional and mental stress are almost the same. They include a heavy feeling in your chest that could also increase your heart rate and promote pain in the chest.


It also leads to physical distress in the form of pain in your back, shoulder, and neck region. Headaches are another common symptom which is also followed by constant teeth grinding and jaw clenching.


Most people also go through the feeling of shortness of breath and dizziness. You can also feel exhausted, depressed, and nervous in such situations.


It’s also common to experience fluctuations in your weight due to stress, which means you might end up losing or gaining weight repeatedly. Your sleeping pattern can become affected as well since you could start sleeping less or more than you usually do.



You might also suffer from other diseases such as stomach issues, acid reflux, constipation, or diarrhoea. Some people also go through certain sexual complications. Furthermore, there are various mental experiences as well, such as feeling extremely emotional or not being able to control your emotions.


Some people feel extremely overwhelmed, while others have a tough time remembering things. You could also have a hard time while making decisions or focusing on things. Some people also turn towards abusive substances like liquor to cope with stress.

Coping with Emotional and Mental Stress and Physical Stress


The following are the best ways to manage your emotional and mental as well as Physical Stress.


1. Relax


Our busy work routine has made it extremely difficult for most of us to take some time off for ourselves. Therefore, you should try your best to find some resting time, even if it’s for fifteen minutes. You could also do something that helps you relax during this time. For instance, you could read or take a bath, or light a candle.


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2. Be Mindful


Being mindful means concentrating on one thing at a time and giving it your all. If you are mindful, you would also be able to understand the changes in your body due to your mental condition. Being mindful helps you to form a strong link between your body and mind. It can also help you to be calmer.



3. Distraction


One of the best ways to cope with mental and emotional stress is to distract yourself from the stressful situation. While it might not be a permanent solution, it does help to get your mind off stressful circumstances. You could try doing something that you like. For instance, you could watch a movie or indulge in a hobby such as painting or playing some sport.


4. Journaling


Your thoughts are valid, and it’s okay to feel a certain way.


It’s also important to accept your thoughts and emotions, and getting a deeper insight into your mind can help you better understand what you’re going through.


Therefore, it always helps to pen your thoughts, so they become clearer.


Furthermore, writing your thoughts and feelings on paper can show you what’s truly on your mind.


Therefore, it can also help you understand your triggering factors. Once you identify these factors, you can work on the negative thoughts and add more positive ones to your life.


5. Meditation


Meditation is one of the best ways to find peace and calm. It helps to connect your mind, body, and soul. Meditating allows you to think positive thoughts, and it helps you to achieve optimal peace and calm through various breathing exercises. These breathing exercises help with controlling your overall mental condition. Furthermore, if you perform yoga, you’d also be getting some physical activity, which is a great way to manage stress.



6. Fresh Air


Fresh air can actually do a lot of wonders for your mental and emotional health. When you go out in the open, you get a lot of fresh oxygen. Once this oxygen goes into your body, it circulates much better, and it also means that you get more oxygen in your brain, which allows you to think clearer and it makes you more relaxed.


7. See a Doctor


Many people think that seeing a doctor is not the right thing. But if you want to reverse your stress fully, it’s a good idea to seek help from your doctor. Within a few days or months, you will see changes in your lifestyle and sleep. Also, if you have physical stress, your doctor will give you some medicines.


Final Word


There are various types of stress, such as physical stress, emotional stress, and mental stress. However, all these stresses can be managed through proper care, as we have mentioned above. Furthermore, you could also go for professional help for effective stress management.


Thank you very much for reading and if you do have any questions, comments or would like to share your own experience, please leave below and I’ll be sure to help you out:)



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  1. Diana says:

    Stress can affect the body in a negative and also a positive manner. It is essential we keep our stress level down. We can do it though journaling, this method clears your mind. There is also the option of getting professional help, precaution is better that cure, instead of putting stuff on a back burner get professional help.

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