How To Quiet Your Mind

We all like the sound of noise within the surroundings, as well as when watching something on T. V or when living with a family which can cause excessive noise levels, there is no dearth of silence! Laughter, socializing and some fun with friends makes us feel active and part of life.



Noise and distractions can take over our feelings and thought patterns while motivating us to take action and perhaps to keep ‘doing’.


As I’m sure that you’ve heard, too much of anything is never a good thing, right? Where is the fun in that anyway? Truth be told, quietening the mind and letting it be a state of calm and silent can allow numerous benefits unfold.


Let’s discuss the importance of some quiet time as well as listening to your inner feelings through stillness and ultimately quietening the chatter inside our heads:)


Our Minds


Our minds are very busy and can tell you what to do or it can be told what to do! We all have that inner voice that we should tame to be able to get the best our of our lives. Sometimes, we stop ourselves from progressing as our thoughts may talk us our of it and telling us that “we are not good enough.”

Other times, we give ourselves willpower and determination through any task that we want to succeed in and blast through it with flying colors!


Simply put, our minds are always busy and active in our daily tasks, whether that be walking, taking part in our chores and especially at our workplaces…. so when does our minds rest?


Even when we sleep, our minds are conjuring up scenarios or having dreams. Our brain waves are actually similar to that of an awake state!


“It turns our that sleep is a period in which the brain is engaged in a number of activities necessary to life – which are closely linked to quality of life,” John Hopkins, sleep expert and neurologist.


It can be awesome when our minds are filled with happiness and fun all the time, but even then it can get tired and simply wants to have some peace and quiet.



Especially through those times, when our minds are going through a phase of negativity which can obstruct your power to achieving and gaining fulfilment.


How to Quiet the Mind


This doesn’t mean that you are completely shut off from the world, far from it! It doesn’t even have to be boring or “set up”. We are simply engaging in our inner calm and feel content in our stillness. We can take part in completely captivating activities that doesn’t really involve with much hustle and bustle or strenuous tasks.


Imagine doing something that makes you feel moved and at peace while endeavouring minimal chatter to the mind and a relaxed state of mind:-



A most obvious one is that of Yoga, you can do moves that allows your body to flow with ease and let your thoughts immerse in the clarity and harmony that it brings. It doesn’t have to be awkward positions either or anything too complicated. You can simply sit on the floor, with legs folded under or crossed and breathe easy, while bringing a state of calm, while engaged with the movements of your body.


Breathing Exercises – This places great emphasis on breathing and how it’s crucial to inhale using your nose and exhale from your mouth and immerse in your feelings.

Apparently this helps many parts of the body linked to your heart, lungs and nervous system keeping them all in sync and well-balanced. Belly breathing, focus breathing are just some breathing techniques which helps you to focus on your body and perhaps discover ore about yourself.


Do Nothing – Yes! You read that right, just sit back and relax, literally! “Doing nothing is the highest thing” by Sadghuru, an Indian yogi and author. Truth be told, this maybe the hardest thing to do from the list. AS we are all used to doing and moving around all the time, it may feel as if we are stepping our of our comfort zone into the unknown. By sitting up, walking or looking our the window and imagine wonderful things, you’ll feel intrigued, chose blissful your thoughts!

“Doing nothing means that you withdraw your involvement with what is happening around you, that you are not engaged in that. This includes your physiological and psychological activity because both of these you gathered from outside.” Sadghuru, an Indian yogi and author.


Still Activities – You read that right… You can be calm and at ease while carrying through with a relaxing activity of your choice.


Some people like to paint which can be invigorating to the senses, some want to listen to music as they sit cosy in their favorite armchair, others like to take part in light sports such as jogging or playing golf. All that matters is that you feel energized while allowing our time to allow moments as these to come, letting go of some of that noise and chatter.


Overriding the negative chatter or driving it away is a decision that you can make with the appropriate actions or in this example, within the stillness! Taking part in this now and then, ideally some minutes every single day can open up a calmer and peaceful you with great clarity:)


The Art Of Stillness


It has been conveyed that through total concentration of your self through stillness and calm can bring about getting to know a little more about you! You can be in tune with your emotions better and understand actions that you took or simply reflect in the past, present or future and hopefully make a better tomorrow!


In the stillness, it is a great opportunity to assess any situation with greater clarity and find our more of how things have turned our so or to figure our what to do. You can reflect upon the experiences that you have gone through, whether good or bad and can be evaluated better. Sometimes, you just have to sit back and gain clarity!


In the end, you are simply listening to your inner self, which can be incredibly powerful, in helping you to make better decisions or discovering, ‘Who You Are’.


Feelings of depression, anxiety and stress can be lowered considerably when practiced reasonably, while feeling lighter and perhaps eventually letting go of the negative voices altogether!

Bottom Line


It may actually feel uncomfortable at first, then again isn’t any new diet that you may have tried at some point or trying out those new workout moves! Stillness and Calm moments are simply a part of life, we are not robots that are designed to constantly be on the go or have our minds filled up with noise.


When we are constantly distracting our minds with task after task and round the clock at that, we will eventually feel it all a bit too much and feel emotionally overwhelmed.


Listen to your gut feelings and heart and it is OK to push through thoughts from your head that can be an array of criticism that weighs you down or even negativity to prevent you from achieving or words of unworthiness that serves you no purpose. Be true to Yourself:)


Thank you for reading and if you do have any questions or comments, please leave below and I’ll be sure to help you out!



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    Thank you for this exercise of mindful Monday. I have been trying to question the things I think. But I have found out that it is not an easy challenge. But reading a lot about this topic has helped me. I have particularly found your post useful concerning practical solutions. Thank you very much.

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