Soya Candles vs Commercial Candles


Soy wax is considered vegan when they are not derived from insects or animals. Some waxes can be made from renewable soybeans. Soy produces 90% less soot than paraffin wax and does not release harmful toxins when burned. Soy wax does not have an aroma of its own like beeswax so your desired fragrance will not be opposed or inhibited.


There are other natural sources in the creation of natural candles, take into consideration of palm wax which is harvested from palm trees.


It is 100% natural, GMO-free, and derived from palm trees. This wax is very hard and has a high melting point. The high melting point allows you to produce a candle which gives off more scent and it also retains scent longer. This wax is ideal for making pillar, votive or container candles. When cooled, the wax has a very distinctive crystallized look.


Commercial candles are simply burnable wicks that are coated with a wax, usually releasing harmful vapors when burning.


Many candles in stores or online are created from the use of paraffin wax, a derivative of petroleum refining. These can also include additional ingredients such as artificial dyes for colorful candles or fragrances that provides a scent that is released to the surroundings and can sit on your skin, hair and can reside in your environment for some time.

Let’s discuss the differences in depth and the one that is likely better to use and causes less harm than good:)




History of Candles



Candle making naturally occurred as humans enjoyed the creativity of this fine ‘art’ since around 200 (BC) era and has been a way of life in many places throughout the world.



Before the invention of electrical lights and switches, candles paved the way for light in the darkness and a way to see your path clearer – just imagine living through an era of lamps and candles!

Today, some consider this a fine hobby while others use this creativity in the use of a business and providing a service to many people.


Oil lamps were the most widely used concept of using candles in the Roman era and were given as gifts during that period.


Selling candles were popular around the middle ages time, where candle creators, known as chandlers, used fats from foods and sold them in their sops for business.


Today, there are many sources of wax, varying from animal sources such as whale sperm or beeswax to soy wax which is derived from vegetables to the manufacturing of candles through machinery that revolutionized candle making at a fast production.


We can see the nature of how these candles have been created and changed as time has gone by, while many people are aware of the benefits of natural wax such as soy wax is preferable, especially when used at home.



Why use Candles?



Many candles are known as therapeutic, especially if they are derived from natural sources and containing pure essential oils. This can establish a warm environment, sense of relaxation and well – being and harvesting feelings of de stressing and calm.


Candles optimize feelings of feeling ‘good’ and may reduce feelings of depression, anxiety, stress while giving for mental clarity.


Perhaps, this can be said for some commercial candles for some, however the risks outweigh the benefits in terms of your health. Commercial candles can emit harmful vapors, while some suggest similar to that of smoking while it releases unpleasant black soot that can reside in your lungs if overused. It may promote health problems such as difficulty in breathing.



The gentle quality of the candles light can allow for ‘recharging your batteries’, boost one’s energy and reawaken the senses.


Overall, candles should be used with caution, especially around the family of all ages and is best placed well away from fabric materials such as curtains or sofas and within sight. It is safe to place candles within stable heat-resistant surfaces that can absorb and disperse heat.


It is a good idea to burn candles inside a suitable glass or metal container that can withstand heat but always check with the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines for the correct procedures for using their candles.


Candles allows us to escape and relax in the mind, body and spirit and creates a pleasant atmosphere when bathing or if you are staying in, on a late evening to have a break.


Candles can be a life saver also in times of power outages, romantic settings, celebrations and lifting up one’s mood:)


Varieties of candles


There are many choices of candles to choose from and the most popular candles that people use are definitely scented candles that brings a delightful aroma nearby. However, some favorite scents can include water/ocean scents, vanilla smells and citrus scents such as grapefruits.


Soy candles have become more popular in recent times while it burns longer and lasts longer, is natural and non-toxic and cleaner when burning. A preferable choice with the added benefits of working and blending incredibly well with essential oils.


Paraffin wax are commonly old worldwide, although generally not natural and safe to use, it is cost-efficient and easily accessible in times of need.


Beeswax candles contains a naturally occurring scent and allows for a bright attractive flame with no soot involved. It lasts longer than other candles and actually drips less wax when lit.


Don’t get us started with the endless choices of candles that can awaken the senses and provides a reassuring and positive environment. Beautiful candles such as pillar candles, small tea lights, dinner candles, candle pots and much more to create ambiance and warmth:) Which one do you prefer to use and why?


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There is no denying the popularity of candles, although not as popular as the olden times which was needed in times of light and warmth.


The production methods differ from candle to candle, candles are always somewhat pondered upon before using, in terms of the side effects and impact to health.


Nowadays, candles have an impact for decorative needs, gifts and for mood settings, they will always be a delightful, small light of gentle power when used with safety.


Thank you for reading and if you do have any questions or comments, please leave below and I’ll be sure to help you out:)


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