What Are Skin Types?

Different Skin Types Explained: Oily, Dry, Sensitive, and Normal


Among all the other things that make every individual different, skin type is a common and crucial factor. Everyone around us has a different skin type. Depending on the different skin types, different kinds of skincare regimes, products, and methods of maintaining skin naturally and correctly, skin types can be influenced! You can’t follow anyone’s advice and expect it to work on your skin.




In many situations, skin types come and go, you could have oily skin for a year before it simply converts to normal skin. It’s important to use natural products on your skin and some say that ‘skin types’ are a strategy when it comes to ‘marketing’ for skincare products or a selling strategy.


Since different skin types have different ways of being dealt with, cared for, and nourished, it’s important to understand what your skin demands from you. Now for a clearer idea, let’s briefly introduce every skin type and some additional factors you need to know about them!



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Different Skin Types


Normally, there are four types of skin: dry, sensitive, oily, and normal. Most of the time, our skin type stays the same since our birth and can continue to be that way. However, in some cases, the skin type can change with different criteria such as; skincare regime, environment, genetic change, diet, habitual change. Each of these different skin types is different because:


· Oily Skin:


It can be easier to evaluate whether you have oily skin or not if you pay special attention to your skin. For example, whether you’re indoors or outdoors, you simply place one or two of your fingers on your skin and slowly move it in a specific direction.





If your face is shiny or greasy many times, there’s a great chance your skin is oily. Additionally, some other factors that can help evaluate whether your skin is oily or not include; enlarged pores, dull, shiny, or thick complexion, the easy appearance of blackheads, pimples, and blemishes. Pay attention to your diet, skincare products used and stay away from harsh chemicals!



· Dry Skin:


Among the different types of skin, another common skin type is dry skin. This skin type is very common due to its ability to develop with time and the common environmental factors.


For instance, if the weather is constantly freezing, your skin can get dry. If you use the wrong products such as skincare that are filled with chemicals, your skin can become dry. Also, if you wash your skin consistently, it can end up being dry or irritated.




Understanding about dry skin is very crucial to treat it kindly. It can be evaluated if you have a dull or rough complexion, red patches, less elasticity in your skin, easily visible lines, and almost invisible pores. Additionally, dry skin tends to easily crack, peel off, get irritated, or feel itchy. Your skin can also get rough and scaly if it very dry.



· Sensitive Skin:


Another common skin type among the different skin types is sensitive skin. This skin type is more prone to react to stimuli, making it more reactive than normal skin. As a result, such skin is highly fragile and can easily be accompanied by feelings of discomfort. Such feelings of discomfort can include easy tightening, itching, or redness on the skin.




Sensitive skin is also referred to as irritated skin, but there isn’t any dermatological difference between these two terms.


All in all, when it comes to dealing with sensitive skin, the protective barrier of such skin types is lost easily.


Hence, people with sensitive skin need to fight dryness, roughness, and the usual appearance with the right and natural skincare routine.







· Normal Skin:


Finally, the last and most common type among the different skin types is normal skin. This skin type is neither too dry nor too oily.

Hence, many people prefer having a normal skin type, either by sticking to their natural skin regime and limiting the use of harmful chemicals or simply having a skincare routine that can help them achieve normal skin over time.




Identification of normal skin can be made by focusing on aspects like few or no imperfections, lack of severe sensitivity with or without using any product, no visible pores, and a radiant complexion overall.


More about Different Skin Types


Apart from understanding the basics of different skin types and how you can determine what your skin type is accurately, it’s important to understand other factors about the different skin types too.


This includes why skin types differ among different people, how we can handle each skin type, and whether it is possible to make any skin type turn into normal skin in any way – which is a big yes!



Doesn’t that sound like a smart way to handle any kind of skin type situation effectively? Well then, let’s go ahead and explore these factors concisely below.




Let’s start with the WHY of skin type differences among every individual; it’s hard to determine a single reason for this difference. Mainly the type of skin we have is determined through our genetics. However, the growing phase also affects our skin in different ways, margin it changes over time.


Research shows that an assortment of skin characteristics determine the skin type of an individual. These characteristics mainly include:




  • Water content: Influences elasticity.


  • Lipid (oil) content: Influences softness.


  • Sensitivity level: Influences reactivity and tolerance of the skin to different substances, i.e., certain types of soaps or clothing materials, etc.




Moreover, environmental factors like consistent interaction of the skin with polluted environments, using harsh chemicals, soaps, or skincare regime on the skin, using the wrong makeup products, over moisturizing or not looking after the skin at all – all these factors can also be a leading factor that makes your skin type change with time.

Skincare Regime for Everyone

While there are different skin types, their skincare regime shouldn’t always be completely different. Hence, instead of going through the long and doubtful skincare routine for each kind of different skin type, you can simply focus on this simple routine and ensure that your skin looks and feels best – no matter what type it is.


  • Use only natural and pure products on the skin, whether it’s perfumes, moisturizers, shampoos and so on.


  • Avoid smoking.


  • Ensure that your body is hydrated by drinking as much water as you feel. Moreover, drinking citrus-rich drinks can also help keep you and your skin hydrated such as lemon water.


  • Always wash your skin gently and thoroughly in the morning or at bedtime. Also, never wear makeup when you go to bed.



Turning Your Skin Into Normal Skin Type


Now, if you’re waiting for a magical solution that will help your sensitive skin turn into normal skin – there’s nothing like that. But patience is required and the correct skincare routine as well as gentle products that helps your skin improve and a good diet!


However, giving the different skin types, what they want correctly, helps ensure that your skin is least reactive and more normal consistently. It means that if you have dry skin, take good care of it and treat it kind and it should turn back to normal skin eventually.


Similarly, opting for astringents for oily skin and lack of harsh and rough for sensitive skin can help transform your skin into being and staying normal over time. Hence, just by being smart about your skincare, you can handle any skin type you have. Now that sounds like a smart plan, right?






That’s all to our short guide on the different skin types. Now that you don’t always have to keep thinking about what is my skin type is and simply focus on the right skincare regime, it’s time to take your skin’s health and overall beauty to the next level. Good Luck!


Thank you for reading and if you have any questions or comments, please leave below and I’ll be sure to help you out:)


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