How To Stop Smoking

It is never easy to stop a repeating habit without coming back to it again. It certainly takes discipline and effort to let go of any habit that we are all to used to carrying out and accustomed to.

You may have tried and tried to quit smoking and may have even lasted some months without it, which is great progress. If you do then return to the world of smoking after some attempts, that doesn’t mean that you will never stop smoking completely. What exactly did you try anyway, to stop for that small but valuable time?


There are many ways that people have found to completely quit – it has happened to some people and can even happen to you! This may have tied in with emotional reasons, family or health reasons that may have prompted you to quit.


Whatever you are going through, just know that you are doing your very best and eventually that you will let it go. Your health is absolutely priority over a nasty habit so let’s delve into this a bit deeper and here’s hoping that you will find some inspiration from it or try again:)


Why do people smoke?


Smoking involves the inhalation of tobacco via a cigar or pipe. It usually consists of breathing in and out of burnt plant substances that has been linked to causes of cancer and in some cases, death.



Did you know that eating any sort of burnt food is in fact highly toxic? Research suggests that burnt food contains some levels of carbon monoxide and a chemical called acrylamide which occurs when starchy foods are overcooked.


Imagine eating burnt food daily and the affect that this can have to your insides? Simply toxic overload and this can drain your energy to a low.


It is similar to that of smoking but to a higher degree! People mainly smoke for social reasons and want to feel part of the group. Many people start smoking at quite an early age and can be viewed as part of their lifestyle. They may have seen family members do the same and feel to take part in as well.


Some people may find comfort in smoking and actually like the taste or effects that it brings to the mind or body. They may smoke to reduce feelings of stress, anxiety or to distract themselves from worries or to cope with situations better.


With some reasons that can be seen as justifiable, there are other ways that you can try to cope with or even comfort yourself with life’s events.


Negative Impacts Of Smoking



Whenever we smoke, we put some nasty chemicals and toxins within our bodies. Immediately you may feel symptoms such as light-heartedness, feeling sick or a little dizzy. It certainly is a risk to your health and everybody reacts differently with the effects that play after, but we very well know that there are minimum benefits associated with smoking:-


  • High risk of gaining certain cancers in the mouth, throat, bladder, kidney as well as other organs, The biggest cancer that smoking can cause is lung cancer which is the deadliest cancer that you can get, studies suggest that smokers are likely to gain lung cancer than non-smokers.


  • You can gain other unpleasant symptoms that can cause you pain and stress. You may have persistent coughing and cough more than usual or out of the blue more often. This can also lead to restricted airways which can contribute to unpleasant, irritated feelings of the throat and wheezing and finding it hard to breathe.


  • You will certainly smell of smoke that can be transparent on your skin, hair and on your clothes. It may even smell in your home and affect other members within the household. You may gain a bad breath which is seen as unpleasant.


  • This will in turn affect other organs within the body such as increasing the rate of the blood pressure and heart rate that damages the blood vessel walls. It can interfere with the normal rate of heart rhythms. This weakening of other organs can weaken the immune system allowing the body to be more prone to infections and healing from it longer.


  • It can affect your head as smoking kills brain cells which can disrupt your sleep, may feel agitated or give unpleasant feelings in your head.

How To Overcome Smoking?


This is certainly not something that will happen overnight and will definitely require much hard work and time. The urge of smoking is probably something that needs to be addressed with healthier options or the habit of turning to a cigarette will have to be distracted by something more beneficial to your body and mind, until you let go of smoking.


  • Turn to a herbalist or nutritionist that can advise you on the foods that you should eat and the herbal treatments that can perhaps stop you from reaching for a cigar a little less often. If you have any health issues then this should be addressed as well.


Remove any cigarette packets or boxes from your way and don’t let it be an urge for it, at the mere sight of it.


Keep it out of sight and opt for better alternatives such as chewing gum, putting on some natural candles or incense sticks.


These are a lot better alternatives to inhale if you ever feel the urge to with the natural ingredients that it can contain.


If you like to use your smartphones or tablets often, then you can download apps that enable you to keep a track of your performance that you record and provides you with information of what you have gained by lessening the amount of cigars that you smoke in terms of savings money, contribution to your health, environment and others.


This can be very motivating for you to work through and enlightening too.




Meditation is a great way to relieve stress and anxiety that you may have, It relaxes your mind and body, promotes good circulation and is very therapeutic when done correctly. Please seek professional advice when you do carry out some yoga practices.


Take a good amount of probiotics and prebiotics that will help with giving you better digestion as well as building some ‘healthy bacteria’ that your body needs, to remove any bad bacteria, pathogens and invaders. Looking at building a stronger gut is the key to overall optimum health.


Remember what ever option that you choose, these alternatives will guide you until you stop completely which may take a long time and these options cannot guarantee that smoking will cease, but hopefully you feel less to do so and smoke a little less, letting it go in the future and over time.


You must not rely on the information on our website as an alternative to medical advice from your doctor or other professional healthcare provider


If you have any specific questions about any medical matter, you should consult your doctor or other professional healthcare provider


If you think you may be suffering from any medical condition, you should seek immediate medical attention

Your Health Or Smoking?


Many people know that smoking is minimally beneficial to the body and the mind. When there are more disadvantages than advantages, then it makes sense to find out the pros and research to understand what the effects can entail.


Your future is reliant on your habits and smoking can affect your overall life and body in the long-run. This can in turn affect others such as children, siblings, friends and loved ones. It may influence that behaviour unto others or the environment. In fact, when you smoke, it releases nicotine which is a harmful chemical that leaves ‘bad’ fumes on nature too.


It is always crucial to critically think of the problems that could occur and how this can impact your overall life as it can affect your health and your future.


Takeaway Message

It doesn’t matter how old you are, whether you are male or female as smoking provides some negative benefits in some way or the other. Consult with a doctor for more help and guidance and do not go through this journey on your own.


You can also attend classes or courses that will give you more information such as your local stop smoking services that can allow you interact with others that are going through something similar.


Thank you for reading and if you do have any questions or comments, please leave below and I’ll be sure to help you out!

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