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It is necessary to have a variety of fruits included to your diet and intake a range of vitamins and minerals. After all, ‘eating an apple a day, keeps the doctor away.’ Do you truly know the essence of this phase and why it holds value even today?

Eating fruit daily is vital to overall health and keeps cravings to a minimum such as sweet cravings or even hunger cravings! A famous quote from at least 150 years ago or perhaps longer than that. Apples in particular are healthy to eat as it can even keep you away from a doctor!


The whole concept of eating fruit emphasizes that eating healthy is important to stay and look well. Fruit will never let you down, in terms of snacking on, feeding to your children and family, a healthy alternative and great for many recipes!


Let’s discuss all about fruits, the benefits and the effects that it can have on your life and your health:)


Fruits Are So Simple!


Or is it? It is pretty convenient to eat on when you are in a rush or short on time. If you have had a long day, cutting up a fruit salad is a great way to eat healthy, gain nutrition and feel full as well. You can even mix it up by adding a spoon of flax seeds to your fruit salad or some cereals if necessary!


Eating whole fruits takes time to chew through which will make you feel fuller for longer and tolerate the small amounts of sugar that gets released within the body such as fructose which are simple and natural sugars that the body can handle quite easily.

You can switch between sweet snacks with dried fruit – a handful of mango slices or some dates with cashews can make you feel nourished and whole, especially when you enjoy a hot cup of brew with it, herbal or black, there are endless choices!




You can make it complicated if you want to… especially when you are baking that apple crumble from scratch or that blueberry pie that requires a whole load of fruits and ingredients.


Check out this fruit recipe that is super delicious and can make in a hurry, while being completely oil free down below:)



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“If you have any specific questions about any medical matter, you should consult your doctor or other professional healthcare provider”


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While I usually lean more towards crunchy cold cereal rather than porridge- like hot cereal, I make an exception for this recipe.


It’s all about the caramelized, subtly tamari-flavored peaches here, with the added crunch of the almonds and the spiciness of the optional crystallized ginger. Note that if you don’t have a grill, preparing the peaches in a large skillet will do the trick too. You’re looking for a caramelized outside, but the peaches must remain firm.


You will need:


2 large, firm peaches

¼ cup naturally sweetened apricot jam

Juice from 1 large lemon (about 3 tbsp)

2½ tsp reduced-sodium tamari

1½ cups unsweetened vanilla or plain plant-based milk

⅓ cup uncooked brown rice farina or whole-wheat farina

½ tsp pure vanilla extract

Dry roasted whole almonds, coarsely chopped

Crystallized ginger, coarsely chopped (optional)

Brown rice syrup or agave nectar, for serving


Heat a grill or large pan. Quarter the peaches, remove the pit. Halve each quarter. Set aside.


In a medium bowl, whisk to combine the jam, lemon juice and tamari. Brush the peaches with the mixture.


Place the peaches on the grill, making sure not to discard the remaining jam mixture. Grill the peaches just to get slight grill marks, about 5 minutes total, flipping once halfway through.


Remove them before they get mushy, even if there are no visible marks. Set aside. You can chop them when ready to eat. If the skin is thick, you can also elect to peel the peaches at this point.


Place the milk and farina in a medium pot. Cook on medium heat until the mixture is thickened and the farina is

tender, about 8 minutes. Stir frequently with a wooden spoon. Stir the remaining jam mixture into the farina along

with the vanilla.


Divide the farina between two bowls. Top with peaches, almonds and ginger (if using). Drizzle syrup to taste.



Fruits are ‘sweets of the earth’ and when you look at all the alternatives in stores near you such as candy sweets, chewy sweets or ice lollies, they all have on thing in common (apart from the extreme sweetness added) they are all fruit flavored and all desserts stem from fruits!



Fruit helps Your Health


There is simply no denying the health benefits of fruits, however artificial fruit flavors found in sweets or sugary drinks and excess amounts of sugar are extremely harmful to overall health but natural sugars found in fruits are low amount of sugars obtained and it is a misconception to treat fruits in the way that we perceive artificial sugars.


Although high amounts of fructose is unhealthy which can be obtained from sugary treats, however gaining excessive amounts of fructose from fruits is rare and a natural source anyway, Let’s examine how fruit can aid health :-


Lose Weight – You are likely to feel full for longer and automatically avoid sugary snacks when you rely on whole fruits such as apples or bananas daily. In fact, those that snack on fruits daily are likely to lose more weight than those whom rely on artificial sweets.


Burn Belly Fat – Fruits are packed with fibre and flavanoids that can easily digest quick and easier, allowing the easing of burning belly fat.


Avocados are mono saturated fats that are ideal for the body to deal with and allows fat to convert to energy quicker, thus boosting the metabolism.


Good For Skin – All minerals and vitamins aid in skin health, take Vitamin C that can be found in a variety of fruits such as oranges, blueberries and Vitamin C improves collagen for the skin and helps maintain skin for longer.


It may even minimize fine line and sagging of the skin. There are even fruits that allows skin to look radiant and glow!


Good for Heart HealthStudies have found that daily portions of fruits consumed can reduce the risk of heart problems by a little and contributes to overall heart health. After all, there are no oils or clogging-like substances found in fruits! Anthocyanins found in some fruits reduces inflammation of the heart and in the body, reducing stress or discomfort considerably.

Fruits are loaded with fibre, water and minerals and your body metabolizes the natural sugars relatively easily and quickly.


Your liver can handle the natural sugars easily with the small amounts that trails through from natural fruits compared to fizzy and sugary drinks that actually pours through large and quick amounts of unnatural sugars that the liver struggles to cope with, especially in the long run.


Why eat a fruit salad


You may feel healthier overall as a result of consuming fresh fruits and it is imperative to include fruits to your diet, whenever you see fit. Those with health conditions should consult a doctor for expert advice in the consumption of fruits as everybody’s needs are different.


Overall, fruits are less stressful to the body for the powerful antioxidants, minerals, vital nutrition that it holds and provides to your body. Berries is probably one of the safest fruits to consume every day for the heart protection that it serves to the body and anti aging that benefits the skin.


Eating a fruit salad releases a powerhouse of necessary nutrients to the body, helps you feel satisfied for longer and reduces unhealthy cravings. It can even help with maintaining a healthy gut while providing for some friendly bacteria in which your body cannot live without and is need of plenty!


There are numerous advantages to eating fruits daily and should be included in your diet plan. You will be reducing the intake of unhealthy foods and preventing further ailments in the long-term. Fruits can even reduce the effects of constipation and aid in digestive health.


Here is a video displaying some ways to prepare for a fruit salad – quick and easy to do!




We are told that the intake of large amounts of added sugar is dangerous to many people, the same does not apply to wholesome fruits of the earth!


We need to eat fruit and cannot live without it! Fruits are our friends and a gift from above.

There are many edible fruits and their nutrient compositions can vary greatly. If you would like to get the most of the benefits of fruits, go for ones that are full of nutrients or even consuming those fruits and their skin to gain more nutrition easy!


People that eat fruit daily, tend to be more health focused, and are also less likely to smoke and more likely to exercise.



Thank you for reading and if you do have any questions or comments, please leave below and I’ll be sure to help you out!

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  1. Abel says:

    Consuming fresh fruits is delicious. But not only that. It has so many health benefits. I have been trying to have a fruit a day. And once I was able to incorporate this habit, I have been feeling much better. Fruit salad has been really fun, because there are so many combinations possible.

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