How Can I Detox My Liver Naturally?

Many factors and conditions can affect your liver and ultimately your overall health, you can always change your lifestyle and lead a better life.


The liver is the main organ for detoxification while it works with the other organs in the body to help maintain it well.


The liver takes part in all metabolic reactions, highly active in producing energy to cells, helps in maintaining a healthy amount of sugar levels in the blood and more.



A wide variety of factors contribute to regulating the liver and detoxifying the liver naturally, it doesn’t have to be complicated or a rigorous routine either and we will discuss these methods




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The liver has many roles
within the body and works around the clock 24/7, to ensure it looks after and cleans up all the mess, removes toxins that other organs may leave behind as well! It cleans away all the harmful substances consumed daily.


The liver ensures that there are no dangerous low or too high levels of vitamins and minerals within the body and adapts to the changing environment when necessary, if the liver is inflamed then this can lead to poor health.



Did you know for the immune system, cardio vascular system, brain and digestive tract to work well depends on the good functioning of the liver! Otherwise, these organs can get worn down if the liver is not working properly.


The liver’s fights off infections and breaks down all of this waste so that the body can deal with it all better.


The liver produces crucial substances that the body uses to function better such as cholesterol, Vitamin D and also stores micro nutrients such as minerals that the body may need to use if the body is fighting off an infection or disease.




In a nutshell, the liver detoxifies, metabolizes the body, takes part in the synthesis of protein, produces bile which aids in digestion, hormone production and is highly needed for the body to work well and if the liver is not well looked after, it may be lead to living a life of doom and gloom:(


What Detoxifies the Liver?

There can be many reasons for going through a detox phase for the liver and to really dispel a build up of waste if you like or eliminating unwanted acids. There may have been a time when you had to get drug treatment for a condition that your body had to endure, some people may have had a course of drug treatment for some months to years.


It could be that you drank way too much alcohol for a certain time and although this is known to kill the body’s cells quickly, this may deem challenging but the best medicine is to persist and be patient when healing from anything:-


  • Apple cider vinegar – Choose organic and this is easy enough to do and can actually help with other problems such as weight loss. More studies need to be conducted, however a homeopathic expert states some benefits,

    Apple cider vinegar is rich with detoxification properties and can promote circulation in the liver detox process,” – Jamie Bacharach

    Check out the instructions on the bottle for usage and seek professional medical advice when using.


  • Intermittent fasting – It is no denying that cultures around the world practice this and have had meaningful results. When you eat constantly throughout the day, your body is too busy dealing with the foods that are consumed-
  • For the past 5,000 years, Ayurveda has recommended a 12-hour window of fasting every day to promote the steady release of toxins from the body and the proper regeneration of the body’s energy and digestive power every day,’


  • Yoga – There are some yoga moves that stimulate the health of your liver and promoting better function of it. Moves such as the garland pose and locust pose – Seek advice from a professional yoga teacher and YouTube is definitely a good place to start, but if possible, try to attend an in-person class so that you can get some assistance in your alignment.


  • Herbal teasCloves – Contains nutrients and can clean away bacteria. It is beneficial for liver and bone health. Milk thistle powder is traditionally used as a herbal tonic liver for better digestion, to detox and restore. Turmeric – a spice or can be eaten raw like a vegetable can reduce inflammation and can improve in good blood flow.


  • Drinking filtered water or spring water whenever you feel the need to do so is also very helpful as the liver flushes out toxins anyway and so water will aid in this process better and clears away toxins relatively with ease.


Here is a little quick recipe that can help your liver out in more ways than one:-



Green tea, grapes, and lemon bring bucketfuls of antioxidants to the mix, and a perfect balance of sweetness and acidity to the pungent leaves. A recipe for detox success.

Many herbs have detoxifying properties, so you can replace green tea with herbal teas. If you want to do this, consider replacing it with dandelion tea, made from the liver-enhancing wonder-leaf.


Makes 1 glass :–

½ cup green tea

1 cup arugula

2 cups green grapes

½–1 lemon


Make the green tea and let it cool. Juice the arugula, grapes, and lemon. Combine the juice with the green tea.


Even factors such as stress and lifestyle choices can affect your liver and body, it is good to be aware of the healthy choices that you can commit to and it really can be all in your hands and favor. Just choose sensibly and think about your health:)


 Here is an educational video for looking after your liver:-



How to Maintain Liver Naturally:)

Its as similar as common sense – eat right and live happy. Yes, a positive mind-set will gain you the willpower and motivation that you’ll need to power through anything, don’t get me wrong its easier said than done!


I do know, that stress and feelings of low worth is a step to accumulating bad habits that may stain you, if you hold on to them.


In fact, your body can’t cope as well due to the lack of cortisol and feelings of fatigue can kick in, you may crave for foods high in fat and salt to compensate, you may feel depressed, have brain fog or low blood pressure.



Ensure to avoid processed foods as much as you can by replacing with healthier alternatives.



Avoid drinking water from plastic bottles to avoid over burdening your body with artificial components from the plastic and use natural ingredients whenever possible on your skin and internally.


Bottom Line


There are so many factors involved, big or small, to allow for a healthy liver and a healthy body. The best thing is that you get to choose which factors works well with you. You do not have to do all of them, even if you include a handful is a step in the right direction:)



There are different ways that works and it all comes down to trial and error, you will simply be learning of the miraculous factors that contribute to your lover and body. Do use professional guidance and don’t be afraid to try anything new either!



Thank you so much for reading and if you do have nay questions or comments, please leave below and I’ll be sure to help you out!


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