Workout Guide: Get a Toned and Healthy Stomach

Are you the diet and workout enthusiast who loves to stay fit and keep the belly flat? Or are you a chubby person who has turned his/her goals into having a flat belly rather than eating all the cheese rolls in the world?

Either way, having the goal and dedication to keep your stomach healthy can be a great start to a healthier and newer life. Besides, with health being the real wealth, it’s never a bad idea to turn to the goals of a healthy body, before you make the goal of traveling around the world. Our body needs us first, and the most – rather than every other worldly affair.


Wait! Are you thinking about how you will achieve a flat and healthy tummy once you make that goal? Don’t worry; it’s not as hard as guessing the real feelings of your love interest. All you need to do is understand its cause, practice exercise for that flat stomach at home, focus on your diet, and be CONSISTENT – then you will surely see visible results.


So without further ado, lets’ go ahead and explore more about it below in detail!


What Causes Stomach Bloating?


Around 16-30% of people tend to report bloating issues commonly. Now, this bloating issue doesn’t always have to be caused by overeating or your improper eating habits. You may also feel like your tummy is full of water, which is causing a fat stomach.


Yet, there can be other reasons that can be a major cause of the bloating issues of our stomach. It can include either health issues or unhealthy lifestyle habits. This includes:


Unhealthy Habits:


Drinking carbonated beverages


• Eating a large meal in one time


• Menstruation


• Constipation


• Gas issues




• irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)


• inflammatory bowel disease, such as ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease.


• other functional gastrointestinal disorders (FGIDs)




• food intolerance.


• weight gain.


• hormonal flux (especially for women)


• giardiasis



Whatever reason can be behind the fattening of your stomach, focusing on the right exercise for flat stomach at home and consistently consuming the right foods can help make a huge difference in keeping your stomach healthy.


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Exercise for A Flat Stomach at Home


While stretching and working out for your overall body can help improve every part of your body’s health, it’s not always helpful when you’re focusing on a specific body part result.


Hence, when focusing on the best tummy exercises, you can’t try out everything and expect a flat tummy in a few weeks or months. Instead, some of the most reliable and effective workouts for a flat stomach at home includes:


1. Planks


Planks are one of the best exercises you can practice for your body core. This exercise builds isometric strength, ensuring that your posture is built rightly. In addition, plants are a highly effective workout option that tone and strengthen our abdominal muscles while supporting the spine. All in all, they can be a reliable option of exercise for flat stomach at home.


The Procedure:


Simply go down on the floor in the press-up position and form a straight line with your body with your shoulders and ankle aligned in the same line. Once you come in the position and your body is straight, it’s time to suck your belly button into the spine and hold yourself in that position for a few seconds. After a few seconds, you can let your body loose and relax.


Repetition and Results:


In the beginning, you may only be able to hold your body in that position for 8-10 seconds, but it may increase with time. Just make sure to repeat the same workout for flat stomach at home five-six times a day to see visible results in 4-12 weeks.


2. Side plank:


Side plant is also a well-known ad popular exercise for flat stomach at home that helps maintain a proper posture.


Additionally, this exercise also reduces the stress on the pine and prevents back issues overall. The consistent practice of the side plank can help strengthen the abdominal and back muscles while allowing you to make your tummy flat.


The Procedure:


Start by extending your legs and then lie on your right side. Next, lie in a position that your feet and hip rest on top of each other on the floor.


Now place your right elbow under your shoulder and then lift your hips and knees off the floor. Make sure you contract your core muscles in this exercise. Hold your body in that position for a few seconds, and then return to the normal position.


Repetition and Results


You can repeat this side plank exercise on both sides and at any time of the day. To see visible results, make sure to consistently practice such best tummy exercises every day for a few months. You can start seeing visible results in 4-12 weeks.



3. Sit-Ups:


Next up in our list of the best tummy exercises are sit-ups. This exercise is also very beneficial for not just your belly but your entire body. It stretches and strengthens your upper body and spine muscle. Additionally, the breathing exercise you perform in this workout for flat stomach at home also helps relieve stress and anxiety overall.




To perform this exercise, you need to lie flat on the floor mat with your face up. Now put your arms being your head or cross them in front of your torso.


Once you are in the right position, keep your lower body still while moving your upper body towards the knees. During this workout, make sure to take deep breaths continuously. Exhale while you go up and inhale while you bring your body back to the mat.


Note: You must push to use your abdominal muscles while moving up and down in this exercise. So, try not to strain your neck during this exercise by making your arms push your head or neck too much.


Repetition and Result:


To see visible results in 4-12 weeks, make sure you repeat this exercise 10-15 times a day and practice it consistently daily.





When it comes to practicing exercise for that flat stomach at home, you must focus on your diet too. Besides, if your body doesn’t have the energy to work out and evolve in the way you want it to through the exercise, it will not shape in the way you want.


Besides, with every natural food item having its properties and benefits for our body, you can achieve so much more by consuming the right food items for having a flat and healthy tummy.


Hence, throughout your journey of practicing these best tummy exercises, make sure that you understand the importance of eating the right foods and avoiding the wrong ones while also implementing them in your daily routine.


Here, foods you should include in your daily diet include:


• Almonds


• Plain Cream


• Quinoa


• Beans

• Extra virgin olive oil




• Avocado


• Spinach and other green veggies/fruits


Additionally, to get the best results of flat belly and keep your tummy healthy with the best tummy exercises, it’s better to mostly avoid consuming some food items such as:


• Fatty foods


Processed Salt


• Broccoli and Brussels


• Any food item garnished with barbecue sauce, horseradish, garlic, chili pepper, black pepper, or other spices.


• Coffee


• Tea


• Artificial sweeteners, etc.


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While the journey to achieving a flat and healthy tummy can be tough when facing stomach bloating issues, a consistent workout for flat stomach at home and consumption of the right foods items can help you achieve your goal sooner!


So do not give up; that flat and healthy tummy is waiting to happen for you!


Thank you for reading and if you do have any questions or comments, please leave below and I’ll be sure to help you out!

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One thought on “Workout Guide: Get a Toned and Healthy Stomach

  1. Ann says:

    When I started exercising with a flat and healthy tummy in mind, the first resolution I took was to stop drinking carbonated beverages. As much as I liked them, I knew that they were not healthy for me. I have been consistently loosing weight and that encourages me to exercise even more. I am now working on my whole diet. The journey is tough but full of rewarding experiences.

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