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Change is part of life, right? Why are many people afraid of this word? We like to stay in our comfort zones and barely seek out alternatives or going for a different approach. I am not talking about that cruise that you are dying to experience or that course you want to undertake abroad.


It’s about changes that’ll help you on a healthier course, it could mean getting rid of certain foods permanently or changing your approach to your diet entirely. Maybe even visiting a different restaurant or menu that serves your health for the better.


Let’s discuss the lifestyle changes that is connected to the health aspect of your life to living better and fuller lives.


What Is A Lifestyle Change?


A change in your routine or habits that you are daily accustomed to, in order to allow or make positive changes to occur, for better health and mind. You may experience good changes and feel better as a result to your life and overall mood.


Lifestyle changes are a great step towards your goals that you may have and are working through, an important aspect towards any health programs that you may be following. There are a multitude of steps or ways to undertake, some may be difficult to carry through or might make you feel uncomfortable.


But that’s a good thing! How will any change happen, if you yourself do not feel a change in any way?


You may not feel good straightaway, very unlikely, but overtime it will get moulded to your practice and be a priority for the benefits that it’s doing to your body and may include but not limited to:-



  • Change in your sleeping patterns



  • Choosing fresher and healthier ingredients


  • Stopping an unhealthy habit or limiting such as smoking


  • Filling up knowledge gaps by reading and researching


  • Eat only when hungry or feel the urge to do so and not unnecessarily


There are many steps that you may have or goals to work towards your health, however organizing and planning them are key and not to go over the top along the process. You can still carry on with life as you normally do but with some tweaks along the way, might not be so bad:)



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“If you have any specific questions about any medical matter, you should consult your doctor or other professional healthcare provider”


“If you think you may be suffering from any medical condition, you should seek immediate medical attention”




How to Change your Lifestyle to be Healthy


The golden question, right? We are often given misinformation or given too much information and can be overwhelmed with everything that we learn or read. Its best to take one step at a time and make changes slowly as that one change can lead to an array of benefits!


Many people like to eat healthier or want to eat better as we all know too well that we should always eat healthy!


Let’s focus on this. First step is pretty basic, do you eat a lot or excessive amounts, then its important to cut down on over eating unnecessarily as its likely there may be some processed foods included!


People eat far too much and as a habit and too often than not, according to institute for the psychology of eating:-

“Instead of giving your body mixed signals, let your body know it’s meal time by creating a more regular eating cycle. Training your body to know when to expect food will create optimal digestion and fat burning.”


If you are constantly eating for the sake of it, then your body doesn’t really have time to feel ‘hungry’ or know when to stop. The body will simply crave foods as well as sugars, salt, refined carbohydrates as it doesn’t know any better and doesn’t have a controlled eating pattern!



Also, the body isn’t being given the proper time it requires for healthy digestion and chemical processes to occur calmly, as its in a constant state of dealing with the foods being put inside the body and affecting your mentality too as it’s all connected within-


Both food and drugs of abuse may exploit similar pathways in the brain including the dopaminergic and opioidergic systems , ” by PMC, stress and eating behaviours.


Also, many people may eat more than often due to underlying health conditions while affecting them emotionally –


This association may be mediated by alterations in the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis, glucose metabolism, insulin sensitivity, and other appetite-related hormones and hypothalamic neuropeptides. ” by PMC, Stress and Eating Disorders.



It is always best to limit your food intake to what your body requires and not always for pleasure. Your health will thank you in the long run, while shedding off those pounds, being in an active state, having a clearer mind and fitting into those favourite clothes:)


Achieve Your Goals

There are many ways and approaches to making lifestyle changes towards your diet and health so let’s examine some of those alternatives that can make an impact to your life and starts with changes:-

  • Minimize eating meat as research suggests that those that eat red meat are more likely to suffer from heart diseases or diabetes than those who do not consume it and its highly acidic. Processed meats contains many unnatural chemicals that is harmful to health.


  • Those that consume trans fats are putting their health at risk as trans fats can raise cholesterol levels, the worst type of fat to eat, man-made and unnatural and a poor product that the FDA has prohibited food manufacturers from adding to certain foods.


  • Minimize or reduce artificial sweeteners. This can be found in refined bakery, carbohydrates and fizzy drinks that are simply synthetic substitutes. They are chemicals added to foods to help them taste sweet. Can cause tooth decay, headaches and more.


  • Drinking or consuming caffeine should be kept low as some people have claimed the side effects that can arrive as a result such as headaches, addiction, heart problems. While a study revealed caffeine- deaths has occurred but rare.



Lifestyle changes involves hard work, breaking a habit and eliminating the issue that is causing your body harm and taking it one step at a time.


Through dedication, choosing the right alternatives that work for you and sticking through your plan will get you far and hopefully to a happier you, it all starts with change.




Seek support from others, start small and focus on your goals towards a healthier body and mind. It can be challenging and uncomfortable, you may not even get it right the first time but always think of the end goal!


You can get that occasional treat now and then as there is no need to be too harsh, all that matters is that you are working on lifestyle changes, one behaviour at a time and are doing better than before, no matter how big or small the steps are!


Thank you for reading and if you do have any questions or comments, please leave below and I’ll be sure to help you out:)


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