Why It’s Important To Cook

You’ll never really go back to relying on processed or junk foods that much once you know how to cook delicious foods and highly nutritious too, right inside your home. There is such a difference in taste and flavor between home cooked meals’ and ready meals’. Wouldn’t you agree?

We all know too well that there are advantages and disadvantages in both homemade and ready bought foods. It goes a long way to learn or practice cooking homemade and although it may take too much time sometimes, our health is on the line!


Some people like to consume mostly ready meals’ throughout the week and is a way of their everyday culinary ways, whereas some would rather avoid these kinds of foods and would rather snack on these as a treat now and then, perhaps weekly.


Let’s discuss the differences between cooking from scratch and eating from ready-made meals and hopefully we can choose the ways that are suited best for our health and always work towards better choices:)


Why Cook At All?


In today’s world, where stepping outside our homes, we are bombarded with eating places all around us, whether that may be round the corner from where we live at our local diner or some beautiful cuisine places at a walking distance from us, why is there even any need to waste our energy and effort to prepare and cook from scratch?


Even at our local supermarkets, there are endless choices of eating out from a box through a frozen meal or through directly eating it out, straight from of a packet.


This was not the case many, many years ago and it is only in the last 40 years that we have had easy solutions as these, but is this really the answer to our health?



Over the past several decades a dramatic shift in stages of the way the entire globe eats, drinks and moves have clashed with our biology to create major shifts in body composition.” US National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health.




Cooking has been a tradition in our homes for far too long and many people even grow their own food as a result while reaping the nutritious benefits. Cooking allows you to make creative choices:-


  • Be Independent! Rely solely on yourself to make a variety of dishes and whenever you want to. Learning to cook and cooking foods gives you the freedom to learn all about food and what works well for your body’s needs and taste!


  • Share your cooking skills with others. Nothing feels more amazing when you cook for others, especially your kids and family. They will be delighted to eat natural foods that are cooked with fresh and wholesome ingredients and influence those cooking skills unto others!


  • A worthy Skill. It makes it easier for you in the long run to have knowledge of all the cooking practices under your sleeve and to bring to the surface whenever you see fit. Especially when you are trying to impress friends, the in laws or even if you decide to take this as a career path it’s an all-rounder skill to obtain:)
  • Eat full and fresher foods. Eating natural foods is no doubt beneficial to your health and this is something that you definitely need to rely on your whole life!


You want to stay positive and active at all times, so eating rightmost of the time will enable you to achieve your goals and motivate you to keep progressing in life! “We are what we eat.”



  • Avoid illnesses. Eating well and healthy is a step in the right direction, although you may still go through some ill health effects, however it may be minimized dramatically through the means of wholesome and cleaner foods.


After all, most of us feel better after eating a food rich in nutrition compared to foods highly processed.


The list certainly goes on and on and there is no dearth in having a skill such as cooking as your aid and guiding light to being healthy and feeling good.


It certainly is all about making the time, effort and means to better living and investing in your health, no one said that it is going to be easy… but after some time, you may be happier with the ‘healthy choices’ encountered.




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Binge Eating


There are major differences between natural and safe foods compared to foods that are ready-made, straight from a box. Don’t get me wrong as there are some foods that are ready-made with 100% natural ingredients that you do not have to feel guilty eating. After all, not many of us can find the time to cook every single day!


Unfortunately, living on these ‘factory made foods’ can be filled with excessive amounts of artificial sweeteners, GMO’s, excess salts, refined oils and high amounts of trans fats.


When you eat these daily, the side effects can occur quite quickly such as bloating, fatigue or heartburn which some of us have experienced after eating foods that perhaps work against the body.



There is also little nutrition in these sorts of foods that offer little benefits to the body and contains enriched vitamins rather than naturally occurring. Especially when refined carbohydrates are concerned, which have stripped off nutrient levels and can cause weight gain quite quickly.


Simply using natural alternative foods such as good carbohydrates, natural sugars or replacing table salt with sea salt can come a long way and makes cooking time worthwhile!


Bottom Line

Cooking is relevant, especially at those times when we all want to live better and healthier lives, it all starts with what we consume in our bodies.


It may be difficult to keep up with it and we may have spells of neglect of eating foods straight out a box.


The main thing is that we are trying our best, can at least cook when we want to and are aware of the potential that this skill can bring to our lives🙂


Give it a try and try again, work around a schedule to fit in with your life and don’t be afraid to ask for support and advice during those busy times that come to your life.


Thank you for reading and if you do have any question or comments, please leave below and I’ll be sure to help you out!

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One thought on “Why It’s Important To Cook

  1. Carolyn says:

    Thanks for your post on the importance of home cooked meals. When it became necessary to have 2 family incomes, it seemed like time to prepare food was put on the back burner. After a hard day at work, it was easier to stop at a restaurant on the way home from work, or the local grocery store to pick up something quick and easy.
    I too find myself using easy to prepare meals occasionally. I like to read the ingredient list first. The amount of sugar, salt, and fat are my first concerns. Then I am also concerned about the different chemicals that I stay away from as much as possible.
    When you grow your own food, and cook it yourself, you can be happy with the outcome of what is on your plate, that it is healthy!

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