How To Tackle Dry Skin

Problematic skin such as dryness and flakiness can be embarrassing to say the least, it may be quite frustrating and perhaps difficult to hide in some circumstances. We all have experienced some dry skin at some point of our lives, it could be on the face, on our feet or other parts of the body.

For some, it can be a matter of waiting it out and then it simply clearing away naturally, which is ideal! For others, it may take a lot longer, feel uncomfortable and enduring flaky skin which may involve peeling some dryness off.

Dry Skin can occur at anytime and at any age and there is no real cause for this problematic nuisance of the skin. Certain factors should be considered naturally such as lifestyle elements or even checking your skincare regime and products.

Sometimes it’s not enough just slapping on some cream or lotion and hoping that will cure the dry skin, although it massively gets you through the day and may reduce it all dramatically!

What is dry skin and how can we overcome it naturally without causing more effects unnecessarily. Let’s read on and find some useful information for your consideration:)

Why Get Dry Skin?

Experts have stated that the imbalance of the skin’s natural bacteria levels may disrupt the skin’s barrier, weaken it and yielding unfavorable results which can include dry, red skin.

“An enhanced understanding of the skin microbiome is necessary to gain insight into microbial involvement in human skin disorders and to enable novel pro microbial and antimicrobial therapeutic approaches for their treatment.” The Skin Microbiome by Elizabeth A Grice, Julia A Segre.

In my own personal experience, rough treating skin such as bathing too much, washing your face or hands excessively, touching or peeling your skin, having your skin clogged up with unnecessary lotion and creams and even lifestyle factors such as smoking can cause dehydration and irritation to your health and particularly the skin.

Sometimes, surface irritants can be all that it takes to offset dry and flaky skin or it can even happen after some time. Although the body should be able to deal with irritants that you are exposing the skin to, you are only human and if you constantly irritate the skin daily, then it does catch up with you in some way.

Dry Skin is a hint that you may have to make some changes, whether big or small, perhaps switch to natural beauty alternatives or detox the body in the best way that you can. Intermittent fasting can allow your body to heal naturally and give your body a break.

Dry Skin can even occur due to a poor diet frequently which may involve too many trans-fats, excess in artificial sugars or discomfort towards certain foods such as wheat that your body doesn’t respond well too. 

The weather may cause irritation such as too much sunlight when out in thbright sun for too long.

Again, many factors to consider and everybody’s different in gaining symptoms such as dry skin, try to remember the steps prior to gaining dry skin and what the triggers could have been.

Different Types of Dry Skin

There are a variety of dry skin types that will affect your skin one way or another. It may not even feel like an illness but in some instances it may feel as if nothing really is happening to the skin and merely a light itch or mild flakiness.

  • Pruritus is a form of itchy skin and very uncomfortable with the urge to scratch the skin with your nails to relieve the unbearable sensation. In other words, it may seem minimal, slightly uncomfortable or extremely debilitating with sleepless nights with red scratch marks.
  • Dermatitis is an extreme form of dry skin that needs medical attention right away. There are different types associated with dermatitis and can last some time to even years to heal from. The most common symptom related to this type of dry condition is inflammation which can feel like a burning, throbbing sensation underneath the skin.
  • Eczema is irritated skin that can cause uncontrollably itchy skin that may cause bleeding and cracked skin. Although this is an extreme serious skin condition more than anything, we do not know the true cause of such skin problems, but it is best to cover skin during this time, avoid harsh soaps and rubbing the skin.

Some cases of skin dryness can be quite serious, whereas in other cases it can be easy to deal with and heal from it.

“You must not rely on the information on our website as an alternative to medical advice from your doctor or other professional healthcare provider”

“If you have any specific questions about any medical matter, you should consult your doctor or other professional healthcare provider”

“If you think you may be suffering from any medical condition, you should seek immediate medical attention” 

How to Overcome Dry Skin

There can be many remedies or solutions that can ease the process of dealing with dry skin or rough skin and finding the best solution can be truly empowering and get to back to normalizing your skin for what it truly is:)

We are all for Bentonite Clay powder that has numerous benefits to skin health and can be put on as a mud mask. Clay is mostly harmless and you can use to clear up skin surfaces effectively and in the most gentle way possible. You can use how often you feel and It not only removes away dead skin cells, debris, nuisance marks but always leaves a refreshing glow!

Ensure that you use gentle products on your skin which is extremely important to only allow for natural and gentle ingredients to sit on the skin instead of harsh chemicals! It certainly makes all the difference.

Using a natural moisturisation throughout the day and when needed is helpful to calm the skin and so go for raw butter such as raw organic avocado or mango butter that improves the skin’s surface, choose mineral foundation and fruit pigmented ingredients:)

Avoid washing your face too much and with hot water, simply bathing less often can help the skin to heal itself within natural surroundings and without disruption. Avoid rubbing your face too much, using too many face products such as cleansers, toners, night creams and question whether it is really necessary?

Ensure to detox your body naturally and there are many ways to do so. Saunas are a great way to relax the body as well as providing ideal conditions to the skin, toxins are released through the skin by sweat. Replacing sugary beverages with natural alternatives is mighty useful and try drinking lemon water instead or herbal teas.

It may be useful to seek advice from a skin specialist or a dermatologist to gain professional information, however there is also no harm in trying natural solutions if you feel the need to do so. Whatever method chosen, always commit yourself to natural and wholesome living overall:)

Was This Helpful?

Depending upon the severity of the dry skin problem, it is likely that it can disappear itself over time through simple and natural means. If it persists for too long a period and getting worse, then please reach out to a professional expert for further help.

Keep in mind, that in extreme cases of problematic skin which is left untreated may simply worsen and perhaps cause other symptoms to occur, effecting your emotions and even every day activities.

Thank you for reading and if you do have any questions or comments, please leave below and I’ll be sure to help you out!

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