How to Avoid Chemicals!

It can be difficult to completely avoid and eliminate chemicals from your life, especially when many of the products and foods available are contaminated with them.


In fact, chemicals are available everywhere from the clothes that we wear, air that we breathe, the cleaning that we do and it is best to simply be aware of the wide range of chemicals around us and to adjust accordingly.


It does not mean that we stop using the products that enables good living standards, rather that we have a balance and do the best that we can to avoid disruption to our health and reduce the use of chemicals.


Let’s discuss all about chemicals and some of the best ways to avoid using chemicals in our everyday life and always moving towards living a clean and healthy life overall:)


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What Are Chemicals?


There are some chemicals that are harmless and may not provide much side effects, however let’s simply examine those chemicals that are harmful to our health and to the environment. Chemicals usually serve a purpose to the products that are added into rather than to human health.


Chemicals are always regulated by official authorities and to check that companies are complying and providing the necessary information to consumers of the products that they use and to communicate exactly what is going inside our products.

Due to these regulations that are imposed on companies, by law this enables all companies to adhere to these obligations and commit to providing al the necessary information to consumers.


There are many dangerous chemicals available within our products and many of us have suffered from it, whether it is an allergic reaction or disruptive symptoms that may last a good while, here are some ‘dirty chemicals’ found in products:-


  • Parabens – A type of preservative that can cause allergic reactions, mostly found across foods and cosmetics and typically called “propylparaben” or “butylparaben”.


  • Parfum – May cause skin allergies and is a combination of various chemicals and artificial ingredients.


  • PEG Compounds – Simply penetration enhancers and in particular found within topical dermatological uses.


  • Ammonia – Creates a strong smell, made by manufacturing industries in the use of plastics, dyes and across many disinfectants.


  • BPA – Harmful to human health and used to produce plastics such as plastic bottles, may be a carcinogen which promotes cancer.


  • Sodium Benzoate Side effects are known as and commonly used in food pickling agents, with an E number.


  • SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) – A known irritant and used as food additives and even within household cleaning products.


  • Alcohol – Poisons cells immediately when consumed, changes behavior quickly and found in beer, spirits and more.


  • Tran Fats – Fried foods, some microwave foods, margarine can cause cholesterol build up in the arteries and affect the heart negatively.

According to Dr. Dorin, “Formaldehyde and parabens such as methylparaben and propylparaben are often included to prolong shelf life. The latter can affect hormonal balance and encourage hair loss.”


Many companies use such ingredients to prevent the spoilage of food and to allow for a longer shelf life, saving money and time. They also can reduce the usage of expensive ingredients within their products and make it appealing for consumers.


 Side Effects of Chemicals


It is hard to say exactly how many chemicals are in use today and it is difficult to find our how these chemicals are being used and specifically where. As mentioned earlier, some chemicals are harmless and naturally derived such as citric acid or natural antimicrobials such as honey or garlic.


However, there are many chemicals that are simply put into certain foods to extend the shelf life and allows the food to stay on the shelves for longer through harmful chemicals.


Take for instance MSG (which is banned in some cities) which stands for Monosodium glutamate which is an artificial flavor enhancer, is linked to obesity and usually found in canned foods or instant noodles. You can always check the ingredients list to avoid such chemicals which is always stated.



The purpose of some companies using these chemicals is to simply cut down costs for producing foods as it allows the foods to be around for much longer, spoilage of the food decreases and enhances the flavor of food so that you come back for more amongst other reasons!


We are exposed to many chemicals in todays world, it can either be through foods, the air that we breathe or the chemicals absorbed in through the skin. Sometimes, it can be our hands to avoid chemical substances, however by eating wholesome foods and choosing minimal artificial or harmful foods can help greatly to cut down on harmful chemicals.


Avoid Chemicals



You may think that this is a challenge or quite impossible to do but little changes to your lifestyle can help limit exposure to chemicals a lot better. It is impossible to live within a sterile environment and keep in mind that your body is equipped with handling everyday toxins around us, here are some steps towards minimizing those unnecessary chemical substances:-


  • Drink filtered water or warm water before you drink is ideal as in some parts of the world, contaminants have been found within tap water such as metals. Drinking out of plastic bottles should be reduced to minimize consuming harmful toxins from the plastic.
  • Use natural cleaning products or always wear gloves when handling harsh soaps for cleaning.

We all need to clean our homes, whether its through washing the dishes or wiping surfaces at home, ensure that the ingredients are safe or wear gloves if using strong cleaning products. It is a good idea to use soaps with gentle ingredients when washing hands.


  • Avoid artificial perfumes, deodorants or air fresheners as most likely, these contain a variety of synthetic fragrances, alcohol, additives and preservatives that can irritate skin or worsen broken skin.

These may even cause skin allergies, rashes and can even linger in our homes such as on our furniture, curtains and clothes, effecting those around us.


  • Use air purifiers or ensure humidity of our homes regularly, through the use of natural plants or opening windows. Leaving the door open after having a shower or even cleaning our windows will often reduce mould from occurring and build up of grime and dirt!


  • Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol too often. It is ideal to eliminate from our lifestyle or if its not possible, to find natural alternatives that are safe and less harmful.

This will lower a high intake of toxins and life treating chemicals within the body.


These clean habits are an opening to instil healthy ways overall and can further influence you to find more and better ways!





Many people choose to fast through intermittent fasting and have regular breaks in between meals and eating.

They tend to eat only when they feel the urge and some people feel a form of discipline is required in this area to prevent from over indulging.


There is no denying that fasting certainly has some benefits to health, mind and soul, always taking into consideration of the individuals needs and simply giving your body a break from anything is undeniable beneficial, that can ease your body to such a degree which includes food too.


Let’s not forget to ensure the use of eating healthy and wholesome foods as well as using mineral or safe cosmetics that are literally available in many online stores:) You can find many of these websites at the homepage!


Bottom Line


Nothing’s perfect, we cannot avoid every single chemical and there is absolutely no need to overthink this either. Let it be a clean and healthy habit to choose natural products and safer foods.



Being aware of better alternatives and getting to know these sources that you can find all over this website, is another great step to better living choices and letting go of many harmful chemicals substances that really does our bodies no favor.

Thank you for reading and if you do have any questions or comments, please leave below and I’ll be sure to help you out:)


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  1. Abel says:

    Raising awareness is a strategic part of avoiding chemicals. As you have explained, these chemicals serve the purpose of enhancing the product. And that doesn’t necessarily benefit the person that is consuming the product. But we leave the government to decide what is harmful and what isn’t. We should actively participate in these decisions.

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