Take Care of Your Emotional Health

Emotional health is linked to a varied amount of feelings that comes from our experiences and thoughts daily. It is linked to our overall health as well as our mental health.

If we can handle our thoughts, behaviours and feelings as part of our daily life, then its clear that we are emotionally healthy and can find a good balance between our emotions as well as our actions.

Many people struggle to express their feelings healthily, but there are those that can handle thoughts and can express emotions with clarity. If you aren’t able to fully express your emotions fully, then it may be linked to ill health –


“Longer term, says Tarratt, there’s an increased risk of diabetes and heart disease. And avoiding emotions can also “lead to problems with memory, aggression, anxiety and depression”.

A study from the University of Texas found that by not acknowledging our emotions we’re actually making them stronger”.


Your emotions and thoughts can affect your health dramatically.

Ignoring your emotional health and negative emotions will aggravate your long term health.

If you hold onto negative feelings daily, then it can compromise your immune system and you may be more prone to infections and varied ill health.


If you are sad or depressed, then its likely you may be neglecting your body and health.


It may be that you are eating more than you should through ‘binge’ eating or not taking those supplements that you are meant to take for optimum health. Through these poor actions, you may have a low vibration and energy influencing the way you are every day.


Sitting down in silence for a few minutes or simply being still may allow you to be fully aware of what you are thinking about and the effect that it is having on your health as well as on others. It is something that we need to train ourselves to do and not let our emotions get the better of us!

What is emotional health?



Emotional health is about how we feel and think, our ability to cope with experiences, our sense of well being, and how we handle our own emotions and others emotions.

It doesn’t mean that you will be happy all the time. It is about coping with both positive and negative emotions as well.

It is all about self awareness and understanding the impact that your actions can have.


A person with good emotional health can still have those ‘bad days’ but will just deal with it in the best way that they know.

Emotional wellness is linked to physical health too.


We all know right from wrong, so if you are under stress and turn to smoking then there is a risk of disease from this in the long run and just shows that behaviours contributes to your overall health too.

What is the difference between mental and emotional health?




You may have heard the terms emotional health and mental health used interchangeably. Sometimes, you may even use both these terms as synonyms yourself. However, both terms are very different from each other.

Mental health deals with behaviours that relate to your body or mind. It revolves around how well your mind processes experiences and information.

There are few ways due to which chemical imbalances can happen in the brain. One way is a natural imbalance of nutrients, while the other is imbalance via the abuse of mind-altering drugs.

While emotional health deals with how you express your emotions based on those experiences, emotional health is all related to heart matters. The issues that develop tend to occur more often when people have to deal with traumatic or adverse life events.

Benefits of Good Emotional Health




Our emotional health is as important as our physical well-being. And that work pays off with:

● Less prone to physical ailments: Research shows that negative emotions make you more prone to physical conditions as your immune system may get weaker, while the opposite feelings make you feel healthier and evade some of those ailments!

● Better self-esteem. Your feelings, thoughts, and experiences influence the way you feel about yourself. Good emotional health helps bring out the best in yourself, despite those challenges!

● More energy. Having a positive outlook enables you to think and focus with clarity and feel more energized, whereas poor emotional health leads to exhaustion and low passions and interests.

● Closer relationships. When you learn the skills to manage your feelings and emotions, it’s easier for you to connect with others and show more compassion and empathy. You can express yourself freely.






Practice Self – Care



Emotional self-care allows you to care for your emotional health in order for overall good well-being. It is all about listening to your needs and your feelings.

The key is to get in touch with your emotions
. This can mean talking with a close friend, taking some time to meditate, write in your journal, seeing a therapist, practicing gratitude by reflecting or sharing with others, or leaving positive notes for yourself.

Listen to your feelings and carry them out in a way that’ll make you happy and allowing you to move forward and make good progress, it doesn’t matter whether its tiny or small, just do what makes you smile!

As a result, you’ll be diminishing negative feelings and low energy while setting yourself up for a good flow of energy overall.

Practicing this daily or as much as you can will help you emotionally healthy and living a fulfilling life –


Live a balanced life
. Its crucial to balance work/play and not to do too much of either. It is best to do rest in between and in moderation.

Connect with Others. Talk to people that you trust and spend time with others whenever you can. Even virtual contact is good and speaking to neighbours provides for feelings of self-worth.

Monotony. While it is important to have a routine and stability in life, it is equally important that life does not become boring and monotonous. Try to add small changes from time to time in your routine, and it could be taking a different route on your walk or changing your coffee order—something to brighten up your day.

Stay Active. Yoga provides many benefits physically, emotionally, and spiritually.



Be aware of how you talk about yourself.

You may have negative words or thoughts daily in your mind and accustomed to, change the way you think to something happier and the opposite of negative, you will feel better as a result and uplifted. You are in charge!


There are many exercises that is designed to help bring the best out the best of you and its ideal to even jot down a couple of things into a journal that you were happy that you did!

Take Away Message


Emotionally healthy people have control over their feelings, thoughts, and behaviours. They’re able to face challenges and problems and bounce back from setbacks better but they will not always be happy – simply aware of their thoughts and feelings:)

If you feel that emotions and negativity is weighing you down then you are not alone. We are only human at the end of the day and doing the best under the circumstances that we have.

Ensure to take care of your core needs such as a healthy diet, good amount of sleep and staying hydrated daily and the rest should follow as you practice each day to live a fulfilling life, no doubt dealing with those ups and downs that life will throw at you!



Please reach out to a professional health adviser if you need more knowledge and are given the correct strategies and tools to improve your emotional health.

Thank you for reading, if you do have any questions or comments, please leave below and I’ll be sure to help you out!






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