Dangers of Microwave Cooking

It is super convenient to heat many foods up in the microwave or even better yet, those ready meals that are shouting for attention from your freezer!

It not only saves you heaps of time, but it may be the only thing available when you come home, late one evening.

Although, microwaves are insanely quick to heat up a cooked meal for you as it steams the food from the inside out, bringing it back to life, if you like.

There has been controversy around the use of microwaves in the safety issues that it brings upon the foods that it heats up and the impact it has on our health.

We all know too well that these quick, ready meals aren’t full of good health to our bodies for the artificial ingredients that may be lurking in the foods, so then should we question the specifics of microwaves and how it heats up our foods and why so quickly?!

Let’s discuss all about the dangers of microwaves and how the use of this type of appliance may be doing more harm to your body than good.

How does a microwave work?

A microwave is like a box that produces strong heat and puts food through high frequency electromagnetic waves. Microwaves came around in the late 40s by an American engineer, Percy Spencer whom developed microwaves directly after World War II from radar technology.

It wasn’t until the 60s that the first microwave oven became available for domestic use and in homes all around the UK.

Microwaves or microwave ovens is a versatile kitchen appliance and is used for many cooking methods such as cooking potatoes, reheating food, warming oil and some beauty products.

In fact, people even use microwaves for all their culinary needs as well as for cleaning methods! You could disinfect within a microwave such as those dirty sponges.

A microwave has many uses but many people have disregarded the use of such as appliance in the kitchen for concerns of its safety. Microwaves do release harmful radiation that affects your food and everything that is heated up within a microwave and makes you wonder maybe that’s why its too good to be true to use!

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What foods can you heat up a microwave?

The first thing that may come to mind are those ready meals or that frozen meal sitting in your freezer. It may be convenient , perhaps deadly convenient! There are many ways to prepare food and not only heating up in the microwave.


People have found many uses such as drying herbs. You can do this very quickly within a microwave using any fresh herb. Once washed, dry the herbs, typically a bunch and microwave for 2/3 minutes for instant dry herb.

The electromagnetic radiation within the microwave rapidly evaporates all the water from the herb, allowing it to dry out and become brittle.

You can make chips with any potato by cutting the potato into thin slices and coating them with any oil of your choice, preferably olive oil.

Then, lay them on a microwavable safe dish and heat for around 5 minutes until they are soft and brown. No need to use a deep fryer!

These foods that are quick and super fast to cook really emphasizes the safety issues of them and what affects that they can have on our bodies. We all know from experience that ‘fast foods’ do not truly provide many benefits to us, so why should this be nay different?


Pros and Cons

Although it is helpful to cook foods rather fast when we are busy and simply do not have the time to cook fresh foods on the hob, which definitely takes some time. Many people turn to microwaves for the sake of assurance and to feed the entire family.

It is especially great when heating up those left over meals from the other day or reheating foods if it has been lying on the table for quite some time and gone cold.

However, studies suggest that the exposure to the radiation emitting from microwaves are dangerous to health and well-being that is mentioned from all over the world.

The brain has been recognized as one of the organs that is most vulnerable to microwave radiation.” US National Library of Medicine.

It makes your food radioactive while releasing harmful radiation which can cause cancer if relied on for too long. Also, microwaves destroys the nutrients and vitamins within foods which can allow you to miss out on vital nutrition and unhealthy in the long term.

A large number of studies have shown that microwave radiation can cause a series of adverse reactions in the central nervous system, including sleep disorders in addition to learning and memory impairments.” US National Library of Medicine.










Some of the foods heated up within microwaves do not taste as good and this super fast method of cooking foods does not give time for the foods to develop flavour or mix well together with the ingredients in the foods and can taste quite bland, these are the reasons why we will never use the microwave and simply not worth it.

Alternatives to Microwaves!

If you want to minimize the exposure to radiation and protecting your home from it, then lets get into the habit of keeping in our minds the healthier ways that we can heat up our foods without exposure to unnecessary radiation.

Although, the FDA reports there is little concern for the use of microwaves and they are generally safe to use as quoted below –

Through its Centre for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH), the FDA sets and enforces standards of performance for electronic products to assure that radiation emissions do not pose a hazard to public health.”

In general, microwave oven radiation injuries are caused by exposure to large amounts of microwave radiation leaking through openings such as gaps in the microwave oven seals. However, FDA regulations require that microwave ovens are designed to prevent these high level radiation leaks.”

However, if one is uncomfortable with the use of microwaves then there are some other alternatives to choose from:-

  • Conventional Oven or counter top convection Oven – Try to get into the habit of heating up foods in your oven or in your counter top one that heats food safely and great for everyday use.
  • Heat on pots/pans – It is common sense to reheat the foods that they are cooked in, if in a pot and pan before pouring onto a plate, You can even use a small pot or pan for easy cleaning after, when necessary.
  • Toaster Oven – A great, versatile appliance for to warm up foods which is efficient and can be easily cleaned.

Whatever you choose, make it easier for yourself and although a microwave is pretty fast at what it does, it doesn’t mean it is the best option for your health!



Bottom Line

Microwaves may be convenient for those rushed days and may be safe to use in moderation, but many of us stay away from the appliance as it can spread harmful radiation around your environment.

Microwaves do destroy some nutrients in foods, makes foods taste less fresh and may be as good as eating ‘dead foods’ or processed foods for the harmful frequencies produced but there is much disagreement regarding this and it best to do your own research.

Thank you for reading and if you do have any questions or comments, please leave below and ‘ll be sure to help you out.

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