Why Use Natural Ingredients?

The golden question, right? Is it even worth the trouble to search and aim for natural products every single time? True enough, the expenses are a little higher and not as easily accessible for quick use, sometimes you may find yourself waiting a little longer for those ordered natural goods to come through your door!


However, a little more effort is required for good health and the surrounding environment. Natural ingredients provide safe and gentle use on the skin, body and home too. The natural ingredients provide a much safer option and reassurance!

Natural ingredients are whole and pure which provides fewer reactions and irritation overall, certainly a much safer option.

Whether natural ingredients are purchased through natural cosmetics and makeup, by using organic products such as bedding or even healthier alternatives of food’s, it is beneficial in many ways than chemical means and can aid not only your skin or body but also your mental health and spirit.

Let’s explore the importance of the use of natural ingredients, no matter in food or products and why it truly is beneficial!

Natural food’s

Wholesome food’s contains a variety of clean food’s such as whole grains such as rice or quinoa, beans, legumes, pulses, fruits, vegetables, potatoes, filtered water and much more that provides great dietary needs and avoids artificial ingredients such as additives or high amount of sugar and salt.

Consuming greasy products such as processed oils, unhealthy fats and excess dairy products such as margarine can increase health conditions considerably such as certain types of cancers and obese.

“Unfortunately, this has resulted in the worst epidemic of chronic disease in history” Dr Mark Hyman,  physician and  #1 New York Times bestselling author.

Minimum use of processed sugars is ideal to a better lifestyle and overall healthy body. Not all sugars are bad, there are many sugar substitutes or sometimes a sweetener that doesn’t have to be a sugar!

Sugar can rob minerals from the body by leeching them out from your bones so that it can be metabolized. Try to minimize artificial sweeteners, refined sugars, sugary beverages and unnatural sugar substitutes.

In particular, GM food’s are genetically modified products that underwent biological engineering to change their DNA in order to gain specific traits, which doesn’t sound healthy in any way – no thanks!

Switching to whole and natural food’s means you will exclude many unhealthy chemicals found in your diet, including processed food’s, refined sugars, and GM ingredients. You will be left with nothing but healthy, fresh food. You can also gain better nutrition and benefits to your health, body and mind:)


Natural cosmetics

Skin friendly ingredients such as plant derived ingredients, fruit derived compounds, essential oils or safer processing methods can allow for less harsh treatment to your skin and appearance! With skin loving ingredients, your skin can feel calmer and radiant overall.

With the added benefits of vitamins and antioxidants within these healthy and natural products, there is no way of ever going back in taking up the use of conventional products again!

These products help sensitive or problematic skin greatly rather than emphasizing it, as it nourishes the skin and can stimulate collagen. It can also treat certain skin conditions as it can help the skin fight the loss of elasticity and rejuvenate the skin.

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Natural Home Products

Many people prefer using safer alternatives especially in the home in which family and home comforts are your every day life.


Surrounding your home and others to safer products can enhance and promote for a healthier lifestyle and for creative thinking.


Natural hand soaps, toiletries, candles, green energy, filtered water or organic bedding are just some alternatives that can bring for a high – quality of life!


1. Bedding –

Linen bedding is much softer on the skin, stylish and more breathable, while working as a natural insulator and keeping you extra warm, especially through those long winter nights! A sustainable choice as its fully biodegradable and pleasant for our environment. Cotton bedding may feel rough and uncomfortable to sleep with… depending on the type of cotton purchased.


2. Room Sprays/Air fresheners

Environmental groups have repeatedly warned us against these products claiming that it poses a risk to our health. In fact, it may destroy our indoor air quality and repeated exposure can bring about adverse effects if it is indeed one filled with chemicals and harsh ingredients.

You can go for homemade air fresheners or gentle room sprays that contain less harmful ingredients, essential oils and a healthier eco-friendly replacement:)


3. Candles –

Candles made from beeswax, plant based wax such as soy wax, coconut wax, bayberry wax and many natural waxes produce sustainable sourced candles that are free from chemicals, pollutants and harmful substances.

These ingredients do not allow for major reactions or ill health such as allergens. Much safer to use in the long and short term and not listed as toxic by environmental agencies.

Natural ingredients are derived from plant sources and are categorized as non-toxic and safe:)

The dangers of chemicals and processed ingredients

We have all heard too well of certain reactions that may occur to individuals from harsh products. Whether that be chemical skincare, harsh perfumes, strong shampoos, processed food’s that can cause bloating or even sugary beverages that may cause headaches!


It can be hard to avoid chemicals completely but doing the best to reduce an overload surging through the body and environment can help you lead a happier lifestyle! Let’s examine some of these dangerous ingredients in more detail and what are the side effects:-


Parabens – Found in low quality skincare products and allows for a longer shelf life. Research suggests parabens allows for an increase in estrogen hormone levels which interferes with the normal brain function and may lead to certain types of cancers if an excess amount is congested.

Heavy Metals – May be found in cheap cosmetics such as foundations or even eye drops. Lead, mercury or arsenic act as contaminants and lead to an increase in toxicity levels within some organs of the body as well as allergies. Look out for these ingredients within labelling and avoid whenever you can.


MSG – Monosodium glutamate enhances flavor of food’s in an unnatural way, especially as a food additive. It can trick your brain to eating more as it pumps up the flavor highly and even kills brain cells. It is recognized as unsafe and if eaten in large amounts can effect the reproductive organs.


Petroleum Wax – Studies have shown that burning these commercial candles such as those with petroleum wax is a cause of concern to health, it releases harmful fumes and is relatively dangerous when breathed in as soot can be released and when inhaled regularly can cause respiratory problems such as coughing.

Ensure to read labels and differentiate between the ingredients as some chemicals should be avoided completely while some are OK to consume in moderation.


Go for plant compounds and ingredients as much as you can and educate yourself in the quality of the ingredients that are out there in our products.




I hope that you have a better grasp of the relief that wholesome and safe ingredients can entail and how it can encourage for a healthier lifestyle.

Nothing’s perfect but simply being aware of the healthier alternatives out there can bring you better options to choose from and minimising chemicals considerably for you and your family:)

Chemicals can wear one’s health down over time and if extensively relied on through food’s daily or even through smoking, then the results are simply allowing your body to be exposed to an array of harmful ingredients that can allow for poor health.


Natural ingredients can provide for a pleasant experience of truly awakening the senses and allowing calming effects to the health and body overall.


Thank you for reading and if you do have any questions or comments, please leave below and I’ll be sure to help you out:)


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