The Benefits Of Sleep

Sleeping is so important! It is important to get enough hours each night and to take into consideration the factors that will result in a comfortable nights sleep such as the position that you sleep on to the type of mattress that you choose to lie on all night.

Consider all the things that may disrupt your sleep also, such as job pressures, family obligations, and even the unexpected, like sickness. It’s understandable that getting a good night’s rest may be difficult.

Even if you can’t change the things that disturb your sleep, you can develop habits that make it easier to get a good night’s sleep. Begin with these straightforward suggestions as a springboard.

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Follow a Regular Sleep Pattern


Limit your sleep time to seven or eight hours each night. A minimum of six hours of sleep each night is advised for healthy adults. Most individuals can accomplish this objective with no more than eight hours of sleep every night.

Every day, set an alarm for when you want to go to bed and wake up. Try to keep the time gap between your weekday and weekend sleep schedules to a minimum of one hour. Consistency strengthens the sleep-wake cycle in your body.

You should leave your bedroom and do something soothing if you can’t sleep within 30 minutes. Relaxing activities include reading or listening to music that is both calming and relaxing. When you’re weary, go back to bed. Continue until the problem is resolved.

Keep a food and drink diary to keep track of your intake. Don’t let yourself become too full before going to bed. Avoid consuming big or heavy meals within a few hours of going to bed. You may be unable to sleep because of your discomfort.

Caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol should all be used with care or to a minimum.

Nicotine and caffeine have long-lasting stimulant effects, making it difficult to have a good night’s sleep because of the disruption. Even if alcohol makes you feel tired, it may interfere with your sleep later in the night because of its sedative properties.

Assemble a peaceful setting


Make a sleeping area that’s comfortable and relaxing. Take into consideration the temperature of the environment – This usually indicates it’s going to be cold, dark, and silent and adjust accordingly to your preference.

When exposed to light, it may be harder to relax and sleep. Use of light-emitting displays for an extended period of time shortly before going to bed should be avoided. Use a fan, earplugs, room-darkening curtains, or other equipment to create a comfortable atmosphere for yourself.

Essential Oils are known for promoting feelings of well-being. Essential oils are also commonly used in cleaning products, perfumes, and more. By safely using essential oils, you can begin incorporating this healing modality into your life and gain many of these benefits today!   Check here for more!

Better sleep may be achieved by engaging in soothing activities such as taking a bath or practicing relaxation methods before going to bed.

Limit the number of naps you take throughout the day.

Long naps throughout the day may disrupt your sleep at night. Avoid napping late in the day and stick to a maximum of 30 minutes of sleep if you must.

To make up for a lack of sleep, those who work nights may need to take a nap in the afternoon before heading to the office.

Don’t forget to do some exercise most days – whether its on your bed for a short time before you sleep or during the day! There’s no need to go over the top and no need to overwork your body either:)


Improved sleep is a possible side effect of regular physical exercise. Stay away from strenuous activity in the hours leading up to sleep.

Spending time in nature on a daily basis may also be beneficial.


Have a short walk if possible or even sit out in your garden while looking up at the night sky can help improve your mood before you drift off.

A foam mattress can be so comforting as your body moulds into the mattress while it is super soft that may leave you unable to get up from the incredible texture and grasp that it takes hold on you! It has ‘orthopaedic’ properties and has a longer shelf life than standard mattresses.

Feel Good As You Try To Sleep!

It is important to Control your anxiety before you go to bed, try to put your anxieties and concerns to rest. Note what’s on your mind, then put it away till the next day.

Stress management may be beneficial. Get organized, establish priorities, and delegate work to others as a starting point. Anxiety may be reduced by meditating.

Try to sleep by yourself and have the whole bed to yourself which may aid in a peaceful setting, to have alone time and stretch out with ultimate comfort.

Recognize when it’s time to call your doctor.

Almost everyone has a restless night now and again, but if this is a problem for you on a regular basis, see your doctor. Finding and addressing any underlying issues can help you sleep better.




Bottom Line

There are many reasons that one may find it difficult to get a good nights sleep but with the variety of solutions that can be carried out, surely you will find a way that suits your requirements for a good nights sleep easily.

Perhaps, counting your blessings and reminiscing on the days successes can be rewarding and make you feel good about yourself as you lay in bed, even if it’s for 5-10 minutes. It doesn’t matter whether the events were tiny or big, you did your best and tomorrow is another new day!


Thank you for reading, if you do have any questions or comments, please leave below and I’ll be sure to help you out!

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  1. John Cradle says:

    I aim to sleep at least 6 hours and can be difficult with my busy schedule, especially waking up very early for work! I enjoyed finding out about the methods of getting a good night sleep better and will aim in using some essential oils as I hear that they can be relaxing too!

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