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Have you tried taking various supplements such as multivitamins or mineral tablets but it made no difference to your health whatsoever? Did it feel as if you just threw away your money on a product that provided minimal results?

Did you feel frustrated in the lack of benefits gained, if any – and find yourself checking through other various supplements online?!!

This can not only waste your precious time but you may question if it’s even worth taking any supplements?

There are alternatives that may provide optimum results if not better.

 Generally, due to the poor regulation of these products, it is extremely challenging determining whether a supplement is truly beneficial or just another scam.

Why not try out in the New Year of 2022 with nutritional and sources of wholesome alternatives?

Let’s discuss natural and wholesome alternatives that are sourced from mother earth and perhaps can provide the results that you seek as let’s face it, we have all tried various supplements to no luck!

Why Take Supplements?

In today’s modern world, nutrition is somewhat lacking in many of our foods

Aside from processed foods that we already know too well that there is barely any nutrition at all in these kinds of foods, farming practices has somewhat changed in the last hundred years.

Many farming practices use excessive amounts of chemicals and synthetic fertilizers which are very harmful to human health. It is contaminating the foods surface in a way that can allow for serious health conditions over time.

Chemical fertilizers comes from inorganic sources that undergo chemical processes that also harm the environment and a range are used such as pesticides. They are mainly used to ward off rodents or bugs that may spoil the growing crops and to increase the yields of crops highly.

In conclusion, supplements are sometimes an option to overcome the depleted soils that occurs, followed by depleted nutrition in our foods. Many of the fruits and vegetables are also sprayed by chemicals and contaminants that further diminishes the foods grown, leaving people with low nutrition in the foods that we eat.


It only makes sense to opt for optimum nutrition elsewhere to maintain and look after ourselves. 

Supplements are a solution when we are low in certain vitamins and nutrients but many of them do contain artificial chemicals or ingredients that may not even be worth taking and are not all that natural.


Pros and Cons of Supplements

In a nutshell, supplements (as mentioned within the labelling and all varies) are meant to provide for that missing nutrition and lacking in essential nutrients that you may not be getting from foods in general.


  • Are accessible everywhere
  • Easy to take and many are in pill or tablet forms
  • Quick, easy and effortless to add to your diet
  • Some are cheap and affordable



Natural Alternatives

If unsure of any of the ingredients of the supplements or if the supplements are even naturally sourced, then why not try alternatives that are absolutely naturally sourced, right?

Healthier alternatives can include wholesome plant, fruit or vegetable sources that can either be taken in various forms, Some of the commonly forms are powders, liquids or raw.

Take example if one felt weak or tired more often than usual and needed an energy boost, well why not try some beetroot powder and camu camu powder? While camu camu powder reduces inflammation and is full of Vitamin C.

Beetroot powder is known for a good iron source and when combined together, it’s a powerhouse of nutrition! Taken individually is beneficial too and always check the manufacturers labelling and instructions before use.

You must have heard of acai berry which is rich in phytonutrients that originates in the tropical Amazon regions of Brazil.

This is popular as many people simply add to their smoothies and juices for the vast majority of nutrients, plant sterols, amino acids that it contains, naturally! No fillers or chemical ingredients included, but do check the labelling due to variation:)

You must not rely on the information on our website as an alternative to medical advice from your doctor or other professional healthcare provider

If you have any specific questions about any medical matter, you should consult your doctor or other professional healthcare provider

If you think you may be suffering from any medical condition, you should seek immediate medical attention

Simply adding in or switching some of your supplements to natural sources described above, is clearly one step ahead in the most natural and safer methods in obtaining valid nutrition in it purest form!

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There are many varieties of powders or liquids that are naturally sourced, take coconut water! The health benefits of this drink is phenomenon and you can practically add any type of powder to it for a boost in nutrition!


There are natural sources of nutrition other than supplements that are close to it’s raw source and provides gentle and natural nutrients, vitamins and an array of complete foods that aids the body with many elements needed for optimum health.


Supplements may contain fillers, additives, chemicals, bulking agents and may even be difficult to digest and if taken in excess can lead to health problems!

If you are suffering form health conditions, it is best to seek professional advice and understand the options that you have but keep in mind that supplements aren’t the only option out there for you to maintain nutrient levels:)

Thank you for reading and if you do have any questions or comments, please leave below and I’ll be sure to help you out!

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