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  1. QueenAna says:

    Your website is bold and catchy when you open it.  I really like the banner.  The information about berries is very informative and accurate.  I like the fact that you included a smoothie recipe.  That always works for people who blend their berries lol..  Also, I have only one concern, it is the question here –  Have You Ever Heard Of Berries Such As Buffalo Berry, Nanny Berry, Bear Berry Or Wintergreen Berries?!

    You did not give an answer to this question or how you can use this un-heard of berries.  I love berries and I am very interested in knowing more.  Therefore, I will be checking on your website for additional information on other great health benefits.

    Respectfully submitted,

    • Farah says:


      Berries are a blast to eat! Buffalo berries can be eaten fresh, cooked or dried, the nanny berries can be eaten raw and perfect for a fruit sauce in baking. Also the bear berries are usually eaten by bears, hence the name but can be eaten by people too and the wintergreen berries have a minty flavour and great used as a tea. 

      Thanks for commenting and great to have you here:)

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