Why Gratitude Is Important

How to put gratitude into action – it will change your life forever   The advantages of cultivating thankfulness are practically limitless. People who frequently practice gratitude by taking time to observe and reflect on the things they’re grateful for feel more alive, sleep better, exhibit more compassion and generosity, and even have stronger immune […]

Dangerous Laundry Detergents

What does chemical laundry detergents do to your skin? And what are some natural alternatives for them?     “My mother used Tide, and I broke out with dermatitis, hives, and itching/irritated skin,” says one MedHelp.org contributor. “My spouse purchased the inexpensive Xtra detergent with scent in the purple container,” another says. “I’ve experienced a […]

How Can Vegetarians Get Protein?

How can vegetarians fullfill their protein requirements? It is a fact that many vegetarians experience protein deficiency because they don’t eat meat which is a good source of protein. That’s why they become protein deficient. According to a survey, about one billion people worldwide are suffering from protein deficiency. So if you are vegetarian or […]

Made with Love and Sparkle – Valentine’s Special:)

                Products: Varieties of Gifts for everyone such as Personalized, Valentine’s and Inspirational gifts Price range: Between £20 – £40 and many offers available throughout the site Reliable place to buy: Made With Love and Sparkle Review: 10/10   Made with Love and Sparkle truly reflects the title […]