Easy Free Recipes:)

You can never have too many recipes and just when you start getting comfortable making one, someone in your household may tire of it – Hence it’s always good to have a string of recipes at the ready!


Here is a compilation of healthy recipes below that are great as add on’s, snacking on and literally does not take too much of your time, that’s why these ones have been selected!

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What wheat does to the body


Wheat is a cereal grain and isn’t exactly a health food to your body and may cause a range of health conditions over time. It’s hard to believe this can be so, due to the wide variety of wheat foods easily available practically anywhere!


Although studies are underway, wheat is known as the silent killer and while it is quite disruptive to the body whenever consumed, it allows for ill health to take place, which may eventually show up as time passes by.


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Substance Abuse

Substance Abuse Disorder


The prevalence of the condition in our society




Substance abuse disorder can mean many things including the abuse of any medications that was prescribed by the doctor over a longer period than prescribed or the use of illegally obtained heroin, alcohol or other drugs and become addicted to it.


Substance Abuse Disorder is typically a chronic, recurring, and relapsing illness, with high rates of morbidity and mortality.


The United States has had a confusing history when it comes to drugs. In 1970 there was a war against drugs which was implemented by prison sentences against drug dealers and drug abusers. But gradually drugs were being legalized in many states, and now we are facing an ongoing nationwide opioid overdose epidemic.


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GM Foods

GM Foods – Definition, Popularity, Side Effects, and More




GM foods refer to genetically modified products that underwent biological engineering to change their DNA in order to gain specific traits.


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How to build a healthy immune system

The immune system contains many parts that helps the body deal with a range of infections, diseases and ailments. It continually checks for any foreign material and substances and if the immune system finds any, then it works hard to remove it from the body by the aid of antibodies, white blood cells, the lymphatic system and other parts.

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