Your Garden – Your Haven.

Doesn’t everyone love to relax from time to time? But it has to be in the right way! Honestly, when I am off work, not got many plans booked or just want to wind down nicely – I like to explore outdoors no matter what the weather, especially if it’s in your very own garden.


Now I find myself spending a lot of time in my private front garden which is of an average size and I also fritter away in the communal rear garden where I find open grass, flower beds and sounds of nature that help me forget about the noisy outside world.

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The Benefits of Mineral Cosmetics.

If you have sensitive, problematic skin or even if your skin is just normal and flawless then I hope that you use mineral makeup and avoid regular make up. In my experience, when I wore regular make up that I bought from my local drug stores or in most retail shops, I did not know how irritating and harsh that it affected my skin and so as a result I had numerous skin problems for a long while.


Even on the most normal skin, regular makeup can cause your skin to be prone to mild breakouts, rashes or itchy, dry skin. So why even take the risk?

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