Easy Natural Makeup Looks

Wearing a natural and pleasant look on your face is probably one of the most appealing ways to feel and look better. Most of the time, standing out in the wrong way with too many daring colours can catch too much attention and gain too much focus unnecessarily. By wearing thick foundation, make up colours that may drown you out or even a lippy that may not last for long can cause some discomfort and may want you to jump to the nearest bathroom more often than most to correct or touch up on fixing your makeup and look.

Does the image below depict a far fetched appeal? This would be appealing if performing on stage for a play but not for an everyday look! Click here for incredible mineral and natural makeup for everyday wear!

Sometimes, it’s the simple ways that allows you to go about your day while feeling incredibly comfortable! Trying too hard (whatever the occasion) with too much makeup topped up with fancy clothing not only gains unwanted attention – but you may feel a bit overwhelmed as a result.   Let’s look at the approach of wearing natural looks and complimentary ways to make you look and feel incredibly comfortable but at the same time giving an edge of sophistication and beauty that you have:)

Simple Makeup Looks

  Don’t get me wrong, certain makeup styles and colours definitely work – bold or not, but wearing a bright lippy coupled with bold eyes and bright red cheeks is asking for too much! An everyday look with charisma or quiet character, whatever you choose, you can still look healthy and empowered to take anything on.   A soft look – Use an eye shadow brush and sweep a dark colour of blue, green or brown eye shadow all over the lid and into the brow bone and blend evenly. Next dab some peach colour along the cheekbones with a bronzer blush or a mineral blush, blending well and ensuring a tint of colour. Last, a light red or peach lip colour would match up well overall.
A Fun and Friendly Look Use an eye brush and sweep on some light pink, lilac or peach colour on your eyelids well and apply two coats of mascara. Wear some illuminator that matches your skin colour which is a reflective powder or gloss that can be applied on the top of the cheekbones, tip of the nose and dabbed onto the cheekbones for a natural flair. Apply some light natural gloss.
A Natural Look – Apply some sand or stone coloured eye shadow over the lids of your eyes and then with an eye blending brush – dab some brown shade of colour into the socket and outer corners of your eyes to create a warm affect.   You can apply some eyeliner or mascara if you wish. Next apply some red apple blush along the cheekbones and blend well. Last some clear or warm shade of brown or peach will work well.  
A Flirty Look – Apply some cream or white eye shadow over the lids of your eyes and apply some in the corners of the eyes and a little along the bottom lid of the eye that depicts eyeliner, but ever so slightly.   Some midnight blue eyeliner will match well. A mineral bronzer applied on the tops of the cheekbones with a peachy shade dabbed along the apples of the cheeks. Lastly, some light pink or red shades can work well with this look.
A bold look – Fill brows with an eyebrow pencil to highlight definitive eyebrows that shouts bold! Use a matte peach colour to sweep across the lids of the eyes. Next, use an ivory colour beneath the brow bone to highlight.   Apply two coats of bold mascara on the eyelashes. Define your cheeks with a bronzer shade and apply a glow highlighter on the tops of the cheekbones. Wear a ruby red lipstick for a bold and stunning look.

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Makeup Tips


Your skin colour is what determines the shade of foundation that you will choose to wear.


Generally speaking, the shade that you choose should be a close match to your skin or one shade darker than your skin so it creates a good match and can be blended in easily on your skin – Try to choose mineral foundations or those that contains no harsh ingredients to allow for a subtle effect on the skin.  

Wearing a base underneath your makeup such as a good moisturizer can help to create a natural and clean look.

  You can rub on some gentle avocado butter or something that’s gives your skin a moist affect that will enable you to dab on other makeup on top more easily which may be concealers or blushers.
  When you take off makeup at the end of the day, its always healthy to remove using some coconut oil as this is an ingredient that the skin absorbs like magic and feels silky.   This can be applied onto some cotton wool and can use to remove lip and face make up well, leaving you with incredible softness.   Be careful when removing eye make up and consider using some warm water on cotton pad when removing eye shadow or fragrance and alcohol free face wipes that is gentle in removing mascara.

Simple Looks

  Along with a natural and healthy look, there are many ways to match that sense of sophisticated appeal with the little accessories that you can wear that will make you feel confident as the day goes by.  
  • A hairband is a natural appeal while highlighting a bold statement! You can wear practically any that you wish but of course tiaras and crowns are enjoyed only at parties and fun get together!
  • Footwear – Ankle boots or knee-high boots are great for those days that you are working away or on your feet most of the day that transpires comfort and ease. Coloured footwear along with dark choice of coloured clothing can really stand out as wouldn’t you glance at that person wearing all dark and those burgundy belted boots?!!
  • Coat or jacket – Don’t get stuck with that oversized coat or jacket that looks as if you have wore for far too long! A fitted and trendy coat or jacket makes the most difference in the outside world.
A dark biker jacket is great on those summer days or a coloured hooded duffle coat is much-needed on those winter days. A scarf always looks appealing when worn under and over your neck.

Takeaway Message

Easy simple looks can easily be obtained through a great choice of clean, fresh and natural cosmetics at hand and choosing a great combination between the lot. Give it a go and experiment – it’s all about trial and error and you’ll only know your favorite look after giving it a go.   Accessories can help you along the way while looking radiant and is considered that you are making some effort, even though the little simple things are truly easy to apply and attain most of the times.  

Thank you for reading and if you do have any questions or comments, please leave below and I’ll be sure to help you out!

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