Good VS Bad Oils

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  1. Sariyah says:

    I wasn’t totally aware that there were good as well as bad oils. I always thought oils weren’t good for the health, of course any food over the limit is not good, but here I am reading through some great alternatives!

    By the way I want to try coconut oil but I’m a little wary as I don’t want my food tasting a bit too much of coconut. Otherwise if it don’t effect then health then I’m definitely giving it a go!

    Anyways thanks for this useful information!

    • Wholeearthgoodness says:

      Hey there, just give coconut oil a bash and if you don’t like the taste, try other healthy alternatives such as butter/vegan butter, organic olive oil or avocado oil. Generally, coconut oil works great for some dishes as you don’t even notice coconut oil within the recipe such as baking recipes or sweet dishes – the type of oil you eat certainly makes a difference to your health and body – many thanks:)

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