Healthy Sea Vegetables – A Review!

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2 Responses

  1. Dev says:


    Great article on healthy sea vegetables. I’ve always been interested in “super foods” since some time and they truly are remarkable and others are flat out hype. I’ve used ingredients like matcha powder, cacao nibs and chia/flax seeds to supplement my smoothies. 

    I recently heard of a friend who was adding some sort of algae or seaweed to her smoothies and I guess it was toxic in large quantities? Yikes! It seems like the products you’ve outlined here are much safer, though. I will definitely be checking out Detox Trading – thanks for the recommendation and review!

    • Farah says:

      Hi Dev – It’s great to include some algae to your diet to provide nutrition that your body needs daily.

      It’s important not to overuse such products and use safe quantities. Always check with the company that you are purchasing from and their guidelines, there is no need to consume so much – especially not large quantities! I am so glad that you enjoyed reading:) 

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