Healthy Sea Vegetables – A Review!

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Many greens and super foods are extremely beneficial for your health and maintaining your body well.

It isn’t just about clean and natural foods, many sea vegetables and algae provides your body with a host of crucial minerals, antioxidants, vitamins and much more, that gives your body a big source of energy and nutrition that will help every aspect inside you!

You see, sea greens or algae are known for providing a wide range of holistic benefits and because these are all plants from under the sea since time began, it has been said that they are the most nutrient dense foods in the planet!

EU regulation on nutrition and health limits us giving any nutrition or health claims on these products, this doesn’t stop you from doing your own research. However, the advice here is about the beneficial greens to consume with credible sources.

Here Is a great video describing the incredible benefits and uses for algae, in particular – Spirulina powder.

What Is Sea Vegetables?

This exists practically everywhere! The kinds that exist upon ocean environments and can be found, for example around the coastlines of the UK or found along rocky shorelines all over the world

Some marine life thrive on sea vegetables and can live on algae alone. This is evident enough of the health profile that sea vegetables have and can be such a vital component to include in your diet today.

Why then are these marine greens quite precious and worth adding in? The foods today aren’t as nutritious as it once was decades ago and the soil in which health fruits and vegetables are grown from, may be poor or depleted of minerals and vitamins.

So for this reason only, some people claim that eating on fruit and vegetables alone is simply not enough, to meet the daily healthy requirements for fuelling your body enough, of requiring the proper amount of crucial vitamins and minerals daily that your body needs to thrive on!

Sea vegetables naturally varies in color and size. They belong to the algae plant and the term ‘algae’ is then used to cover the widespread of sea vegetables known to man today. Let’s cover the range available and this list is a summary of hundred out there:-

  • Brown Algae – This includes a variety of seaweeds including Kombu and Kelp. Kelp hosts a large volume of nutrients such as Iodine which regulate thyroid health and hormones. Kelp also includes some B vitamins and Iron.
  • Green Algae – This includes a massive range of certain seaweeds such as sea lettuce, wakame, nori and spirullina. Spirullina has a wealth of benefits such as transporting oxygen round the body effectively and improving feelings of fatigue and low energy.
  • Blue – green Algae – Can be rare to purchase and a great source of vital nutrition, this can include Chlorophyll and Klamath. Blue green algae provides support to the digestive system and for healthy intestinal. Chlorophyll is a type of phytoplankton and has a wide spectrum of benefits including skin health, promoting the immune system and Iron metabolism.

With any wild grown food – you must ensure that it is safe, 100% edible and gone through testing also.

Want to learn more about the benefits of Spirulina?

Check out the FAQs at and learn more of this health promoting algae!

Detox Trading

Some things available from Detox Trading:-

You must be wondering for more information on these amazing health seaweeds that can be simply included to your diet for sources of health. How to add these super foods to your diet? Let’s take a look:-

Ocean salad seaweeds – A mix of seaweeds such as dulse, nori and sea lettuce is great to include into salads or soups for a warm and rich taste. Generally soaking these for up to half an hour is ideal but there are dried flakes that you can simply toss on top.

You can sprinkle Kelp Powder on top of your salad, stews or curries for that salty and mild seaweed flavor.

Try adding chlorella powder in your morning smoothies or in fruit juices!

Blue – green algae contains a significant amount of amino acids and essential fatty acid, marine phytoplankton creates for healthy living and barley grass can be added to fruits for a boost in energy!

Irish Moss is full of flavor and acts as a thickener in many recipes, so try adding into sauces or desserts for added benefits!

Want to learn more about the benefits of Spirulina?

Check out the FAQs at and learn more of this health promoting algae!

There are limitless ways that you can add in seaweeds or algae’s to your eating every day but be careful how you eat these natures ‘miracles’ as some you’ll need to soak for some time, some will need to be cooked or simply added on top raw.

Each product has clear instructions and you can find this online too, in using the products correctly and some videos for further clarification!

It’s Conclusive – SeaGreens Are Victorious!

We truly believe how rich and powerful adding these health foods can help your health immensely.

“Scientists estimate that 50-80% of the oxygen production on Earth comes from the oceans. The majority of this production is from ocean plankton – drifting plants, algae and some bacteria that can photosynthesise”.

According to National Ocean Service, the ocean is responsible for most of the earth’s oxygen because of algae within.

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I hope you found this review helpful and if you have any questions or comments, please type below, as I would love to hear all about it, thank you very much!

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2 thoughts on “Healthy Sea Vegetables – A Review!”

  1. Hello,

    Great article on healthy sea vegetables. I’ve always been interested in “super foods” since some time and they truly are remarkable and others are flat out hype. I’ve used ingredients like matcha powder, cacao nibs and chia/flax seeds to supplement my smoothies. 

    I recently heard of a friend who was adding some sort of algae or seaweed to her smoothies and I guess it was toxic in large quantities? Yikes! It seems like the products you’ve outlined here are much safer, though. I will definitely be checking out Detox Trading – thanks for the recommendation and review!

    • Hi Dev – It’s great to include some algae to your diet to provide nutrition that your body needs daily.

      It’s important not to overuse such products and use safe quantities. Always check with the company that you are purchasing from and their guidelines, there is no need to consume so much – especially not large quantities! I am so glad that you enjoyed reading:) 


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