How To Eat Healthy While Travelling

We all strive to eat better and healthier but it can be difficult with our busy lives, our jobs, families and especially when venturing outside or traveling about.

You know what I mean. Why is it then after that 10 day vacation abroad, that we can find ourselves on a detox diet when returning home? Or perhaps back to that strict no sugar diet?

Maybe it’s a good thing, it could be the start indeed to a healthier diet! But really, we should always be eating well, right?

Our bodies thank us for inputting whole, nutritious foods and thrives on it. Of course, it’s great to have treats now and then, you shouldn’t deprive yourself but as long as it’s not foods that can destroy or damage internally.

What do I mean by this? We all know certain foods can cause inflammation in our bodies or can alter our very own DNA in some way.

Look at indulging in too much alcohol or GM foods, those are certainly not treats, not to me anyway!

You want to be sure to treat yourself guilt-free so go for healthier brands that you can trust but check the ingredients label every time as no two products are the same.

Discipline your body as you are simply substituting for other better treats that can make all the difference.

I will brief you on choosing health over ‘junk’ and steering clear from harmful foods.

How Do I Start?

To develop healthy eating is certainly picking up a daily habit for your body. Once you have settled to including healthy foods, it’ll become second nature to you.

Let’s face it, eating ‘junk’ foods now and then maybe acceptable but doing so daily can wreak havoc and a series of health concerns many emerge over time. Perhaps tummy issues or a weaker immune system. Certain ingredients does your body no favor. Let’s then look at some steps that can help you:-

  • Be on the lookout for ingredients – You may have seen that recipe that you have meant to try but hold it off as the ingredients are just not available at home. So, when you do go out for some food shopping, forage around for some ingredients that is needed for those pending recipes. You can check at the start of your shopping spree or the end to ensure it gets included.
  • A variety of cookbooks – Sometimes, you may have some free time and want to cook fresh. It’s easy when you have teachers at standby. Cookbooks are useful but make sure to have reliable sources that meets your needs. You don’t want mundane recipes or anything too complex if short on time. Stick to easy to do dishes that requires a handful of ingredients.
  • Go for fresh ingredients – There are many processed foods out there full of additives and unnecessary ingredients. This can come in the form of boxes, packages, bottles that is only flavorful and low health benefits.

You can substitute your sugar biscuits for some oat ones. You can replace conventional salt for sea salt or choosing orange juice over fizzy drinks.

  • Choose healthy brands – We all have our favorite food brands. We also know which ones are loaded with many processed ingredients and which brands have safer ingredients.

It’s likely then, those healthier brands have a wide range of products of wholesome foods that you can rely on. Better quality and better ingredients can improve your eating habits.

  • Choose free from – This is targeted foods without wheat or dairy and for healthier eating. Many foods are free-form, from wheat, which is a far better choice. Wheat is known to cause health issues in the stomach over time and best to completely avoid. Check ingredients list, as the fewer the better.

How To Eat Healthy While Traveling

It is almost impossible to cook daily and eating wholesome fresh ingredients all the time.

Only because on instances such as on holiday, traveling for the day or enjoying distant places are some examples that calls you away from the kitchen, your home and yes – fresh ingredients!!!

Unless you have a personal chef tagging along with wherever you go, as I’m sure many celebrities rely on (it’s no wonder then that they are well and look great) which costs very expensive! Let’s check the possibilities to eating safe while away from home.

  • Meal Prep – This may help for a day or two, it’s reassuring to have with you when the hunger strike kicks in. You can bring fruit salad nicely cut up in a container or homemade rolls or bread with your preferred stuffing.
  • Fruits or vegetables – You can easily slip into your belongings some great treats and does not take up much room. Dried fruit such as mango slices or apple chips are delicious. You can nibble on some pepper sticks with a nut spread or have a tuna salad.
  • Water – Staying hydrated is imperative when you are using energy while on the move. You can buy bottled water anywhere, although glass bottles is ideal.

Ask around for reliable brands. Spring water is the best choice for providing oxygen to the brain effectively and aids in digestion. Spring water always tastes fresh and is never flat.

  • Healthy Snacks – Check out for fruit and nut bars or gluten free treats. You can find almond crackers with herbs and spics or raw chocolate rice thins to indulge on.

Try to then avoid snacks with an overload of refined sugars, GMO’s or preservatives.

  • Research On Food Places – It’s wise to have a rough idea of some outlets near where you are staying so you can rely on for good food. You can eat a big meal before you go out for your endeavours or when you return from your endeavours!

Check to see what ingredients and foods are served and look out for the free from range to avoid wheat. Avoid processed oils and GMO’s which can be present with fried foods or sautéed ones.

There can be restrictions on food and drinks when you do travel so make sure you check with your airline of consumables that are acceptable.

Helpful Tips!

                                                                        Don’t feel guilty for the options that you do choose – it’s best to be safe than sorry. Don’t deprive yourself for the sake of healthy eating – there are always suitable alternatives in many cuisines.

A high intake of sweeteners and refined foods can affect your health adversely and may even ruin the day, it could make you feel lousy and interfere with your plans of trekking along. Conserve your energy for meaningful moments and not over processed eating.

Always ask for an alternative or to check the ingredients in foods. You can always swap fried meat burgers for baked fish instead.




Stay Healthy While Traveling

We do sometimes worry about the food that we eat. Whether it was cooked properly or if it was healthy enough.

For some people, they tend to eat everything and anything and maybe pay the price when back home followed by a detox plan! Many people adhere to eating healthy many times and play it safe. Eating abroad can be a challenge for some, so there are great options to adhere to in order to enjoy the trip more and worry less!

  • Ensure it’s gluten free. Wheat is difficult to digest and can cause blood sugar and cholesterol levels to increase.

It is very heavy on the stomach, especially combined with meat or fried foods – an image that can plague your thoughts! So always opt for gluten free as this is great for your stomach to deal with anyway!

  • Take Digestive Supplements – A great tip is to have these with you on your travels as you indulge on all these foreign foods!

You can take it before or after a meal to help break down food better and to digest the foods with ease.

Always check the instructions for it’s usage and aim for wholesome supplements without synthetic ingredients or GMO’s.

  • Avoid Alcohol – Alcohol does your body no favours and over drinking can lead to poor performance and brain fog.

Opt for water to hydrate better and to enjoy the whole trip with clarity and clearer vision!

Thank You for reading and if you have any questions or comments, please leave below and I’ll be sure to help you out!

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