How To Get Healthy Skin

Your appearance matters as you go about your daily life and routines but there is no need to go over the top! Some like to attend beauty salons for facials or skincare treatments regularly, some travel far to pamper themselves with some treatments at a Spa, but many of us like to keep it simple and look after our skin, right at home.


I guess simple is better! Well, it depends on individuals needs of course, however don’t fix something that isn’t broken, right? You may even, perhaps, be overthinking about the topic of your skin and ‘think’ that you need to do more, especially when you check out what those around you are doing – oxygen facials, certain therapies and so on.


These techniques can be helpful, nevertheless let’s simply go over natural and safe methods that you can apply to your skin and life every single day and can actually do your skin many favours – with no side effects.

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The Purpose of Skin:)


Skin provides protection from many harmful substances entering inside our bodies. The skin is the first line of defence against impurities and provides support to our inner organs while protecting the skin from unfavourable conditions such as pollution, environment, chemicals and more.


The skin helps to keep us hydrated at all times! The skin’s oil glands are known as ‘sebaceous glands’ which secretes a lubricating and moisturizing texture called sebum which allows the skin to maintain its moisture levels and keeping skin healthy.


Oil glands are found all over our bodies and the parts which contains a higher amount includes the face, scalp and the chest area. Keep in mind that if these moisture levels, which naturally secretes your skin, becomes out of balance such as over moisturising or the use of too many chemicals, can cause the skin to change such as gaining oily skin or even breakouts which will take time to heal or overcome.

The skin regulates temperature levels so when we are feeling hot, the blood vessels expand which brings warm blood closer to the surface of the skin which in turns allows heat to be released.


We sweat as a result which actually helps us to cool off and handle the heat a lot better. When you are feeling cold, the blood vessels narrow which keeps the warm blood away from the surface of the skin and as a result the skin feels cold and we may develop Goosebumps.


There is also our skin’s nerves that help us to be aware of our skins sensations and avoid danger to the skin, such as avoiding a sharp object or being aware when you are stepping on wet grass or dry land. The skin acts as a receptor for pain and touch.


Overall, our skin does way too much for us that simply cannot be taken for granted and vital to maintain and look after, in a completely natural way so that your skin can always stay healthy:)


How To Maintain Your Skin


We now have a better understanding of how the skin helps us internally and externally. The skin even helps in the production of Vitamin D and it just goes to show just how important it is to shower your skin with kindness and to look after it well, therefore here are some easy and affordable ways to keep skin healthy:-

  • Avoid Harmful ingredients – Especially when it is direct contact to the skin. It can range from skin rashes, inflammation, itching or dry and worn down skin.


Over using moisturizers, perfumes or lotions filled with chemicals, that do not do any favors to your skin can change the appearance of skin’s structure and your own skin’s moisture may be lost.


Try to avoid using harsh chemical-filled products such as liquid soaps, creams or commercial make up that are doing more harm than good and stick with as many products that are pure and have gentle ingredients – always! Your skin will thank you later by simply using natural products:)




  • Less Chemicals – If you consume many processed foods, fried foods or oily foods, then this can wreak havoc to your body, as it affects your hormones, stomach, brain and much more!

These foods tend to be filled with additives, artificial flavorings, sweeteners, GMO’s or unhealthy oils that your body works hard in dealing with and removing!


It is best to limit Your intake of “junk food” to a minimum amount or opt for safer alternatives.

  • Eat well – a healthy diet countsA diet comprised of healthy fats, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes provides much nutrition, organic compounds or minerals that the body needs and uses to maintain with compared to a diet that comprises unhealthy fats such as trans fats, refined grains, sugary treats, milky products that may deliver inflammation, unnatural hormones, abdominal fat and little nutrition.


Try to eat foods comprised of natural ingredients while minimising chemicals, artificial flavorings, additives, MSG’s/GM’s.


  • Fasting – A debatable topic for many, however the benefits of reduced eating gives your body time that it needs to heal internally or external wounds according to studies. When your body is dealing with the foods that you feed it, it is too busy digesting the foods. You may be able to avoid diseases or health conditions such as obesity when you reduce eating or intermittent fast, while reducing sugar levels significantly.

For some more than others, fasting can be seen as a choice through intermittent fasting which involves periods of eating and fasting and those that follow the ayurvedic diet may skip or go light on breakfast, go light on dinner while lunch would be their heavy meal. What works for you? Have you ever tried fasting?


It is always best to seek professional advice for individual personalized needs and find out what works for you.



  • Leave skin bare – There is no need to smear lotions or potions on your face every single day, depending on your skins condition. Whatever skin type that you may have, leaving your skin bare one day a week or how often you feel can allow your skin to breathe, repair itself naturally, deal with breakouts better, look younger and enjoy some sun on your bare skin if you desire!


It is appropriate to leave nothing on your skin at night-time as the body releases hormones which allows your body to grow and repair itself.


  • Smile more often and count your blessings – When your face is filled with anger or sadness often, then wrinkles can start to develop from the repetitive frowning and low curves on the forehand and can even create a dull appearance or texture.

A trick to laugh or be joyful more often than not is to smile at the little things as these matter the most, right? How about a little furry friend that you spotted out your window, when you see someone that you admire or eating incredible foods!


  •  Counting your blessings distracts your mind and makes you aware of all the good you have from the water that most of us have access to or for the space that you have in your home, to friends and family’s warmth.


Do it often, in fact every single day and just see your mood uplifted and feeling happier than you already are!



  • Praise yourself – You are doing he very best that you can and working hard. Being kind to others and yourself is vital for healthier living and pampering yourself too. Putting yourself down too often or reminiscing on your mistakes will only attract more mishaps to your life and harder to move forward, so Let’s start by saying, ‘thank you’ for all acts earned, big or small – it really doesn’t matter!



By using safe ingredients and natural methods not only protects and cleanses skin, but allows for a healthy life, a way of living and can even protect the environment better. You see, ingredients that are fresh, wholesome, natural and most can be vegan or vegetarian friendly can help and protect skin. This is so much happier than all those harsh chemicals!


Don’t feel that you have to use many products or spend too much time and effort looking after your skin!


By being kind to your skin and avoiding rough treating your skin can apply for a safe approach and even for a calm feeling in your head, heart and life!


Healthy skin is always feeling good, mostly!


Thank You, For Reading and if you do have any questions or comments, then leave below and I’ll be sure to help you out!

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