How to Look After Your Heart

Your heart is like a jewel in your body. Precious, strong yet fragile all at the same time. From your feelings, to your very breath and the foods that you consume, all affect your heart. Your heart is working non-stop, round the clock, even when you are asleep, to ensure you are living, breathing and ready for the moments ahead. But, do you give back?


Looking after your heart is as similar as looking after a child. You have to immerse in healthy eating, kindness, patience or even perseverance. To maintain and allow for protection at all times.


Your heart beats every second to ensure that your blood carries oxygen to every single cell, providing nutrients to your body, whilst removing impurities along the way – with each heartbeat. Let’s discuss the importance of heart health and how to keep it in good shape.


What is the heart?

The heart plays a massive role to the human body and is a muscular organ as it is made up mostly of muscle tissue.


This tissue is called cardiac muscle which never gets tired as it works round the clock, because it contains so many mitochondria which generates most of the chemical energy and power’s up the cells in the heart! A ton of energy and power, it’s no wonder the heart is unstoppable!


Your heart is made up of three thin layers of tissue which protects your heart while it works away daily. Your heart is made up of four parts called heart chambers and the upper two chambers are known as ‘atria’ while the lower two chambers are known as ‘ventricles’. Overall, the heart chambers, Wall and conduction system, Vessels and valves all make up the heart.


Your heart is equivalent to the size of your clenched fist which is situated inside the middle of your chest, right between the lungs and sits directly behind the breast bone.



What Is The Function Of The Heart?

The primary role of the heart is to ensure that blood pumps throughout your body via the circulatory system and your heart should beat around 60 to 100 times per minute. The heart plays such an important role for your body and contributes to your day to day life:-


  • It carries oxygen to every cell in the body whilst removing away waste and toxin – In order for a body to function and stay alive, the blood moves through millions of veins, vessels, arteries and capillaries.


  • Removes impurities and waste, while bringing to the liver and kidney’s to filter away from the body – The tainted blood travels through the ‘superior’ vein and ‘inferior vena cava’ veins, to allow to clean the blood.


  • By pumping hormones to the body, the secretion of ‘Atrial natriuretic peptide’ secretes within the heart to allow lowering of the blood pressure, thus the heart maintains and controls your blood pressure.


  • The lungs work closely with the heart, to ensure that the body has oxygenated-rich blood and nutrients supplied to the entire body.


  • Your heart ensures for steady blood flow throughout your entire body, from your body to the heart -> to the lungs -> to the heart -> back to the body.

Heart Health


Your lifestyle and many factors can contribute to a healthier heart and steady blood pressure. Gaining knowledge in the things that keeps your heart safe and well is information well worth acknowledging.


External and internal factors play vital roles to shape and maintain your heart including foods, stress, circumstances or even harmful substances, realistically anything which is of low value or negative, normally effects your heart in terms of the heart rate and blood pressure.


The heart is seen as spiritual, “the seat of feelings”, allowing our hearts in the right place:-

“The emotional state of the heart effects the rest of a person: “A happy heart makes the face cheerful, but heartache crushes the spirit” ( Prov 15:13 ); “a cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones” ( 17:22 ).”

The heart needs to be well looked after too and maintained to help your body reap in the benefits, let’s discuss the various ways for heart health:-

Avoid alcohol or consume less of it – It can lead to addiction or relying on this intoxicating substance that alters and destroys your bones.


In fact, it can be so damaging that it starves your cells for oxygenation, changing your skin’s appearance and increasing the chances of health conditions such as cancers, heart problems or a stroke.



Avoid processed oils or trans fats This contributes majorly to an unhealthy heart and the creation of plaque within the body.


An imbalance of cholesterol levels causes inflammation and effects the blood veins, allowing for a blood clot to appear, causing an incorrect blood flow to your heart may then cause a stroke.


Foods such as margarine, fried foods, microwavable foods are some of the foods to reduce considerably.


Reduce or avoid stress – While it can be inevitable to achieve due to life’s circumstances getting in the way, but feeling stressful daily contributes to heart disease, although more studies need to be conducted. Although stress brings tension, unpleasant feelings and high blood pressure are sure signs to STOP and LOOK around to minimize the factors causing stress.


Drink water when you feel the urge to – Staying hydrated keeps your body moist and prevents from drying out within. Drinking helps us to feel satisfied, function better and remove impurities to the kidneys to flush out. Water also avoids for cardiovascular health and keeping your body cool and clean.


Eat loads of fruit and veg – The minerals and vitamins within lowers blood pressure considerably and improves blood vessel function.


It provides energy to the heart and enriches the blood also with antioxidants and fibre to reduce the risk of heart conditions.


There are many ways to improve and maintain heart health to stay well and fit.


This contributes to your other body parts, for the better and your overall health.


If you ever feel a strain on your heart due to a factor in your life, try to remove it and never put up with it for too long, the effects may be devastating and a long time to heal from.




Thank You for reading and if you do have any questions or comments, please leave below and I’ll be sure to help you out!


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