How To Make Drinking Water Safe

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4 Responses

  1. Imelda says:

    Thank you Farah,

    This information about water has made things so much more clear in my mind with how bad drinking from the tap is which is such a shame. Governments always tamper with things and water is one of those where flouride was added to help teeth formation but all they have done is made us susceptible to other diseases. 

    I feel that one day soon all houses will be fitted with water filters.



    • Farah says:

      Yes I agree with you. It is good to be aware of these things and take action when necessary. It doesn’t have to be too expensive either, filtered bottles or filters are great ways to improve your intake of cleaner water. Many thanks:)

  2. Ezra Mtambeka says:

    It’s great to know that there are bloggers out there that raise awareness about issues that are layed a blind eye on which impact or play a big role in one’s health. Great article I loved it. I myself stopped using tap water and started using borehole system filtered water in my backyard. The taste is great not to mention the health benefits of it. It also saves one a lot of money when it comes to paying municipal bills and taxes. 

    • Farah says:

      Once you taste filtered water, you don’t want to go back to tap water! It truly tastes fresh and clean. Another step towards looking after one’s health, many thanks:)

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