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It would be ideal that every time we were heading out to that party or going out on a night out that there would be someone that did our hair and makeup and make us look completely sophisticated and not over the top before stepping out into the limelight! I suppose make up artists or professional stylists are really for the rich and famous, something that we simply couldn’t afford to have daily, so what can we do to make our makeup and appearance look great every time? Any suggestions? Please leave comments below as we’d love to hear your opinions!   Stylists aside, some of us would rather do our own make up and hair and actually find a lot of fun in this! Of course, our friends and family can swoop in and offer advice and tips which are always welcomed, hopefully!

Let’s discuss the essential makeup tools and techniques that aids us in getting our makeup right, whatever the occasion!

What Are Makeup Accessories?

These are a must for any make up bag or in the bedroom! I think we’d be a little lost without our makeup accessories. From eye pencil sharpeners to a variety of makeup brushes, these essential accessories are a must have for a tidy and glamorous appearance. Makeup accessories allows to make the most of getting our makeup just right! It may take a little practice at first, but once we grasp the use of our favorite accessories, it makes our lives easier, gives us less stress and effortlessly shapes our look better. When relying on yourself and learn what’s right for you, you get a hold of the best accessories that suits your individual needs. The good thing about having these accessories is that they are affordable and probably one of the cheapest products to buy that goes towards a more natural and sophisticated look:) From tidying those brows or curving those lashes makes creating simplicity than ever before. Make the most of what you have –
  • They help give all makeup users the highest quality look at a timely pace.
  • Accessories allows our cosmetics to last a lot longer and helps keep them safe.
  • Accessories lasts a lot longer than actual cosmetics as accessories can be washed and cleaned in no time.
It is important to differentiate between all of the accessories, so that you know exactly what you’ll need for that perked up look. No one wants to have that messy make up look by just “slapping” on some makeup which can make you look worse than if you had the guidance of some simple accessories that’ll aid in that in no time at all! For every flawless complexion to be seen, there may have been that make up sponge that helped get it just right. Or for those natural curly eyelashes then no doubt an eyelash curler helped curve those up!

Top make up essentials 

Wouldn’t anyone be a little uneasy with the absence of some makeup accessories. Without realizing it, we tend to use these tools nearly every day and for our whole lives, so let’s not take these little beauty must-haves for granted and that applies to men too! According to some statistics reported in the U.S by statista – “The unit sales of cosmetic accessories in the United States in 2019 was highest for makeup remover implements. In that year, the U.S. retail sales of makeup applicator products amounted to approximately 66.71 million units.”   It just goes to show that even those that do not wear much makeup, these accessories are still an important piece to have, right at home without the intervention of visiting those pricey salons over at the weekend! Let’s take a look at some of those:-

Face Wipes

A must have inside your bag or desk that enables you to take off all aspects of makeup gently while hydrating the skin. Opt for natural ingredients wipes that allows for quick cleansing off sweat and buildup of dirt and makeup, from mascara to wiping away foundation to clean your face with ease.

Eyepencil Sharpener A beautiful makeup tool for anyone that needs precision for absolutely any eye/lip pencils or eye shadow sticks. By sharpening your pencil, it can deliver definition to eyes and high quality colour to lips. Duo pencil sharpeners is ideal for all sorts of makeup pencils. Tweezers This one goes without saying and in need for those emergency times! Tweezers lasts for a long time and aids in plucking off unwanted hairs from the face quickly. By grabbing the hair and plucking it away, can allow for less embarrassment. If your tweezers fails to remove hair as easy as it should, then get a replacement that you are comfortable with and avoid leaving marks on ten skin.   Cosmetic Bags A favorite piece to possess and holds all your favorite cosmetics and tools alike together. Keep it all in one place and stay organized easy with a cosmetic bag. You can even choose those bags with compartments and really separate the tools from the makeup or however way you choose with no mess. Portable and can be discreet. Cosmetic Organizers Similar to a cosmetic bag, however its preferable to keep in the one place such as in the bedroom desk. Helps to keep all components of cosmetic./tools easy to access and manage better. With much more space and can put in your entire collection, this piece holds sacred everything that you need. Compact Mirror There are assortments of mirrors and it is your preference which holds relevant for your needs. Pocket mirrors, fold up, compact and more that will help you get ready easily and can carry with you in your bag when necessary for touch up throughout the day. Eyeshadow Brushes Provides for greater application and cleaner appearance, there are a variety of make up brushes that’ll give you better blending in of absolutely any cosmetics. Eyeshadow brushes allows for even shading and smudging while allowing for blended colours or bolder/lighter colours. You choose and take control.

Nail File

Nails grow back ever so quickly and using a nail file can prevent the growth of long or rough nails. Allows for smoother and shorter nails while a duo nail file works well for all types of nails. It can even be used to remove away chipped nail polish for a tidier appearance.

Bottom Line

Makeup Accessories and tools can make an impact in your life, especially on those days when you are heading out by giving you less time stuck in your bedroom. With these accessories, it can take you a fraction of the time to get ready, in those early mornings! These time saver tools allows each time that its used, amplifies less effort required by the application it truly provides with little effort required to your appearance. Ensure to use separate brushes for your eyes and lips and keep separate. Take the time to purchase in great tools that will serve you well and clean them according to the instructions.

Thank you for reading and if you do have any questions or comments, please leave below and I’ll be sure to help you out:)


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