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Mascara and beautiful mascara makes a huge impact to your eyes and to your overall appearance for the better. Do you often wear mascara and how do you feel when you wear it?


Products: Clean Mascaras and plenty of eye accessories(as above)


Price range: As little as $5


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Mascaras highlights the most beautiful part of our bodies, which is our eyes, but it emphasizes your face and looks to a higher level. You appear more vibrant and fresh, ready to take on anything, with no water added please!


But do you use natural mascara that is healthy and beneficial to your eyes and health? Does this even matter? Well, of course! As our eyes are actually the most sensitive part of our bodies, maintaining them and using beneficial ingredients and products makes a whole lot of difference.


Let’s break down the differences between mascaras, the ingredients used and why wholesome ingredients of mascaras matter:)


My Little Mascara Club

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Commercial Mascaras VS Natural Mascaras


Conventional makeup certainly feels heavier, thick and rather uncomfortable on the eyelashes, while giving it a cake like appearance that appears unnatural and as if the individual is wearing too much of it!

By relying on chemical-filled makeup and using them frequently, can actually expose you to some side effects –


  • Contains many heavy metals such as lead, mercury or arsenic which is known to cause health problems and directly effecting the immune system and certain organs within the body, absorbing into the blood.


  • Commercial mascaras typically consists of thickening waxes and an artificial film that coats the lashes that may be prone to weaker lashes over time.


  • Unhealthy ingredients are used in many of the mascara formulas such as paraffin and some unnatural oils.


Natural Mascaras feels better on the lashes and not as heavy when wearing. They can promote natural eyelash growth due to better and pleasant ingredients and benefits of ingredients such as Vitamin E and more pleasant oils such as olive oil.


Healthier alternatives are free from artificial ingredients and cause less or no irritation and what’s more, you will be avoiding an array of ingredients such as dyes, additives, GMO’s, fragrances, heavy metals, carcinogens which certainly counts towards a better quality of life:)


My Little Mascara Club



“Our mission is to help women feel better about themselves and life. We do that through an incredible, innovative, natural mascara that gives women everywhere unforgettable lashes… but even more so by finding ways to provide tips and inspiration to help real women find real happiness.” – Mission Statement





Simply check out the ingredients for yourself below and instantly you will discover the happy formulas involved for your eyes:)


Water, Euphorbia Cerifera (Candelilla) Wax, Cetyl Alcohol, Squalane (Plant Derived), Ethylhexyl Myristate, Magnesium Stearate, Glyceryl Stearate, Carbomer, Caprylyl Glycol, Phenoxyethanol. May Contain: CI 77499, CI 77891.” They have over 90% natural ingredients within the formulas.



The products are safe, vegan (which is always ideal) cruelty and beeswax free, Gluten free, Paraffin free and paraben free!



You are already beautiful without mascara or makeup and not really needed, however you’ll always catch me wearing some:)



My little mascara club’s mascaras are out of this world and very elegant when wearing:-


My Little Mascara Club
  • Completely smudge- proof
  • You can allow lashes to look longer and fuller easily
  • No clumping here
  • Natural and Clean ingredients across all the mascaras
  • Safe and toxic free


And just like magic… you can remove the mascara with just water – yes, with water only, quite simple and elegant!



Isn’t it marvellous just to wear anything that benefits your health, makeup or not, to protect and aid your body and well – being?



How to get long eyelashes with Mascara



Get that false lash look without the hassle. Our va-va-voom volume + luscious lash lift give you those long, full lashes you love. Packed with clean ingredients and completely smudge proof, this is your new favourite mascara.


The formula consists of being totally smudge free while remaining dry and giving a maximum volume on the lashes. Total volume and curl formula. Beautiful dark lashes with no mess and giving you natural care over your eyes!



Directions: Simply hold the mascara applicator vertically and coat upper and bottom lashes. Use smooth strokes to coat the upper and lower lashes and finish off with applying some more on the upper lashes for a bolder and fuller look.










  • “Acacia plant to naturally provide texture and hold, resulting in a buildable formula for voluminous lashes that stay put all day


  • Powerful Candelilla Wax for extra smudge proof staying power without harsh removal


  • Restorative Palm Oil to prevent moisture loss and fight free radical damage” described by


2. With over 90% of natural and gentle ingredients within the formula (which is utterly rare in mascaras) is worthwhile as we all know, it lasts and lasts for a good long while.



Great for everyday wear, gives a natural feel and look every time you wear and has good wear formula that it lasts and last all day without having to ‘top up’.





  • “Plant-based Squalane to naturally strengthen lashes and protect against breakage, resulting in longer, stronger lashes
  • Powerful Candelilla Wax for extra smudge proof staying power without harsh removal
  • Restorative Palm Oil to prevent moisture loss and fight free radical damage” as described by


The mascaras are pure and has strong staying power which leaves little residue around the eyes and face so you will look incredible without worrying about residue or lumpiness. Mini sizes are available for ease or full sizes are available so you really have great choice and can save as you look great:)



The brushes are designed in a way with a curvy brush for easy application and better eye and hand co-ordination so you can put on effortlessly and easier. It will give better precision for excellent eyelash lift and maximum curl.




Conclusion are conscious of all their products and use clean ingredients as a result that’ll benefit whomever wears their awesome ranges:)


Incredible accessories, shaping combs, micellar water mascara remover, cosmetic bags and more – all natural, gentle and cruelty-free – it just makes you feel good on the inside and outside!


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Thank you so much for reading, if you do have any questions or comments then please leave below and I’ll be sure to help you out:)

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