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Are you tired of rough skin and damaged hair? According to a report, about 84.3 million Americans have skin issues, and 31 million men and 21 million women have hair problems such as hair loss, baldness etc. As you know, bad skin and rough hair lowers the confidence level of many people.

So, people usually try to get rid of these problems and try chemical products for instant results without knowing their side effects. These products are not good for the skin and hair because they contain chemical and harsh ingredients like sulfate, parabens, triclosan, talc, etc. These ingredients can further damage the skin and hair.

Everybody wants a safe solution for better hair and clearer skin and if you are looking for the best harmless products for your skin and hair – You are in the right place!

Medicinal plants and herbs are best for treating bad skin, rough ، damaged, and frenzy hairs. They are the best alternatives to chemical-based products because these organic products are effective without any side effects.

In This article, we will tell you which medicinal plants and herbs are best for your skin and hair.

What is a medicinal plant?



The plants which have therapeutic properties are known as medicinal plants. According to a report by the international union of conservation of nature and the world wild fund, about 50000 to 80000 flowering plants are used to treat different diseases.

People from all over the world are using medicinal plants such as chamomile, feverfew, ginkgo, ginger, Echinacea, Tea tree, Aloe Vera, Mint. Nowadays, people are using medicinal plants to cure various diseases like cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, diabetes, skin allergies and hair problems, etc.


History of Plants



The medicinal plants were firstly discovered by Hippocrates and he is known as the father of medicine. Since prehistoric times, medicinal herbs have been used in traditional medicine research and practices.

According to researchers, plants synthesize various chemicals in order to provide complete protection against insects, fungi, and various other diseases.

A single plant may contain a diversity of phytochemicals, but the use of only one plant as a complete remedy has been uncertain.

Drug research has been carried out and various pharmacological substances like digoxin, aspirin, quinine, and opium have yielded.

All these drugs belong to four major groups, Alkaloids, glycosides, polyphenols, and terpenes.


The Best Medicinal Plants for Skin and Hair



No doubt medicinal plants have the power to fight against various diseases, but these are more effective for hair and skin. As a result, various beauty products are replacing chemicals with these medicinal plants to make sure these products are safe for buyers.

Here is a list of commonly used medicinal plants for skin and hair:-




There are two types of chamomile, the first is roman and the second is germen. Roman oil is clear to pale yellow but Chamomile oil is blue in color.


Chamomile has many benefits but is famous for curing skin infections. It is used in skincare products because it has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.


In addition, it is used to treat allergies, rashes, eczema, and inflammation.








Tea tree



Tea tree plants are present in Australia. Tea Tree oil is beneficial for skin, especially people who use this Tea tree oil for curing acne and acne scars. This oil is obtained from tea tree leaves. It is very beneficial for the skin because it has antiseptic, insecticidal, expectorant, and antifungal properties.

Additionally, tree oil is perfect for hair health; tea tree oil stops the accumulation of dead skin cells in the hair and removes dandruff.

A study proved that people who use a shampoo that contains tea tree oil get rid of dandruff. Additionally, tea tree oil makes the skin smoother.




Sunflowers contain vitamin E and fatty acids. It is used in various skin treatments, such as it is used to get rid of wrinkles and harsh skin rays. Furthermore, it has anti-inflammatory properties, so it treats acne and rashes. In addition, sunflower oil is used to end dryness and allergies of the scalp.

According to a study, sunflower oil promotes hair growth because it contains oleic acid, it stops hair fall and makes hair stronger.




Mint has great anti-acne properties. It is used to contract skin pores and remove the extra oil. Additionally, mint is used to moisture the skin and keep it hydrated for a long time.

Additionally, a study claims that using mint with lemon juice on the root of hair or scalp aids in removing dead cells and dandruff.

Bay leaf


Bay leaf is a main component of Ayurveda. It is used to treat skin and hair problems. Bay leaf is also used to get rid of dandruff. If used on the skin, it can eliminate many impurities. In addition, bay leaf is used to combat acne. People use bay leaves as a toner.

Aloe Vera


Aloe Vera is used for beauty because it is rich in vitamins A, C, and E. People use aloe Vera gel for miniaturization. Moreover, it is available in gel form and is used to treat wounds, bites, and burns.

In addition, Aloe vera is used for the speedy recovery of skin regeneration.



Burdock root


Burdock root has many different names in different cultures, e.g., actinium, thorny burr, cockle button. It is famous as a magic oil for hair. Because it contains fatty acids and improves blood circulation. According to experts, it promotes hair growth. A study proved that burdock roots aid in removing acne scars.

Which are the best medicinal plants or supplements?



The medicinal plants of herbal teas and powders are better than any artificial vitamin or mineral supplements. A specific vitamin supplement is likely to be artificial.

Medicinal plants or herbs are rich in various healthy nutrients such as miners, vitamins ، fibers, antioxidants, etc. These are nutrients that improve skin and hair conditions and overall health naturally. So it is best to take organic medicinal plants instead of specific minerals or vitamin supplements.

How to use medicinal plants?



There are different ways to use medicinal plants or herbs for skin and hair. Medicinal plants are available in different forms like powder, capsules, and oils. For example, sunflowers are used in powder for skin but for hair, people use sunflower oil.

Furthermore, neem is used in the form of a paste or a homemade toner for the skin. For hair, it should be used in oil form.

But keep one point in your mind: before using any medicinal plants, consult the herbalist for instructions because the wrong use can cause side effects.




Medicinal plants have great variety; numerous types of medicinal plants and medicinal plant powders and teas are available in the market.

The medicinal plant’s supplements are safe for people of all groups. It could be used to effectively treat hair and skin and have no side effects. 

In other words, people should switch from chemical products to medicinal plants because chemicals are hazardous to the skin.

 On the other hand, medicinal plants have no side effects overall.

Thank you for reading and if you do have any comments or questions, please leave them below and I’ll be sure to help you out.



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